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Buy American Energy Drinks Online (Amazing Deals)

Buy American Energy Drinks Online (Amazing Deals)

Are you living outside of America and find yourself craving some good ol’ American energy drinks?

You’ve come to the right place.

There are plenty of great American energy drink brands to choose from; each with distinct features and aspects that cater to a wide target audience in and out of the US.

So, stick around to learn comprehensive details about these energy drinks, from which will work best for you to where you can buy them for affordable prices.

Let’s get to it!

What Is The Most Popular Energy Drink In America?

Going by the number of sales, Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in America.

According to these statistics, Red Bull is the leading energy drink brand in America in the year 2020 with generated sales of around 2.89 billion dollars.

Notable rivals include Monster, Rockstar, Bang, 5 Hour Energy, Full Throttle and Reign.

Is Red Bull Banned In The USA?

Red Bull isn’t banned in the USA, but has been banned in countries like France, Denmark, and Norway.

In the case of France, the ban was implemented because Red Bull was found to have excessive caffeine. Furthermore, its other ingredients like taurine and glucuronolactone raised concerns as well.

As history would have it, the ban only increased public interest in Red Bull and is partly responsible for its rapid growth in the early years.

Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

Energy drinks can good or bad for you depending on how you consume them. On that note, energy drinks can be beneficial to you provided you consume them in moderation.

Like everything else we consume, too much of a good thing can become bad.

It’s the same with energy drinks. Energy drinks are beneficial for us because they provide us with a boost of energy, increasing our alertness and wakefulness when we really need it.

Though energy drinks contain various ingredients, the ingredients that contribute the most to supplying you with energy are caffeine and sugar.

Caffeine is a stimulant that comes from tea, coffee and cacao plants. It helps keep you awake and reduces the symptoms of fatigue. Besides that, it’s also notable for improving physical performance and enhancing cognitive functions.

However, caffeine must be consumed in moderation. For guidance, the FDA recommends a maximum daily caffeine limit of no more than 400mg for healthy adults. Any more than that and you might experience adverse effects like:

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Dehydration
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness and shakiness

Aside from caffeine, you also need to watch how much sugar you’re consuming from energy drinks. Some energy drinks contain large quantities of sugar, which is unhealthy for you in the long run.

According to the AHA, the recommended daily sugar intake is no more than 36g and 25g for men and women respectively.

Sure, sugar isn’t entirely bad, as our brains depend on glucose for energy. But too much sugar can lead to health problems like:

  • Tooth decay
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

Energy drinks may taste great and give us a lot of benefits, but the best way to avoid experiencing any side effects in the future is to moderate our consumption of these energy drinks every day.

American Energy Drinks You Can Get Online

Energy Drink BrandVolumeCaffeineSugar
Red Bull8.4 fl.oz80mg27g
Rockstar16 fl.oz160mg24g
Monster16 fl.oz160mg54g
Bang16 fl.oz300mg0g
Mountain Dew AMP16 fl.oz142mg58g
Xyience16 fl.oz179mg0g
Reign16 fl.oz300mg0g
Celsius16 fl.oz200mg0g
Raze16 fl.oz300mg0g
Comparison of the nutrition facts of American energy drinks you can buy online.

Red Bull

A can of Red Bull energy drink.
The world’s most famous energy drink.

Caffeine content: 80mg

Sugar content: 27g

Red Bull is the most well-known and recognizable energy drink in the US and indeed across the entire globe. In 2019, it became the highest-selling energy drink in the market.

With its signature delicious taste and moderate caffeine content, Red Bull will surely ‘give you wings’ with its smooth supply of energy.

Red Bull also has plenty of flavors for you to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored as you can switch it up anytime.

But be warned, Red Bull has quite a lot of sugar, so you might need to prepare yourself for a crash after the sugar rush has passed.

So if you’re concerned about the amount of sugar in Red Bull, it’s best to avoid drinking it and instead choose other energy drink brands that have less sugar.

Individual cases of Red Bull are available for purchase from their official website. You can also get various flavors of Red Bull from websites like eBay and Amazon.


Caffeine content: 160mg

Sugar content: 24g

Rockstar is another one of America’s popular energy drinks, together with long-time favourites likes Red Bull and Monster.

Hailing from Las Vegas, Rockstar has expanded to have more than 20 flavors available since its introduction in 2001 and is currently one of the top-selling energy drinks in the US.

For an energy drink of its size, Rockstar has a moderate caffeine content, which can be tolerated by almost everyone, unless you have a low tolerance to caffeine of course.

Otherwise, Rockstar is a great energy drink with a great taste. I give a more thorough breakdown of Rockstar and its ingredients in my Rockstar energy drink review, which I’m sure you’ll find helpful.

Rockstar’s extensive selection of flavors is available for sale on their official website. You can also visit online stores like eBay and Amazon to find amazing deals for Rockstar Energy.  


A can of Monster energy drink.
Watch out for Monster’s high sugar content.

Caffeine content: 160mg

Sugar content: 54g

With their tagline ‘Unleash The Beast’, Monster has developed a cult-like following in the years since their first introduction into the market.

Monster is loaded with caffeine, ginger extract, B vitamins and other helpful ingredients which combine together to give you that familiar Monster Energy flavour together with a smooth boost.

Though Monster is quite alright caffeine-wise, you might want to watch out for its high sugar content. Seeing as to how it exceeds the daily maximum recommended limit by quite a large amount, you should definitely only have Monster occasionally instead of making it a daily drink.

Individual cases of Monster (multiple flavors available) are sold on their official website. Online stores like Amazon and eBay are worth a look too for good deals.


Caffeine content: 300mg

Sugar content: 0g

Since its introduction in 2012, Bang has become a very well-known energy drink choice among many Americans.

Apart from being advertised as a performance beverage, Bang is notorious for its high caffeine content and comprehensive selection of ingredients.

Whether or not the ingredients are beneficial for you are hard to gauge especially since many of them are only present in trace amounts.

I commissioned a lab test on Bang and the results were SHOCKING. Check out my Bang Lab Test Results article, which I’m sure you’ll find interesting.

All flavors of Bang are available on their official website. Besides that, you can check out Amazon, Ebay and online supplement stores like GNC too.

Mountain Dew AMP

A can of of Mountain Dew AMP energy drink.
AMP Energy has great flavors that’ll appeal to your preference.

Caffeine content: 142mg

Sugar content: 58g

Brought to you by the same company that released its well-recognized Mountain Dew soda, Mountain Dew AMP is an energy drink line that contains a modest caffeine content and a ton of sugar.

AMP Energy drink also contains an assortment of vitamins, minerals, fruit concentrates and natural ingredients that amplify the energy boost.

In terms of caffeine, you shouldn’t face any problems with it unless you’re sensitive to caffeine. However, AMP Energy has a very high sugar content that you should be aware of as it may lead to a sugar crash later on.

AMP Energy does offer a sugar-free version, which you could go for if you aren’t big on having lots of sugar.

Mountain Dew AMP Energy are available for purchase from the official Mountain Dew website. You can also get AMP Energy drinks from third-party resellers at Amazon for affordable prices.


Caffeine content: 179mg

Sugar content: 0g

Xyience (science pronounced with a ‘Z’) is an energy drink product from Big Red Inc, the company who also has a line of bodybuilding nutritional supplements that can be found in gyms across the US.

Xyience makes a great pre-workout beverage and quick afternoon pick-me-up. Compared to stronger energy drinks like Reign and Raze, Xyience’s caffeine content is rather average, not too high nor too low.

In my experience, Xyience worked pretty well for me – Xyience improved my alertness and gave me a nice boost.

You can read more about the ingredients in Xyience in my other article.

To purchase Xyience energy drinks online, you can head over to their official website or check out Amazon for some awesome discounts and deals.


A can of REIGN energy drink.
Reign surely packs a punch with its high caffeine content.

Caffeine content: 300mg

Sugar content: 0g

Introduced in 2019, Reign is one of the strongest energy drinks on the market putting it on par with Bang and Raze. In fact, at first glance, Reign and Bang may even appear similar in terms of ingredients and packaging, but they actually have their differences and are fierce competitors.

If you’re curious to know how they are different and what separates Reign from Bang Energy, I’ve covered all about that in my article on Reign VS Bang.

Packed with tons of caffeine, amino acids and B vitamins, Reign is tailored to support your workouts and daily energy needs. Plus, Reign Energy doesn’t have any sugar, substituting regular sugar with artificial sweeteners instead, thus ensuring zero crashes afterward.

You can easily find Reign on their official website. Online stores like Amazon, Tiger Fitness and Suppz are also great places to get your hands on some affordable deals.


Caffeine content: 200mg

Sugar content: 0g

Celsius introduced their first drinks in 2005. Since then they’ve won international awards for health, innovation, and branding.

With four varieties of Celsius energy drinks, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Aside from containing natural ingredients like green tea extract and ginger, Celsius boasts a special proprietary formula called the Metaplus Blend that consists of caffeine-based stimulants and amino acids.

This special blend will supposedly help improve your physical and mental performance by supplying you with a big boost of energy. Each variety of Celsius comes with the same amount of Metaplus Blend.

To read more about the ingredients of the different varieties that Celsius offers, you can get a detailed rundown in my article on Celsius energy drink ingredients.

Celsius is available on their official website. You can also check out online stores like GNC, Campus Protein or Vitamin Shoppe.


A can of RAZE energy drink Sour Gummy flavoured.
If you regularly exercise, you can give Raze a try for an extra boost.

Caffeine content: 300mg

Sugar content: 0g

Raze Energy is a product from REPP Sport, a company that retails a selection of nutritional and bodybuilding supplements.

Raze is designed to be a pre-workout beverage, loaded with amino acids, minerals, vitamins and a whole lot of caffeine.

Like Bang and Reign, Raze has a high caffeine content so it isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. But if your caffeine metabolism is fast and efficient, Raze may be suitable for you.

For me, I prefer to have between 50mg to 100mg of caffeine per drink, so I was a little wary about drinking Raze at first. Surprisingly, Raze didn’t give me any headaches or other side effects that often come with having large quantities of caffeine.

The boost was smooth-sailing and I was able to push through my reps with more power. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the ingredients of Raze and my experience with it, you can check out my Raze review article here.  

You can purchase an individual case of Raze from their official website or online retailers like Amazon, Ebay and GNC.

REIZE (10 Out Of 10)

REIZE sachet being poured into a glass
REIZE is awesome.

REIZE is a great powdered energy drink that comes in convenient 4g sachets. With a sensible 50mg of caffeine, REIZE is also sugar-free and has just 11 calories per serving.

Loaded with a special blend of smart ingredients like taurine, ginseng, and B-group vitamins, REIZE gives you the perfect energy boost – with no crash afterward.

REIZE is fully customizable, and you can easily adjust it to your preference by mixing the energy powder with a beverage of your choice. You can mix REIZE with almost any other beverage that you like- tea, juice, and sparkling water too.

The best part?

REIZE ships straight to your door for only about $1 per drink.

That’s outstanding value for money.

Try REIZE today and I’m sure you’ll agree that REIZE is the best energy drink that you can buy online.

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