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Bulk Buying Energy Drinks: What You Need To Know

If you are a shop owner, gym manager, sports coach, or avid energy drink fan you are in need of this article to get the best drinks at a wallet-friendly cost. If you drink a lot of energy drinks, getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to bulk buying your drinks is an essential skill. Some energy drinks can cost you nearly $5 a can for one drink

You have most likely come across numerous deals online for crates/boxes/multipacks of your favourite energy drinks and thought to yourself, is it worth it?

And the truth is, it can be if you are smart about it.

So here is everything you need to know for bulk buying energy drinks – in Australia, we can’t guarantee that this advice is universal. But, did you know our postage is? Bulk buying and stockpiling aren’t just for preppers, it’s for thrifty people who love a good deal and an energy boost as well.

Why Buy in Bulk?

Those of you who don’t tend to plan for their future probably are wondering this exact question. You are the kind of people who won’t be found counting their pennies at the end of the week. Trying to determine if you are going brunching with friends or to the market for free food samples. However, those thrifty among you readers who appreciate a good deal – i.e. anyone who clicked on this article – know the value of each of your pennies. You aren’t going to spend a boatload of money for a few quick energy fixes when you could buy ahead of time. That way you will always have your favourite energy drink waiting for you at home. So why buy in bulk? Save money and always have your favourites on hand.

Dangers of Buying in Bulk

There is a danger in everything we do – unfortunately. When buying in bulk, you could get a little…obsessed. I’m not necessarily referring to preppers – i.e. people who prepare for the end of days/apocalypse. Those people know how to bulk-buy. Some of them are likely on the lookout for deals on bulk buying energy drinks. And why not? They are going to need a boost if they are holding off hordes of flesh-eating zombies or raging cannibalistic reavers, or the alt-right. Energy drinks can give them the boost and focus they are looking for and if there was an energy drink you’d want to have on you at the end of the world it’s REIZE. For one thing, it’s small so it won’t take up room in your emergency backpack. And for another thing, it’s super versatile so while water may be scarce, there are a tonne of other combinations you could use to get the boost into you.

Non-Apocalyptic Dangers of Buying In Bulk

In today’s present non-apocalyptic climate there are some more mundane dangers of bulk buying:

  • Not having space to store products
  • Buying products that spoil

Thankfully REIZE doesn’t fit into those categories easily. REIZE has a long expiration and it comes in small little sachets they don’t take up a lot of room. So the only harm in buying in bulk for REIZE fans would be:

  • Overconsumption

The main danger would be that because you have so many energy drinks on hand, you could over-indulge to your detriment. Caffeine overdose is a very real and very serious threat. Symptoms can include dizziness, increased thirst and diarrhoea. But high caffeine doses can cause major health issues, including irregular heartbeat and seizures. As such, caffeine intake should be moderated and taken very seriously by any fan of energy drinks, coffee and any other caffeine products. So, as long as you can limit yourself to the recommended daily allowance for energy drinks, which are often monitored for your age group, you should be fine.

Traditional Bulk Buying: Wholesalers

Wholesalers are seemingly infinite cornucopias of abundant products of any description. Costco, Campbells, The Distributors, are just a few of the names you may be aware of when the term wholesaler is bandied about. Campbells offer an extensive online catalogue of energy drink deals, from the expected Red Bull to the barely energy-drink-classed Berocca. Joining a wholesaler is essential for small business owners and similar to get the best deal in order to make a profit. If you are bulk buying for your own use you can set up an account and try your luck at finding a good deal. You’ll need an ABN (Australian Business Number) and the capacity to not get overwhelmed or overexcited and bulk buys everything you see. Unless it’s toilet paper. It is never a bad idea to bulk buy toilet paper. Although wholesalers like Campbells are a prepper, hoarders, and deal-junkies fever dream of deals, they aren’t the only real-life place to make savings. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on Woolies, Coles and Aldi doing deals from time to time, all make a difference when trying to keep costs down but yields high.

Where to Look for Bulk Buying Deals

As well as perusing through wholesalers online catalogues, you can find some of the best deals for bulk buying energy drinks online. But, let’s be honest. The first step for all of us is going to be Google. Or Bing if you are living in the past. The best places to find deals online for bulk-buying energy drinks are online forums for fans, coupon sites and deal comparison sites. Or looking online for great deals.

Deal comparison sites are great resources for finding the best deals out there on any product. Energy drinks are no different. Sites like OzBargain, ShopBot, All the Deals, Get Price and more are excellent resources for finding bulk buying deals. 

Also, don’t forget online stores like Dan Murphy’s, eBay, and in the future Amazon.

These outlets are often the places where we find the best deals. If you are looking to start bulk buying, don’t forget to peruse their online shelves.

We Searched for Cheap Energy Drink Deals For You!

You can peruse those sites and search results to find some of the best deals out there. But, these results are constantly updating, so it’s good to keep an eye out for great deals. We’ve noted some of our best findings here. Why did we find deals on our competitors you may ask? Well, it might be over-confident but we believe in our product and have the stats to back up our claims that our drink is one of the best valued and most versatile energy drink products on the market. We’ve taken a look at recent and currently live deals from various comparison websites to find the best deals to find the best cheap energy drinks in Australia. It should be noted that for many of these brands, you can sometimes find promo codes online to help to reduce the prices further. We want you to get the best deal, and you can only do that with the best investigation. Check out the article for yourself and if you can find a better deal, let us know! Even if you decide not to buy REIZE, hopefully, we will have helped you find a better deal on your energy drink of choice.

Why Bulk Buy Energy Drinks?

You're Awesome
I have touched on this above, but it has to be discussed. A lot of energy drinks have a long shelf life. Some more than others. If you don’t open a can of an unspecified tomato-hued bovine creature and keep said can refrigerate it can last up to at least two years. However, powered energy drinks like REIZE can last longer, simply because they don’t require special storing. Although damp free is preferable. Plus, due to REIZE’s small packaging, it can be easily packed in anywhere. Energy drinks can provide you with a boost when you need it most. Like when you are on your last lap on the track or are in the final quarter of your match. Or when you have a paper due in the morning, and only have the reading completed. Or even when you keep getting pwned by n00bs on the internet. This isn’t news, their function is in their name. We all need a little boost from time to time. Often it can be when we don’t have anything on hand and zero motivation to go to the shops to purchase an energy drink. So bulk buying can save you in those moments. By stockpiling your favourite drinks, you will never be energy deprived when you need a boost ever again.

How To Buy REIZE in Bulk

Now it wouldn’t be fair of us to outline all the benefits of bulk-buying without flogging our own product. We sell REIZE directly from our websites and deliver right to your door. Plus, if you live in Australia, postage is free – can anything be sweeter than free shipping?

We have a range of different pricing options and amounts in our online subscription service. From 12 drinks all the way up to 600 drinks, choose delivered monthly or delivered one-time only. Prices start from under $1 per drink including delivery to your home. See a full list of all of our options here.

Unlike some other online subscriptions, you can opt out anytime. No contracts, no lock-in period, no notice required. We’re all about giving people what they want with no fuss. So, there’s no risk, no worries, you are in control. And even though you can cancel your membership anytime, we reckon you will absolutely love our drink. Plus, you will be joining a growing number of people making it their go-to energy boost month in, month out. That sounds like a great club to be a part of, doesn’t it?

Our Conclusion On The Best Bulk Buying Energy Drink Practices

It really boils down to just a few simple guidelines:

  1. Study all the info you can find
  2. Keep an eye out for great deals
  3. Try out different brands to see what works for you – even if it’s not REIZE
  4. Try both online and offline bulk buying avenues

We did our best to find you the best deals and practises out there. For all of us energy enthusiasts should come together and share our knowledge. There may be great deals on other energy drink brands out there in the internet ether, but we know our product is stellar in terms of quality and value for money. We are so confident that REIZE provides a better boost, is tastier and more versatile than other options. And most importantly, REIZE is better value than every other energy drinks in the market. Even if you decide that REIZE isn’t for you, we hope we helped you save a few bucks today. And if you are secretly filling a bunker somewhere with shotguns, zombie repellant, tins or beans, Tim Tams and energy drinks, we call dibs on the top bunk.