Hi, I’m Marty Spargo.

After discovering powder energy drinks while on a surfing trip in Indonesia in 2006, the idea of creating an energy drink brand of my own stuck with me over the years.

During that surfing trip in 2006, myself and a couple of friends spent an amazing week surfing perfect waves, fueled by a local energy drink powder.

July 2006, my first visit to Nias, Indonesia. I’ve been back many times since. That’s me on the left on that very first trip.
Yes, the waves were PERFECT.

The idea of introducing powder energy drinks to Australia stuck with me until 2011 when I helped to launch REIZE into Australia with the help of many others.

The journey to actually get through the regulatory side and bring REIZE to life took more than 2 years, but in 2014 REIZE was launched in Australia as the first powder-based energy drink the country had ever seen.

Shortly after, we began selling REIZE online and opened up our store to the world. It wasn’t long before we had customers from many countries buying REIZE online.

Me approving our first REIZE packaging in 2014. Notice the broken finger (right pinky) from basketball!

The appeal was obvious.

A delicious, affordable, lightweight energy drink that delivered on its energy-boosting promise and didn’t give you a crash after drinking it. Being sugar-free and containing other good ingredients such as taurine and ginseng also helped to increase its popularity.

The business model shifted to become the world’s first energy drink subscription service. Buy once and then get the perfect amount of energy drinks delivered to your door, fresh each month.

After closing the trading business in 2018, we are now in a rebuilding phase and plan to come back stronger than ever in the future.

If you want to be the first to know when we’re back in stock, shoot me an email and I’ll keep your details handy –

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