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It’s safe to say that many are fuelled by energy drinks, we need the caffeine to function, in the morning, to keep us awake, to stimulate our brain and to help with our physical performance too.

But with great energy drinks, may come a great crash too. You might have noticed that energy drinks can work for you for the first few hours but then what happens after is unpleasant.

Here you are depending on the energy boost but then it lets you down and leaves you whirling down.  

Energy drinks and caffeine

Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks, it’s what gives the energy you get after drinking it. 

Caffeine is actually beneficial for us, of course we have caffeine to thank to keep us awake. This is because caffeine mimics adenosine, our sleep chemical, and keeps us from being sleepy. That’s why we tend to need caffeine in the morning, to wake us up or mid-day after lunch. 

Caffeine too helps with brain stimulation for better brain functions like improved focus, concentration, alertness and memory. Maybe you’ve noticed that after consuming caffeine, it enables you to work or study better. That’s your brain getting fired up on caffeine. 

Caffeine in energy drinks too can boost physical performance, which can help you exercise better. 

Did you know that everyone reacts to caffeine differently? We each have our own level of caffeine tolerance. Some can tolerate caffeine better and is able to drink higher amounts without side effects. 

No matter how high our caffeine tolerance can be, it’s best to not consume more than 400mg of caffeine daily as recommended. 

a women holding a sugary sweet donut
Sugar is a part of our daily diet 

Energy drinks and sugar 

Energy drinks are well known for the exorbitant amount of sugar it contains, some with up to 83.5g (21 teaspoons), that’s around your sugar intake for maybe 2 or 3 days. 

Yes, sugar can provide you the energy and perk you up when you need it, but the sugar crash afterwards would be really nasty. 

In fact, consuming excess sugar is generally unhealthy for your health. It can lead to tooth decay, weight gain, diabetes and many other diseases. 

However, many energy drinks nowadays are made with zero sugar, or have sugar-free alternatives for the market. Sugar-free here does mean it contains artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners aren’t necessarily healthier than sugar, but it’s a better alternative and you also shouldn’t consume too much of it. 

Do energy drinks make you crash? 

Yes, energy drinks can cause you to crash afterwards. Let me break down a caffeine’s journey after consumption. 

The contents of energy drink enters your bloodstream within the first few minutes of consumption. The caffeine would then be metabolized and is at its peak after 45 minutes. That’s when you’ll feel the energy kick in.

After a few hours, you’ll then start to feel the crash, which means you’re energy levels would start to drop and you’ll begin to lose focus and feel sluggish.

Afterwards you’ll then begin to feel the withdrawal of caffeine and sugar, and crave for more. Then the vicious cycle begins again. 

How to handle an energy drink crash?

Here are a few tips on how to handle an energy drink crash. 

If it’s possible, get some rest. A power nap could do all the difference when your energy levels are at the lowest. 

Don’t forget to drink water. So many overlook the fact that our body needs water. Being well hydrated is actually good fuel for our energy. 

Also, it’ll be good to spread out your caffeine intake through out the day. Remember, a little (here and there) goes a long way. 

Are there side effects after drinking energy drinks? 

Yes, there are possible side effects after drinking energy drinks which includes: 

• jitters 

• anxiousness

• relentless

• nervousness 

• increase in heart rate

• headaches 

These are due to the ingredients content primarily the amount of caffeine. You might be experiencing more side effects if you’re less tolerant to caffeine. 

Even if you do not feel any short term side effects after drinking energy drinks, in the long run energy drinks could cause weight gain, dehydration, caffeine addiction and overdose. 

Do seek help if these side effects are bothering you to an extend and deteriorating your health. 

a whole range of energy drinks
There’s a whole market of energy drinks out there, which one works best for you?

Which energy drink is the most effective? 

It’s dependable on your preference. 

You might find energy drinks with a higher caffeine amount to be more effective, others might find the high caffeinated ones to be disturbing due to the side effects they get. 

I personally find energy drinks with less than 100mg of caffeine and zero sugar to work effectively on me, I’m able to concentrate well on my task for hours without any crashes. 

What are the strongest energy drinks?

The strength of energy drinks depends on the caffeine content. 

Usually, energy drinks with over 300mg are under the strong energy drinks category. 

These includes, Spike Hardcore Energy Drink, Bang Energy Drink and Celsius Heat Energy Drink among others. 

A strong dosage of caffeine could really help you get through the day well but you can also expect a greater caffeine crash afterwards. 

Which energy drink has the least caffeine? 

Caffeine-free options energy drinks have no caffeine, a 5-Hour Energy decaf only has 6mg of caffeine and FRS Healthy Energy has 17mg of caffeine. 

Energy drinks with lesser caffeine might make up with a higher sugar amount, as an energy booster. Even with no impending caffeine crash, you might be facing a sugar crash then. 

If you still want caffeinated energy drinks but with a really low amount, I know that REIZE Energy Drink only has 50mg of caffeine, that’s a suitable amount that could energized you well without giving you any crashes. 

Red Bull bad for you?
Is Red Bull bad for you?

What are the symptoms of a caffeine crash?

Here’s what you’ll be feeling if you’re getting a caffeine crash

• fatigue

• unable to focus 

• easily irritated 

• sleepiness 

This is because previously caffeine took the place of adenosine in our brain, which also causes an adenosine built up, and once the caffeine levels has depleted, adenosine returns for “vengeance”, which is why we would be getting the cruel caffeine crash

Symptoms of a sugar crash

A sugar crash occurs with a sudden drop in your energy levels. The symptoms are pretty similar to a caffeine crash, with fatigue and irritability quite prevalent. Others include hunger, headaches and the feeling of being distracted. 

To balance out a sugar crash, don’t go for more sugar but instead try getting some protein in your system. 

How long do energy drinks last in your system?

The effects of energy drinks begins almost immediately after consumption and is at its peak around 45 minutes later. 

Caffeine has a half life of about 5 hours, so if you’ve consumed a higher dosage of caffeine, energy drinks will be around in your system for quite some time. 

Can Red Bull Energy Drink cause you to crash? 

Red Bull Energy Drink can possibly cause you to crash.  

This is a personal opinion, but Red Bull Energy Drink only contains 80mg of caffeine, which is a pretty mild dose. However, its 27g of sugar is quite high so you most probably would suffer from a sugar crash later on. 

It’s better to opt for energy drinks with little to none sugar, maybe try Red Bull Total Zero instead? 

Does Monster energy make you crash?

Monster Energy Drink can cause you to crash.

This is because it contains 179mg of caffeine and 54g of sugar. That’s a very high amount of caffeine and sugar and you can be sure to expect a crash coming your way afterwards.

Do you crash after 5 Hour Energy?

Yes, you can crash after 5 Hour Energy Shot. 

If you haven’t already know, 5 Hour Energy Shot is a concentrated caffeinated concoction supposed to deliver you with an energy boost that can last for 5 hours. 

So you can imagine the amount of caffeine it contains – 200mg for a 2 fl. oz bottle. That’s crazy! 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I want to put myself through the impending caffeine crash after drinking it. 

Is it OK to drink energy drink daily?

Yes, it’s okay to drink energy drinks on a daily basis, do choose ones with a moderate amount of caffeine and sugar.

In fact, if you consume caffeine daily, you’ll build up tolerance and you might not get any crashes in days to come. But this is also dangerous cause you could potentially increase your caffeine intake to a dangerous amount. 

How to gain energy naturally?

You might not want to be dependent on caffeine or energy drinks on a daily basis, so here are some ways you can gain energy naturally.

A hot cup of green tea works well. Green tea contains a very small amount of caffeine, could be just enough for what you need without all the side effects and impending crashes. 

Maybe go nuts? Almonds contains good nutrients that can increase your energy levels cause sometimes a lack of nutrients can cause you fatigue. 

Lastly, try exercising. Yes, exercising would result in you getting tired out, but exercise promotes better blood flow that can actually increase your energy levels. Maybe a morning jog is just what you need instead of a cup of coffee. 

Best energy drinks without crash 

Bing Energy Drink 

A 12 fl. oz can of Bing Energy Drink contains 9g of sugar and 120mg of caffeine. This is roughly about 1 or 2 cups of coffee, which is pretty much the caffeine amount everyone takes on a daily basis. 

You might want to try Bing out especially if you’re a fan of berry-based flavors. 

You can check the current price on Amazon here.

XS Energy Drink 

This dainty 8.4 fl. oz can of XS Energy Drink has a good amount of caffeine with only 80mg and zero sugar

There’s also 2 caffeine-free options among 18 other flavors. 

It could possibly be a good option for you to drink without suffering from a crash afterwards. 

However, the only “crash” you might be getting from this is the price point, XS costs about $3 – $4 per can. That’s high! 

You can find some good XS energy drink deals on Amazon.

REIZE Energy Drink 

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

I personally love REIZE Energy Drink, for it only has 50mg of caffeine, an amount that is just right for me. It’s also sugar free. 

Be well-energized after drinking it without worrying about any sugar or caffeine crash creeping up on you. 

I guess what excites me the most would be the fact that REIZE ships right to your door for around $1 per drink, which is a lot cheaper than most other energy drinks. 

Give REIZE a try today and you might just find that REIZE Energy Drink is the best solution for your daily energy needs without any crashes. 

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