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Best Energy Drinks for UFC (Best Shot)

Best Energy Drinks for UFC (Best Shot)

Energy drinks have the benefit of increasing physical and mental performance, that is why most UFC fighters drink them before entering the octagon. Monster, because of its taste and ingredients, is the most popular energy drink among the fighters.

Before taking on a fight, whether on the ring or in life, drinking a sufficient amount of energy drink might help you perform better by increasing your maximum power and stamina. It is also essential to test out the effects of energy drinks first before actually taking them before the battle for it can produce feelings of anxiousness and discomfort.

Given the fact that almost all energy drinks are beneficial in leveling up your overall performance, which brand is the best choice? And how do you know whether it will improve your fighting abilities? To know the answers to those questions, you have to read the whole article.

Let’s get started!

What Do UFC Fighters Drink Before A fight?

For most of them, UFC fighters rely on caffeine as an endurance enhancer consistently. While some fighters include it into their preparation by consuming it before a session, others consume it before a match if the rules permit it.

Athletes use caffeine in both its raw and processed forms, as well as through caffeine-based energy drinks. Some also drink them after the fight because they want to replenish the energy they lost in the match as soon as possible.

Energy drinks bring proper nutrition and hydration, which is great. Still, a warrior must guarantee that he is physically well by eating nutritious meals and exercising regularly so that he can still battle for another day.

A healthy balanced diet that contains proper nutrients included in the drink should have the appropriate balance of nutrients to aid in the body’s conditioning for and recovery from the battle.

If you want to know more about UFC Champions and their diet for a good performance, here’s a video you can go and check out.

Do UFC Fighters Actually Drink Energy Drinks?

Yes, and fighters primarily consume them to keep their bodies stimulated before the fight and feel after the fight and during training.

Nonetheless, the majority of UFC fighters consume Monster Energy. One of the central concepts of Monster Energy as branding is built on sincerity and the values that its athletes and sports champions represent.

As a result, there is no question about whether they consume Monster. Some UFC competitors have been spotted drinking Monster Energy, and the company has negotiated sponsorship arrangements with other fighters in the organization.

Although, Monster Energy drinks is not only the brand that they take. There are also some other brands such as Red Bull and Advocare Energy, but I highly recommend REIZE instead.

Can Fighters Drink Energy Drinks In Between Rounds?

They are allowed to but many players opt to go for Gatorade or other electrolyte drinks to keep them hydrated. Little did they know there are a lot of energy drinks out there that also contain a good amount of electrolytes!

While water is the most effective way to rehydrate and soothe your thirst, competitors need more nutrition to provide more strength.

Gatorade, sports drinks, or other energy-boosting beverages containing calories, carbs, electrolytes, and a tiny quantity of caffeine or sugar will provide them with the energy they need to go through the rounds without getting knocked out.

Even so, it is doubtful that consuming one energy drink on an occasional basis would create health complications. Nonetheless,  minimize your daily intake to 16 ounces which serves as 473 mL, and skip all other caffeinated drinks to minimize the risk of damage to your health.

A can of Monster Energy drink.
Many players drink Monster Energy Drink to stay hydrated during the brief gaps between rounds of combat.

Benefits of Energy Drinks for UFC Fighters

Energy drinks may improve the strength and quality of muscles after exercise regimens; nevertheless, many athletes take energy drinks solely for their stimulating effect, increasing response speed, focus, and alertness.

In addition, energy drinks do not directly affect muscle development. Still, they may assist you in gaining muscle by raising your energy levels, allowing you to train for more extended periods, executing more sets and repetitions, and improving your athletic fitness.

Drinking your energy drink at the optimal time is around 60 minutes before your workout or match. Doing this gives adequate time for the caffeine and taurine to metabolize and provide the intended benefits such as the following:

  • Improved alertness
  • Enhanced mental clarity 
  • Concentration
  • Increased physical endurance
  • Productivity
  • Intense body performance

Best Energy Drinks for UFC

Finally, the most eagerly anticipated section! As a UFC fighter, you should consider the following energy drink brands, categorized according to their caffeine content.

Monster Energy Drink160 mg
Bang Energy Drink300 mg
Celsius Energy Drink200 mg
Energy Drink Brands for UFC Fighters and their caffeine levels.

Monster Energy

Monster Energy Drink isn’t only popular because of the brand, but because it has nutritious and stimulating ingredients including L-Carnitine, L-Tartrate, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, and Guarana extract

According to some research, Monster improves overall athletic performance such as focus, alertness, and endurance particularly when taken between 10 and 60 minutes before engaging in physical activity. Reportedly, the carbohydrates and caffeine in the beverage are responsible for the improvement.


Bang Energy is yet another trendy choice among those who are into training and workouts. It is an outstanding energy drink brand that is coming quite close to truly being a pre-workout due to the 300 mg of caffeine in each can, plus the fact that it has no calories.

Despite the high caffeine concentration, I assure you that you will like the drink because it tastes excellent. Consider it to be a viable option before a UFC fight.


The energy drink brand Celsius, well-known among the strength and conditioning community, is a favorite option for many individuals before going for a run. 

Well, it has a pleasant flavor, has 200 mg of caffeine per can, and contains no additional substances that I would classify to be on the end of the spectrum of severity in terms of their ill effects.  All the same, the drink itself is enjoyable, and I have no concerns about suggesting it provided you don’t mind the 200 mg of caffeine.

Alternative Energy Drinks

If you still want to examine other brands of energy drinks in addition to the ones listed above, here are some of the alternatives that I would strongly suggest you consider as well.

REIZE (The Best)

REIZE Energy Drink, in my view, is by far the most fantastic energy drink for UFC fighters due to the significant benefits it provides.

Moreover, the balance of 50 mg caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and Vitamin B Complex provides a prolonged energy boost without causing any crashes. Other than that, it also has no sugar and just 11 calories per serving, perfect for you, right?

Also, this brand of powdered energy drink is ideal for those who are looking to shed a few pounds. You don’t have to be concerned about ingesting too many unnecessary calories and jeopardizing your daily macros.

Give it a go now, and you may discover that REIZE is just what you’re looking for. Take full advantage of it during your workouts, strength training, morning jog or walk, and yoga sessions.

A cold glass of REIZE energy drink.
Even if you dissolve one sachet of REIZE in a tall glass of cold water, it still tastes great.

Other energy drinks you can also check out:


Overall, Monster is the dominant energy beverage for UFC fighters due to its proven efficacy and popularity; nonetheless, this does not affect my view that REIZE is the ideal choice for everyone.

But whatever energy drink you want to try, take them in moderation, along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, and you’ll be fine. Consider the brands that have adequate and balanced proportions of nutrients and stimulants.

Remember to test caffeine or energy beverages days before a fight by drinking them during your training sessions. Because the last thing you want to have is losing your focus and feeling anxious during your fight.

Finally, go check out REIZE to see for yourself! I’m sure you’ll find it to be the greatest compared to all energy drinks you’ve tried or will try.