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Best Energy Drinks for Triathlon (Tell All)

Best Energy Drinks for Triathlon (Tell All)

It is undeniable that energy drinks help you power through physical activities. This is why everyone from gamers to runners to drivers incorporates these caffeinated beverages into their routines.

Triathletes are no exception, after all, the challenges involve endurance and strength as they go through the three grueling parts of the race.

So, what do you look for in an energy drink if you’re training for a triathlon or you’re joining a triathlon soon?

Energy drinks that have a moderate amount of caffeine and a low amount of sugar can give you a quick boost to do your best in a triathlon.

If you want some names, read further to know more about those amazing energy drinks!

What is a Triathlon?

Triathlon is a sport that involves three stages: swimming, biking, and running. Participants have to accomplish all three segments as fast as they can to complete the triathlon. The distances they have to cover can vary per triathlon.

The sport was first included in the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and has been included in every Olympics since then.

Beyond that, many elite triathlons are regularly held all over the world, and triathletes have to dedicate months of training in all three stages in order to prepare themselves for the challenge.

What are the Benefits of Triathlon to the Body?

A triathlon uses different muscles for each stage. You have to prepare your muscles for all three parts. As a result, triathletes have to improve their speed, stamina, and strength.

A woman on a bike
Running, biking, and swimming in one race.

Physical Health 

Because triathletes have to use a different part of their body in training, it goes to say that they have to be in tip-top shape before doing the race.

Muscular Strength

A healthy diet is not all that it takes to have a healthy body. Your body needs stretching too. 

A rubber that isn’t used for a long time becomes fragile. And when it does, you cannot use it anymore. The same goes for your body, it needs regular exercise. 

If you’re going to pursue triathlon, you need to exercise for at least 9-14 hours per week. That is equivalent to an hour and a half every day. This study agrees that triathlon doesn’t produce any acute health risks if you come healthy and well-prepared.

Endurance sports like triathlon increase athletes’ bone density and improve overall muscular health by keeping the body active.

Weight Loss

Of course, the rigorous training involved will help you lose weight. Nevertheless, do not join a triathlon just to lose weight. Training is necessary to build up your body to these challenges in a healthy way. 

Besides, it’s not advisable to try to tire your body all at once just to lose weight. Proper diet, preparation, and workout routine are necessary. 

Mental Health 

As triathlon is a physical activity, you may think it only provides physical benefits to your body. However, it’s not only the body that can get something out of this sport but also your mind. 

Well, triathlons usually mean long races. And sometimes, right before your body falters, the mind goes down first. Eventually, your body will follow. 

This study shows that exposure to stressors has significant effects on your performance. In your daily life, you can also point out how stress affects the rest of your day. 

Similar to triathlon, you must also prepare yourself to be in a solid mental state. And you apply this principle not only during the race but in your everyday life while you are practicing.

Can Energy Drinks Improve Triathlon Performance? 

Of course! If there’s a consumable that can definitely benefit performance, the answer is energy drinks.

Numerous studies have shown that drinking moderate energy drinks produce beneficial effects. It boosts the performance of any player in sports. And this includes endurance and explosive events.

a person in bermuda shots
Have some drinks on the go!

What To Drink During Triathlon?

Many energy drinks claim to boost your muscular state. However, it’s not a matter of what but of why. 

Why should you have an energy drink during a triathlon? Well, it’s not just about the energy drinks’ reputation but also the contents. 

Sometimes, you may wonder why a certain ingredient was added to your energy drink. Here is a table containing the answer to your question: 

And Why? 
ElectrolytesWhen we sweat, we lose essential electrolytes. Sweating a lot can make you lose a high amount of electrolytes.
When this happens, your body might suffer an imbalance. Examples of the result could be cramps or fatigue.
Here are some common electrolytes: sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium
Vitamin DYou can get a lot of vitamin D by being just out in the sun. It strengthens your bones and teeth.

Aside from that, it is a great mood enhancer. It also helps maintain the health of your cardiovascular system. 
MagnesiumMagnesium is famous among endurance runners. Aside from being a source of calories and protein, it is also an essential mineral that improves running performance.
CaffeineAccording to Healthline, caffeine has a positive contribution to cyclists’ performance. In fact, they advise that drinking coffee before a race improves speed performance.  The good news in most energy drinks has caffeine!

Cycling is an important part of the triathlon. Because without it, triathlon is not complete.  Losing in one game means losing the entire race.

You never want to fail cycling, especially because being in this stage means you are in the middle of the competition. 
ProteinProtein helps speed your recovery after an exercise. It also reduces muscle loss. In swimming, you need lots of protein.  Based on Olympic Nutritional guidelines, you should be consuming proteins 1.7g per kilogram of your body weight.

While you can get various amounts of protein by following a balanced diet, you can also get a little bit of this in energy drinks. 
Look for this content the next time you buy EDs.

That’s not all. Here are more ingredients you’ll usually find in your energy drink: 

  • Sugar
  • Calories 
  • Carbohydrates
  • B-Vitamins
  • Taurine
  • Ginseng 

Now Taurine is a well-known ingredient in energy drinks. You can watch this video to know why. 

Energy Drinks After Running

Let me tell you this. Your body becomes dehydrated when you’ve had a busy day. Much more if you joined a triathlon. You need water for rehydration and electrolyte replenishment. You need at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water to keep your fluids level.

However, consuming a caffeinated beverage also has hydrating properties the same way water does. In addition to that, caffeine also aids fast muscle recovery.

Best Energy Drinks for Triathlons

Red Bull

Red bull has only 80mg of caffeine. I say this amount is sensible for post-running recovery. 

The downside I see on Red Bull is its high sugar content. This can lead you to sugar crashes should you decide to consume more. That’s why its sugar-free version is good news! 

Its price is only about $2 per can. It doesn’t cost much, so I think you can try it and see if it fits your needs.


If you don’t want an energy drink, maybe you can try pre-workouts instead

Although you can use energy drinks just like pre-workouts, there is still a difference when you use a product that has a pre-workout label on it. 

Bang can be it for you! It’ll definitely give you the strength to finish the race. Plus, it is also caffeinated with other nutritional ingredients. 

If you want more information about this, you can check this article out

REIZE (The Best)

For me, REIZE has the benefits and right flavor!

You see, if you want to replenish your body, you might as well enjoy what you’re taking. REIZE has a very delightful taste that would increase the happy chemicals in your brain. 

But aside from that, it has taurine, B vitamins, and ginseng. Its 50mg of caffeine is just the right amount to give you the energy boost for your race.

REIZE is also 100% sugar-free. After your training or race, you can just relax without worrying about side effects. You can mix these 4g powdered energy drinks with other beverages, making them handy and flexible for athletes.

You can get REIZE for around $1 and it can be shipped to your doorstep for free as well.

Try REIZE today and experience the best!

REIZE Energy Drink
Are you planning to try REIZE?

Other Notable Mentions

If you’re looking for more, check out the following drinks.

Final Say

Overall, a triathlon requires a lot of physical strength. Energy drinks can help you in your training and race by providing a much-needed energy boost to get through it all. Apart from that, you’ll also be getting other health benefits.

Energy drinks’ ingredients are designed to improve your physical and mental performance. It’s not just the caffeine working, but the added micronutrients as well.

Most energy drinks share the same ingredients, but you can choose a particular blend that will suit your workout. In my opinion, these are the energy drinks that contain taurine, ginseng, B-vitamins, and calories.

Because triathletes regularly do heavy workouts as preparation, moderate to high caffeine energy drinks can also be beneficial. However, if you’re caffeine sensitive, it’s much better to switch to low caffeine brands.

Lastly, you shouldn’t rely on energy drinks completely. The point of the long months of training is to prepare your body for the challenging conditions you will face in the triathlon. Energy drinks should just be a helpful companion in your journey to breaking your limits!