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When Does Red Bull Kick In? (And Wear Off)

When Does Red Bull Kick In? (And Wear Off)

For years, Red Bull has been one of the most popular energy drinks in the whole world. People ranging from ordinary citizens to Olympic athletes swear by this drink’s prowess.

But let’s cut through the hype for a minute—does Red Bull really deliver on its promise? Is it fast-acting and long-lasting?

In this article, I will discuss Red Bull’s effects on your body and whether it passes the test, as well as some other energy drink alternatives that will tickle your fancy.

But in case you just want the summary…

Red Bull starts to enter your bloodstream within 10-15 minutes, causing a rise in blood pressure and a quickened heart rate. The caffeine in Red Bull is fully absorbed about 45 minutes after consumption, this is when you will feel the most “energy boost”. After 60 minutes, the effects of Red Bull gradually reduce.

So read on to find out when Red Bull kicks in and wears off!

How Quickly Does Red Bull Kick in?

A great deal of research has proved that Red Bull takes full effect at least 20 minutes after its initial consumption.

During this time, your body begins to benefit from its caffeine and nutrients. Your physical performance starts to peak and allows you to move at a faster pace.

Here’s a table of what happens to your body immediately after drinking a whole can of Red Bull:

10Blood pressure starts rising.
20Caffeine levels peak within the bloodstream, various stimulations within the body starts.
30The bloodstream fully absorbs caffeine, and concentration is peaked.
What happens after taking a can of Red Bull.

Not only that but your cognitive skills are also improved, allowing you to concentrate more and reduce fatigue.

How Much Caffeine and Sugar is in Red Bull?

Red Bull contains at least 80mg of caffeine in every 8.4 fl. oz can. Surprisingly, it’s not that much considering that the FDA’s recommended daily intake is 400mg.

On the other hand, this beverage has a total of 27g of sugar.

In my opinion, these are the main reasons why so many people like Red Bull: it gives you a sizeable energy boost with a minimal amount of caffeine.

Personally, these dosages are not much when compared to other brands such as Monster and Bang. However, it would help if you still regulated your consumption of Red Bull.

Firstly, we all have different reactions to caffeine that may lead some to experience side effects such as nausea, headaches, and irregular heartbeats.

Moreover, caffeine dependency is no joke since it can lead to caffeine addiction or even caffeine overdose. At the same time, the sugar content may also cause health problems.

How Much Red Bull Can You Drink Per Day?

Technically, you can drink up to five cans of Red Bull every day.

This is considering the 80mg caffeine for every can and the 400mg daily recommended caffeine for individuals.

However, you have to take into consideration that food and drinks like chocolate and coffee also contain caffeine, so your caffeine intake can quickly balloon if you’re not careful.

So just to be safe, try to keep it within one to two cans per day.

You can also check out this informative Youtube video to know the dangers of caffeine overdosing.

Too much is always deadly.

When Does Red Bull Wear Off?

Red Bull typically wears off around four hours after ingestion.

However, it’s largely believed that it’s still in your system after 12 hours since caffeine usually wears off around 12 hours maximum.

However, your body may or may not feel it wearing off earlier or later, depending on your caffeine tolerance and how much you consumed beforehand.

Red bull energy in can
Red Bull energy in can

Here’s a summary of how your body may respond to the decline as time goes by:

1The effects of Red Bull begin its decline
6The caffeine level in your system is left by half of the initial amount. The body is adjusting to the loss of energy
12Caffeine begins to leave the bloodstream
24Caffeine withdrawal symptoms are typically felt, especially by those who are not used to caffeine.
When does Red Bull wear off?

Does Red Bull Make you Crash?

Unfortunately, you can experience a sugar crash after drinking Red Bull.

27g of sugar, though lower than their competitors, still results in a decline after hours.

A sugar crash can make us lose focus for the whole day. Those with diabetes also have a higher risk for seizures and heart diseases.

How Long Does Red Bull Last Once Opened?

Red Bull can last up to four days on your counter after its seal is broken.

Not only will the carbon dioxide inside the can be exposed to dust and pollen, but the drink itself can also be bland and even change its colors!

An opened Red Bull may also be contaminated by bacteria, which can make you sick in the process.

Since EDs are made to energize, hydrate, and nourish you throughout the day, I think not consuming Red Bull after opening it defeats the process of its production.

It would help if you drank Red Bull as soon as you pop it open to benefit from its caffeine and other ingredients.

If your Red Bull is only on your shelf and you’re just worried it has gone bad, check the expiration date. It is printed on the side of the can. A can of Red Bull has to be consumed within two years of its manufacture date.

This energy drink does not need to be refrigerated but is best when chilled.

Is one Red Bull a day OK?

The amount of Red Bull drinks a person can take regularly depends on their tolerance and the state of their overall health. Technically, drinking energy drinks every day can result in adverse effects in the long run.

Despite this, there are people who can take Red Bull and experience no problems with their bodies. In the end, it all depends on how an individual’s body will react to the ingested ingredients of the energy drink.

Red Bull Alternatives

Red Bull can be too much to handle for others, but don’t worry.

There are low-caffeine and caffeine-free energy drinks that will still energize you, and this list includes our top faves!

Xtend Carbonated

This 16 fl. oz can originally contain 125 mg caffeine, but it also has a caffeine-free formula. It also has an electrolyte blend that guarantees good rehydration.

However, it’s still best if you moderate your consumption. While EDs can be healthy for your body, consuming too much can lead to kidney problems, heart diseases, and worsen prevailing ailments.


Aspire energy drink is one of the healthiest and most natural EDs in the market. It has the same amount of caffeine (95 mg) as Red Bull’s (80mg per 8.4 fl. oz), which is quite a small amount for an energy drink. Surprisingly, this caffeine content is similar to coffee.

Good news: It’s also vegan-friendly.


Reign energy contains 300mg of caffeine, which may be too strong for some.

However, this extra caffeine may help you with your daily workout. It’s been noted to improve exercise performance.

Reign is suitable for those who live an active lifestyle or move around a lot during the day. But again, be wary of your caffeine intake!

Other Must-try Brands

You can also try these brands if you feel like you need more than a can of Red Bull:

REIZE (10 out of 10)

Reize Energy Drink
Ready to drink Reize Energy Drink

But in my opinion, REIZE is your best alternative to Red Bull.

REIZE is a powdered energy drink that can guarantee you efficiency minus the sugar crashes.

Its 4g sachet contains only 50mg of caffeine and 11 calories. Good news: REIZE is sugar-free!

Not only does it contain just the right amount of caffeine, but it also has essential vitamins and minerals such as Taurine, Ginseng, and the infamous B-Vitamins to keep you healthy and energized all day long.

You can get all of these for just around $1 a drink. What a steal! The best part is that you can even get it shipped right to your doorstep.

Don’t waste a minute and try REIZE today!

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Red Bull is one of the fast-reacting EDs in the market. It just goes to show how powerful and reliable it is, especially for athletes and busy people.

However, the possibility of a sugar or caffeine crash after it wears off is still there. This means that consuming this product is not advisable for those who are caffeine sensitive or have preexisting health conditions.

At the end of the day, knowing your body’s limits and keeping to a healthy diet and exercise regimen are still the most important habits you can put your mind into.

Have other questions about Red Bull?

I’ve put together this epic Red Bull resource directory where you’ll find everything you could ever want to know about Red Bull energy drinks.

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