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Best Energy Drinks for Driving (Must Know)

Best Energy Drinks for Driving (Must Know)

Any driver out on the road needs to be careful of their surroundings. And for those who are traveling long distances, staying awake is an added challenge.

When you’re driving, lives are on the line. This is why you have to be energized and in good condition before going anywhere.

And what better way to stay alert than drinking energy drinks for a guaranteed caffeine boost?

This article will be your guide to the various energy drinks that will keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed until you arrive at your destination.

Read on to find out!

What To Drink During a Long-distance Drive?

I think that energy drinks are your best bet out of all the options available.

People mostly pick caffeinated beverages because they enable them to stay awake for hours on end. Popular choices include coffee and tea. Nothing like a hot cup of Starbucks to start your journey, right?

Tea, on the other hand, contains a moderate amount of caffeine for a milder energy boost.

Another great choice is energy drinks. Similar to coffee and tea, it contains caffeine that can make you stay up for hours. However, energy drinks usually contain more sugar than coffee and tea.

Can You Consume Energy Drinks While Driving?

You can positively guzzle on energy drinks while driving.

However, you should check the ingredients of the brand you choose if it contains ethanol, as this substance can indicate a false positive result on a breathalyzer test.

There are also energy drinks that are not quite up to the standard of what you may need for such a heavy task as driving, so you need to check their label and ingredients. I personally think that you should look for a brand that can keep you awake and feel refreshed at the same time.

A particular study has found that Red Bull significantly decreases driver fatigue. It contains 80 mg of caffeine and 27 g of sugar, which aren’t that high compared to other energy drink brands.

You should also note your caffeine tolerance level, as it can vary for different people. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may want to check out some healthier energy drink alternatives.

Advantages of Taking Energy Drinks While Driving

The energy drinks’ purpose of giving individuals an extra boost can be fairly seen in drivers who consumed them. In fact, this research determined that an energy drink results in physiologically active and safer driving.

Aside from prolonged activeness, your motor skills and reaction time remain sharp, a requirement for anyone commanding a 2,871-pound hunk of metal and plastic. Your instincts and decision-making will not be clouded, either.

This is because caffeine stimulates your nervous system and blocks your adenosine receptors, which nudges your body to feel tired.

To get more of an idea of how energy drinks can affect your driving, check out the video below!

Energy drinks can be beneficial to drivers.

Best Energy Drinks for Driving

Many energy drinks in the market claim to be the ideal beverage for long and strenuous tasks. Ultimately, what matters is your preference.

If one thing is better for you than the other, there’s nothing wrong with going with that energy drink. But as with everything else, consume in moderation to be safe.

Let’s take a look at the best energy drinks for driving!

Assorted Energy Drinks Brand that could help you keep awake while driving.
Energy Drinks you can choose from!

Red Bull

Red Bull is crowned king of energy drinks, containing 80 mg of caffeine and 27g of sugar.

This energy drink contains caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, B vitamins, and inositol. These ingredients,  when combined, provide an increase in cognition, attention, and driving performance.

The downside of Red Bull is that it contains quite a lot of sugar. This can lead to sugar crashes, which induce headaches, difficulty concentrating, and dizziness.

Take note that adults are advised to take no more than 30g of sugars a day. Fortunately, you can easily just choose from Red Bull’s sugar-free versions.

Monster Energy

On the other hand, Monster is another popular contender, boasting a whopping 160mg caffeine

Monster Energy drink has 37mg of sugar, which is way higher than what Red Bull has. Aside from caffeine, this study also shows that taurine and ginseng extract, which are also be found in Monster can increase your energy.

Like Red Bull, Moster also has sugar-free versions such as Absolute Zero or Zero Ultra.


I also recommend Bang for those with high caffeine tolerance as it packs 300 mg of caffeine in one can, making it one of the strongest energy drinks on the market.

But remember to consume no more than 400mg of caffeine per day. This includes all the other food and drinks that may contain caffeine such as chocolate and tea.

Bang also has a wide selection of 24 classic flavors you can try along with eight caffeine-free options.

Because Bang has a high amount of caffeine, you may be tempted to not rest during your trip. Just to be clear, while Bang can boost your alertness, nothing can replace a good few hours of sleep.

5-hour Energy

Another option is 5-hour energy, which carries 200 mg of caffeine and 4 calories. The brand is also sugar-free, so there is less of a chance of getting the side effects of sugar crashes.

While the advertised 5 hours of energy may or may not come true for you, the decent caffeine amount will certainly keep you alert. Besides, the low-calorie count gives it an edge over other energy drink brands.

REIZE Energy Drink (Highly Recommended)

And lastly, in my opinion, the best energy drink for the road: REIZE.

Though it contains just 50mg of caffeine, REIZE can still keep you awake and recharged throughout the whole duration of your drive.

Personally, I always go with energy drinks that have 50mg to 100mg of caffeine in them because it gives me enough of a boost without any side effects of too much caffeine, which is great.

REIZE also contains essential vitamins and minerals such as Taurine, Ginseng, and B-Vitamins that nourishes you while keeping you awake.

Here are REIZE’s ingredients and their benefits:

Green TeaIncrease brain functions and improve task performance
CaffeineMakes you alert
TaurineIt helps hydration and electrolyte balance
GinsengImproves focus and increase energy levels
B- VitaminsImprove mood and cognitive function
Ingredients that can benefit your driving

Being a do-it-yourself beverage also makes it a great travel buddy as it takes up little to no space. You can even dissolve the powdered drink in any container of your choice.

REIZE is priced around $1 and you can get your orders conveniently shipped right to your home. So if you’re going out on the open road soon, make sure you stock up on REIZE. Give it a try!

Pouring Reize Energy Drink sachet in a glass.
Reize Drink ready to fill your glasses.

Final Thoughts

Keeping yourself awake while driving is always a challenge, especially when you’re traveling long distances. That is why you need to pick a great go-to buddy in battling the urge to take a few winks, more so when you have company.

Energy drinks are more than up for this task. They are filled with caffeine and other micronutrients that will give you the energy boost you need.

However, it’s best to choose one that has moderate caffeine content, so you won’t go overboard with your consumption or experience any of the nasty side effects.

Lastly, don’t solely depend on energy drinks or any caffeinated beverage for energy throughout your trip. The best way to stay alert and wide-eyed is to take breaks when you need them.

So the next time you’re in for a long haul, think carefully about what you’ll take with you. Energy drinks make a fine companion, if I may say so.

Have a good trip!