Best energy drink for partying (bring on the weekend!)

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Is the weekend here already?

Time for a good night out after a long week of working yourself to death?

Hey, I like partying as much as the next person, but let’s talk about energy drinks.

Partying requires a whole lot of energy, which is why many people turn to energy drinks while partying.

Energy drinks can certainly be helpful while on a night out, but it’s important to understand how they can help and what the potential dangers are of mixing energy drinks into your party schedule.

Ultimately, be safe, be aware of the dangers of excessive consumption of energy drinks and alcohol, know your own limits and take precautions because you don’t want to end your night in the ER.   

What to look for in energy drinks for partying


If you’re heading out for a party, you’ll need an energy drink to kickstart your night. The caffeine in energy drinks can help to keep you up and energized for a good night with your friends.

However, caffeine is acidic and could potentially result in acid reflux if your stomach is sensitive.

That’s why you should choose an energy drink with a moderate amount of caffeine in order to prevent unwanted side effects.


You might want to cut down on sugar pre-party. Sugar is going to give you a crazy hangover post-party, especially since alcohol contains sugar too.

Ever wondered why hangovers are so much worse after drinking bourbon and coke all night? Yep, it’s the sugar.

Energy drinks aside, if you want to feel better the next day, you really should try to swap out your mixer for something with less sugar. Sure, it won’t taste as good, but your head will certainly thank you for it the next day.

Many energy drinks nowadays are sugar-free, which should be your option when deciding on an energy drink for partying.


Partying itself is going to cost you a bomb, so you might want to spend less on your energy drinks.

For starters, most energy drinks have the same main contents – caffeine and B vitamins. The only differences are the added ingredients and branding. For me, I’m keen to save a dollar here or there if I can. Partying is already expensive enough without wasting unnecessary cash on an expensive brand of energy drink.

I’m not suggesting to sacrifice quality. Quite the opposite. I’m just saying that there are energy drinks that cost $5 or more at a bar and there are ways to energize your party for around $1 per drink. Paying more money doesn’t make sense if both options are basically the same main ingredients.

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What’s your go-to party beverage?

Energy drinks to stay awake while partying

Maybe you’re not a fan of alcohol, but still want to drink something while partying. Or maybe you just need a quick pick me up to get energized for the night.

This is when you can turn to energy drinks – like the name suggests, they give you energy to keep the party going.

Or, maybe you’re the designated driver, so you can’t drink tonight and you need all the help you can get taking care of your friends.

This is when energy drinks play an important role. The caffeine in energy drinks can help you power through the night. Choosing a good energy drink is key to ensuring you have a good night with the right amount of energy.

It’s important to choose an energy drink with the right ingredients to give you the right amount of energy. Too much caffeine can cause some side effects that you don’t want while partying. It will also affect your ability to sleep when that time comes.

However, too little caffeine (like you’ll find in sodas) may not give you enough of a boost to get through the night. They’re are also usually loaded with sugar, which will often lead to a sugar crash after the high wears off.

How to consume energy drinks safely while partying

Here are a few pointers to take into consideration when consuming energy drinks while partying.

1. Energy drinks are dehydrating and so is alcohol. Therefore, remember to hydrate well with water during and after the party. This will also lessen the hangover you’ll have the next day.

2. Be wary of the caffeine content in energy drinks, especially if you’re going to drink caffeine with alcohol (separately, mixing alcohol and caffeine is discussed below).

Also, keep in mind that the FDA recommends a maximum daily caffeine intake of 400mg. Make sure that you always stay under that.

Drinking two cans of one of the strongest energy drinks, like Bang energy will put you way over the safe limit.

3. Never overdo it. Read the label of your energy drink to make sure you don’t drink too many. If in doubt, just have one energy drink in a night. That will probably give you a nice energy boost anyway.

I know this point sounds a bit ridiculous given the fact that you never see any alcohol brands printing a “maximum recommended number of servings”, but they probably should if we’re being honest. Too much alcohol is clearly dangerous. Too many energy drinks is also dangerous. Just because many people drink too much alcohol, that doesn’t mean that we should have the same approach to energy drinks.

This is actually a serious point that I want to hammer home. Mixing too much alcohol with too many energy drinks can kill you. Always play safe.

If you get caught up in the moment, you might consume too many energy drinks, which can lead to a caffeine overdose if you’re not careful.

Again, this is a serious risk, so always be careful when partying with energy drinks.

A can of Red Bull energy drink next to a bottle of vodka
For the extra buzz, a mix of energy drinks and alcohol at parties is quite common, but is it safe? 

Is it safe to mix energy drinks with alcohol for a party?

What’s a party without booze? How about mixing energy drinks with alcohol to keep the buzz going?

I’m sorry to deliver the sobering message that mixing energy drinks with alcohol is potentially unsafe for any party. 

Unfortunately, energy drinks and alcohol aren’t a good match, no matter how it’s commercialized and generally accepted. Therefore, I advise you to not risk it.

Stick to either energy drinks or alcohol, it’s best not to mix them.

What happens when you mix alcohol and energy drinks?

Mixing alcohol and energy drinks can prove to be fatal. It’s also commonly referred to as “wide awake drunk”. 

That’s the opposite of the usual drunk and tricks your body and mind into thinking you’re not drunk, thus allowing you to consume more alcohol until you reach a really dangerous level.

You know how caffeine masks our sleepiness and prevents us from dozing off? Caffeine from energy drinks also masks our drunkenness and tricks us into thinking we’re still sober.

That’s what happens when you mix alcohol and energy drinks.

Why shouldn’t you mix energy drinks with alcohol?

The combination of energy drinks and alcohol can cloud your judgement, which includes consuming energy drinks and alcohol in dangerous quantities.

Usually, when you consume excessive alcohol, your body “shuts down”, thus you stop drinking more alcohol. But, mixing energy drinks with alcohol kills your body’s natural reaction to the excess consumption, which could lead to you overdosing on alcohol and energy drinks. 

Other than that, caffeine can cause you to feel energetic even when you’re already drunk, causing you to think that you can do normal things, like drive a car. Even though you actually can’t because you’re 100% drunk and driving under the influence is not safe for you and other road users – not to mention it’s also illegal. 

Remember, anything consumed in excess is potentially unsafe, whatever the situation. 

How can I mix energy drinks and alcohol safely?

Despite the fact that mixing alcohol and energy drinks together isn’t recommended, we all know that many people do it on a night out. Heck, many bars around the world actively promote it, and it’s no secret that lots of bars and nightclubs have their fridges full of energy drinks to use as mixers.

Here’s a way to prevent things from going south in the event that you do decide to mix alcohol with energy drinks.

It’s easy to lose track of things and drink a lot while partying, but try your best to keep tabs on your intake. This is important to make sure you’re not drinking too much alcohol or energy drinks. 

Use your own judgement on the number of alcoholic drinks that you consume, but I strongly advise you not to drink more than one or two energy drinks on a night out to ensure you don’t become intoxicated or overdo it at the end of the night.

Keep on eye on how much alcohol and energy drinks you mix together and how much you’re consuming. Despite not recommending them, many people report that one or two on a night out actually improves their cognitive functions, keeps them awake and also makes them feel less hungover the following day.

However, I can personally report that drinking any more than 2 energy drinks on a night out with alcohol probably makes me feel worse the following day than if I only drank alcohol without energy drinks.

Be sensible, and try to consume both alcohol and energy drinks in moderation, especially if you decide to mix them together.

Red Bull energy drink is the most popular energy drink in the world
Red Bull is the most popular energy drink on the planet, but did you know that it was once banned in France

What alcohol is good with energy drinks?

Any alcohol is good with energy drinks depending on what you’re going for. Maybe ask a bar tender for a recommendation next time you’re out.

However, here’s a quick recipe for alcohol with Red Bull energy drinks:

Mix together 2 oz of vodka, 0.5 oz triple sec with 2 oz Red Bull and 0.25 oz lime juice. 

You’re welcome.

It’s worth mentioning that you could swap the Red Bull for any energy drink and it would probably still taste pretty good.

Why are energy drinks so expensive at bars?

I think energy drinks aren’t the only beverage getting marked up at bars. Even water is expensive. That’s just how the business works. 

However, a quick tip to save money would be by bringing you own energy drinks to the bar.

How is that possible?

There are energy drinks in the market nowadays in powder form, in convenient sachets that you can easily place in your pocket or purse and mix yourself when you want an energy drink.

The best that I can think of is REIZE Energy Drink.

Why spend more for something you can D-I-Y at the club.

Disclaimer: remember to exercise caution when mixing your own drinks.

Does Red Bull or Monster work better for a party?

Let’s first take a look at the contents in these two energy drinks.

Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine, 27g of sugar and 110 calories per 8.4 fl.oz can, while Monster has 179mg of caffeine, 54g of sugar and 190 calories per 16 fl.oz can. 

Right off the bat, personally I’m not as comfortable drinking Monster energy drink just because of its contents.

I just find the amount of caffeine to be way too high, especially if you’re planning on drinking alcohol, it might not be a good option. 

Red Bull energy drink has a moderate amount of caffeine, although its sugar and calories content is also not very favorable.

If I had to choose one, I would probably go for the sugar-free version of Red Bull. 

If you’re interested to learn more about the difference between Monster and Red Bull check out my other article where I cover everything you need to know on the topic.

What is the most dangerous energy drink for partying?

I would say that any energy drinks with a high caffeine content are possibly dangerous for partying. 

There are energy drinks in the market that have up to 350mg of caffeine in a single serve. That’s a crazy amount of caffeine to be having at once. Remember, the FDA recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

Even if you’re someone with a high caffeine tolerance, I would say it’s unwise to drink too much caffeine prior to or while partying. You never know what could happen if you overdo it.

Many people drink alcohol while partying, and mixing alcohol with highly caffeinated energy drinks isn’t a good idea. 

Also, too much caffeine can cause a range of issues, and might take away from your ability to have a good time with your friends.

On that note, too much alcohol isn’t good for you either.

a group of people partying
It’s all fun and smiles in the moment, but what about the day after?

Energy drinks to get you through the day after a party

Yes, we’ve all been there. Partied too hard, but we still have to get up the next day and be functional.

Energy drinks are a lifesaver in these situations.

They don’t just help with your hangover, but also help you to feel better after not getting enough sleep.

Energy drinks can’t cure your hangover but they can help make it a little bit more bearable.

Of course, try to choose energy drinks with a lower caffeine content, as too much caffeine can exacerbate the headache you’re likely already suffering from.

Also, energy drinks are diuretic, which means they’re not hydrating, and you definitely want to stay hydrated the day after a big party.

However, a moderate amount of caffeine can help you get through the day following a party easier.

You need to stay awake and survive the day, and caffeine can help you with that.

Just don’t go crazy on caffeine because you’ll need a good night’s rest to fully recharge and regain your energy to face the following day.

Best energy drinks for partying

Rockstar Recovery Energy Drink

As the name suggests, it’s to help your recover. Thus, this could be your choice of energy drink post-party.

Rockstar Recovery Energy Drink is one of the few energy drinks to contain milk thistle, a natural remedy for hangovers. 

Rockstar Recovery Energy Drink also contains electrolytes which can help with hydration, something you’re in dire need of, post-party.

However, this particular energy drink does contain 160mg of caffeine, which is pretty high in my opinion for a post-party recovery option.

But that’s just my personal preference. Maybe you have a higher caffeine tolerance and can handle 160mg of caffeine with a throbbing headache.

Click here to check the price of Rockstar Recovery on Amazon.

XS Energy Drink

XS Energy Drink is also another recommended choice of mine because it has a sensible 80mg of caffeine.

This energy drink could be suitable for you pre-party and post-party, as it’s a zero-sugar option, which means you won’t need to worry about a sugar crash creeping up after the high wears off.

The caffeine content is enough to boost your energy levels without giving you any side effects or messing with your alcohol consumption.

XS Energy Drink also comes in 2 caffeine-free flavors, something you might want to go for if you want an energy drink without the caffeine, though I can’t say much about its efficacy.

Check the XS prices on Amazon here.

REIZE Energy Drink (10 out of 10)

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
Have a good night out with REIZE Energy Drink.

Here’s a great option with a sensible amount of caffeine to energize you before, during and the day after your party. In my extensive experience testing these things, REIZE is great while partying and is good for helping with hangovers too.

REIZE contains just 50mg of caffeine, enough to give you a nice energy boost, but not an amount you not to be worried about. In fact, the combination of caffeine, taurine, ginseng and B vitamins work together to give you a perfect energy boost – with no crash.

Another thing I love is the fact that REIZE comes in convenient sachets, about the size of a credit card. Each one is equivalent to a can of energy drink in terms of ingredients – all you need to do is add water, or a beverage of your choice.

This is a good way to save money while on a night out. Instead of paying top price for energy drink mixers, just whip a REIZE out of your pocket and voila! Instant energy mixer without the extortionate bar price tag.

Did I mention that REIZE is also sugar-free? A sugar crash is the last thing you want while having a big night and REIZE will keep you going until the party ends.

Best of all, REIZE ships right to your door for only about $1 per drink. That’s amazing value for money and it’s the most affordable energy drink on this list.

Give REIZE a try today and you might just find that it quickly becomes your favorite party energy drink too.

I’ll leave you to your party, but please remember to drink responsibly!

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