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Best Value for Money Energy Drinks (Tips)

Best Value for Money Energy Drinks (Tips)

Many people from all walks of life go to energy drinks to power themselves through the day. And they can easily grab an energy drink because it’s absolutely everywhere. From the mini convenience store to the big malls, they’re likely to have energy drinks available. 

However, being available doesn’t necessarily mean being affordable. There are energy drinks in the market that can really make a dent in your wallet.

You might be thinking that it’s necessary to splurge on energy drinks to get a high-quality boost, but you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, there are a lot of great finds out there that provide nutrients, solid caffeine amount, and are affordable!

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly energy drink that suits your needs, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be sharing with you my best value-for-money energy drinks that I’ve discovered in all my years as an energy drink enthusiast.

So stay tuned and read on!

How Much Does A Can Of Energy Drink Cost?

In general, a can of energy drinks can cost from around  $1 to $4. Many factors affect the pricing of energy drinks. The branding and its contents are just to name a few. 

However, there are energy drinks that offer the same effects but differ big time in value.

Assorted in can energy drinks in one picture.
Energy Drinks in the Market

Do Energy Drinks Really Give You Energy?

Yes. Despite energy drinks’ differences, all of them claim and continuously prove that they can boost your energy

And this is because most energy drinks contain large amounts of caffeine and sugar, which can provide a temporary energy boost. 

A study states that energy beverages have been found to improve physical endurance. However, there’s only a little evidence that proves it affects muscle strength or power.

Furthermore, other scientific evidence states that energy drinks can have serious health effects. This includes children, teenagers, and young adults alike. 

Energy drinks can give you energy, but it also has adverse effects. This is why you should limit your intake. I suggest you follow some studies’ suggestions only to drink 1-2 cans of energy drinks daily. 

You can watch this video for more information:

Caffeine Content

As I’ve said, caffeine is primarily the reason for the boost of an energy drink. As it enters your body, its short term effects can make you feel the following:

  • Increased breathing and heart rate
  • Increased mental alertness
  • Physical energy

These effects could last up to 12 hours, depending on your caffeine tolerance. However, you should never consume too much caffeine. Or else, you might experience caffeine overdose.

Sugar Content

The element that helps caffeine energize your body is sugar. You know for sure since young that sugar is the source of your energy. But just like caffeine, taking too much of it is not a good idea.

If you experience a sugar crash, you’re likely to experience the following symptoms:

  • Hunger
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Excess sweat

If you’re wondering how much sugar is in energy drinks, take a look at this article.

Available Energy Drinks In The Market

The caffeine and sugar content in energy drinks doesn’t entirely affect the cost of one can. Besides, there are energy drinks that are sugar-free and have no caffeine content.

Nevertheless, if you’re new to energy drinks, let me give you an idea of how much the most popular energy drinks cost. Here’s an easy-to-read table that shows the price of each serving of energy drinks:

Energy DrinkPrice (Approximately)
Xyience  $ 5
XS Energy  $ 4
Monster  $ 4
Bang  $ 2.50
Celsius  $ 2.50
3D Energy $ 2
Red Bull $ 2
Rockstar $ 2
G Fuel  $ 1
How much does your best energy drink cost?

Why Are Energy Drinks Expensive?

As I have mentioned, many factors affect the price of an energy drink. Some energy drinks are expensive because of the following factors:

A manufacturer cannot create a product without conducting market research. The main goal of this process is to get what their target consumer wants and needs

Testing the product is also included in this phase. This is definitely expensive—considering the labor, gathering of materials. Plus the needed consumable manufacturing supplies and the general overhead.

Aside from these things, advertising, marketing, and retailers want to take a considerable discount. They do this to pass on a better amount for consumers. Rest assured that All of these would be helpful to the betterment of the energy drink.

If there’s one thing you can be sure to have a discount on, it’s on your delivery preferences. Purchasing online will save you some for sure. 

Energy Drinks Saving Hacks

Further to my previous comment, the thing that could help you cut the cost of energy drinks is buying when there’s a promo. Fortunately, energy drinks manufacturers’ websites offer discounts and bundle promos.

However, the time and offer type depend on the particular website. Online platforms that sell energy drinks like Amazon offers by set. This could be a wise option for you if you’re about to buy a lot of cans. 

On the other hand, you can get free shipping deals by purchasing directly from a specific brand’s website. 

Another tip that can cut your expenses for energy drinks is to try consuming only a can per day. When an energy drink may have high caffeine content, you can try drinking half and storing the other half in the refrigerator for later use. 

Regarding power drinks, you can either mix the first half of the sachet or put aside the other half for later use. Or you can try putting too much water on your mix. 

However, this strategy might compromise the effects of your energy drink. But if an energy drink has too much impact on you, cutting your take will not miss much of a toll on your performance.

Glass and soluble beverage.
Cut your intake.

Best Value For Money Energy Drinks

Based on the table earlier, I’ve put more details on the most affordable energy drinks you can try here.

G Fuel

Let me remind you once again. You can easily save a lot by purchasing powdered energy drinks. 

G FUEL comes in a tub or sachet. This beverage is designed to enhance both mental and physical performance. It is a highly customizable energy drink which is one factor why some enjoy this drink. 

One tub of G Fuel is around $36. In short, one serving costs around $1. For me, that’s a pretty attractive price, considering you can still lessen your scoop to create more servings. 

G Fuel powdered energy drink comes in tubs, from which you can get 40 servings. And each 7g serving of G Fuel has an amount of caffeine between 140 mg to 150. It also consists of 20 calories and zero sugars. 

G Fuel also comes in various flavors. All of them are equally tasty and provide for your energy needs all the same. However, there is a canned variant of G Fuel with higher caffeine content and fewer ingredients, aside from its powdered version.

Red Bull

Red Bull will never be out of your favorite shops. Otherwise, there must be no stock because it’s really a fast-moving item. Their marketing and advertising paid off big time. 

Each 8.4 fl. oz can of Red Bull has taurine and B vitamins. Not to mention its main energy booster, which is 80mg of caffeine, 27g of sugar, and 110 calories. For only $2, you can have a can of Red Bull.

However, depending on where you buy your Red Bull and the flavor you prefer, it’s likely that the price may have a slight difference. 


Bang was initially designed as a pre-workout energy drink; however, it somehow became famous as an energy drink. 

Each 16 fl. oz can of Bang contains amino acids, vitamin C, and electrolytes. This drink is also sugar-free, zero-calorie, and with only 300mg of caffeine. 

Bang also has many flavors. And its flavors are categorized to their specific purpose. You can be sure that they all agree on one thing: providing an energy boost. 

A single can of Bang costs around $2.50. This price is still affordable. However, a can is enough. It has a high level of caffeine, so you have to watch your intake. 

Otherwise, you might suffer from caffeine overdose. Overall, it’s still a good choice, provided with just one can and its caffeine content. You can do so many things.


Simple yet amazing. With just a 16 fl. oz can of Rockstar, your body will feel empowered by its 24 g of sugar and 160 mg of caffeine.

This energy drink contains guarana extract, ginseng extract, and b-vitamins—all of these for just around $1.50 per can. 

This energy drink is famous in sports, so you can be sure that it really energizes your body. You can also choose its sugar-free variant to avoid the possibility of a sugar crash. Rockstar also has variants for those who prefer low-calorie in energy drinks. 

REIZE (Best Buy)

REIZE powdered energy drink is probably one of the most affordable but effective energy drink you can find at your favorite store. 

This 4g energy drink is sugar-free, with only 50mg of caffeine and 11 calories. Would you believe that for only $1 per sachet, you can have it delivered straight to your home with no shipping charge? 

It can definitely provide you with a quick boost. Plus, it’s inexpensive. A single sachet of REIZE can give you a dose of taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins without having to experience any side effects.

It is so convenient that you can mix it anywhere you like.

Give REIZE a try and get the most bang out of your buck!

REIZE Energy Drink Sachet
Reize Energy Drink

Other Notable Mentions


No matter the price and the appearance, always remember the content is what matters. I bet all the given beverages can give you a boost anytime you need them, and anywhere you need them.

But there are occasions when you need to put money aside. You may save a lot of money by making your own energy drinks. It’s possible to make homemade energy drinks that are just as healthy and efficient as commercial brands. You may find the instructions for making one or two of them in the article if you’re interested.

There’s nothing wrong with going thrift. It’s always worth saving your money but experience the same boost for a much lower price. Overall, I think you should go for the approach that fits your lifestyle.

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