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Does Ghost Gamer Actually Work? (Facts)

Does Ghost Gamer Actually Work? (Facts)

Straight answer: I’m happy to inform you that Ghost Gamer energy definitely works.

Ghost Gamer contains eight main ingredients together with adequate vitamins and minerals. You can check all of these on their label and just how much you can get on one scoop or two-scoop servings.

The 150mg caffeine content of Ghost Gamer is enough to give you a good boost and a nice refreshing feeling.

If you want to know more about how Ghost Gamer actually works, keep reading this article.

Let’s get started! 

Ingredients of Ghost Gamer

Back of Ghost Gamer tub.
What can Ghost Gamer give you?

Before we dive into the details, I want to show you the ingredients you can find in a tub or scoop of Ghost Gamer:

  • Tartaric Acid
  • Polydextrose
  • Natural Flavor
  • Artificial Flavor
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Taurine
  • Citric Acid
  • Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginsengRoot extracts
  • Theobromine
  • Malic Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Niacin
  • Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate
  • nooLVL (Inositol-Enhanced Bonded Arginine Silicate)
  • TRAACS Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate
  • Cognizin Citicoline
  • Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Water Powder
  • Natural Caffeine (from Coffee Bean)
  • dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate
  • VegD3 Cholecalciferol
  • Color E133 (Brilliant Blue)
  • Methylcobalamin

Anti-caking agents:

  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Calcium Silicate

Artificial Sweetener:

  • Sucralose

Nutrition Facts of Ghost Gamer

The table below shows the nutrients you could get from one mix of Ghost Gamer:

NutritionPer 100gPer 1 Scoop (5g)Per 2 Scoops (10g)
Energy356 kJ/84 kcal18 kJ/4 kcal36 kJ/8 kcal
Vitamin D 500mcg25mcg50mcg
Niacin 200mg10mg20mg
Vitamin C 5,000mg250mg500mg
Vitamin B6 17mg0.85mg1.7mg
Vitamin B1260mcg3mcg6mcg
Vitamin E 150mg7.5mg15mg
Raw Coconut Water Powder5,000mg250mg500mg
nooLVL 16,000mg800mg1,600mg
Cognizin Citicoline5,000mg250mg500mg
Natural Caffeine1,500mg75mg150mg
AstraGin Root extracts500mg25mg50mg
Nutritional Information of Ghost Gamer.

Does Ghost Gamer Have Caffeine?

You can get 75mg of caffeine for one scoop of Ghost Gamer. A typical cup of coffee contains 80-100mg of caffeine, and you would get double that amount if you took a cup of coffee the second time. 

With Ghost Gamer, one serving can give you as much caffeine as your regular cup of coffee. So, you’ll definitely feel that surge of alertness. I recommend you mix it in 150-200mg of water.

This study found that caffeine can genuinely help you with prolonged duration exercise. Therefore, it’s not only hearsay or a myth contrary to what some say.

However, I suggest you don’t consume too much caffeine to prevent side effects such as the following:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Dehydration
  • Caffeine toxicity
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach upset
  • High blood pressure

Keep in mind that the FDA advises you to limit your intake to a maximum of 400mg of caffeine per day. Going above that amount can cause you the said symptoms. If you can, which I know you can, settle with one to two servings of Ghost Gamer a day for your own benefit.

I don’t think it’s good to maximize the FDA’s recommendation in consuming energy drinks. In Ghost Gamer’s case, better to limit yourself to 1 scoop only.

Sugar Content Of Ghost Gamer 

Sugar makes Ghost Gamer such a tasty drink. However, you might be surprised to you know it only has 1g of sugar.

The National Health Service advises you to keep your sugar intake below 30g per day. This is because if you happen to consume too much, you might experience the following:

  • Hypertension
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Inflammation
  • Heart problem
  • Addiction
  • Acne
  • Depression
Sugar Free
Ghost Gamer has almost no sugar!

Ghost Gamer also uses an artificial sweetener called sucralose.

This element can make your beverage or food 600 times more tasty than when using table sugar. Don’t worry, it’s FDA approved for general use. 

In fact, unlike table sugar, it won’t mess with your insulin levels. Plus, it’s also zero-calorie so that you won’t gain any weight. 

There’s no direct negative effect on your health with using sucralose. On the other hand, its long-term effects are not yet determined. 

Is Ghost Gamer Pre-Workout?

Energy drinks and pre-workout drinks are often used interchangeably. With that being said, I think you can also use Ghost gamer as a pre-workout drink

It’ll definitely help your body condition for a workout. Taking pre-workout drinks can help your body recover from intense training.

The common ingredient in pre-workout drinks is caffeine. Two scoops of Ghost Gamer will give you 150mg of caffeine. This amount is not the same in one serving on other pre-workout drinks. But I think this is a significant factor to consider Ghost Gamer as a pre-workout beverage.

Is Ghost Gamer good for studying?

Some people may find that playing Ghost Gamer helps them focus and study better, while others may find it distracting. In the end, it is up to the individual to figure out what works best for them. 

Still, considering everyone experiences and learns differently, there is no definitive answer to this question.

For information, you can watch this video:

How Long Does Ghost Gamer Last?

You can feel Ghost gamer work within 10 minutes after consuming it.

The peak of this caffeine boost lasts for about 45 minutes. After two to three hours, the effects will start to wear out. Nevertheless, expect caffeine to stay in your bloodstream for ten to twelve hours.

If you want to flush out all the ingredients, ultimately, you have to drink plenty of water. The advantage of this practice is that you will be able to replace the sweat you’ve lost during your workout. But another option you can do is to drink a beverage that is rich in electrolytes. 

Ghost Gamer Energy Drink Alternatives

As the list of available energy drinks worldwide is too many to mention, here are just a few other effective energy drinks for me. Hopefully, you’ll also try my favorite, which I included in this list.


G Fuel is a sugar-free energy drink. It contains only 150mg of caffeine. This amount is quite a lot for me. That’s why I think you should only take one G Fuel sachet per day.

Preparing one 7g sachet in a 12-16 fl oz of water is enough for you to feel its effects. This is because it has lots of nutrients including taurine, L- Citrulline Malate, and L-Tyrosine.

It has a bit higher amount of calories than Ghost Gamer. Ghost Gamer has only four calories, while G Fuel has 25 calories.


You can get 166mg caffeine in a pack of MIXT energy drinks. It has B Vitamins, L-Tyrosine, and Taurine that are good for your health as you exercise.

However, this energy drink is more popular in the gaming and streaming industry than in the sports industry.

All of its other ingredients are good for your nerves, blood flow, and muscles which can help you exercise with less chances of fatigue, palpitations, and muscle sores. Vitamins that are good for the nerves are essential to your brain as well.

Therefore, if you’re going for an average to an intense workout, I suggest you have a mix of MIXT. It suggested mixing this in a 12-16 fl. oz. of water.

REIZE (Highly-Recommended)

REIZE Energy Drink
Ready to drink REIZE Energy Drink

You can also try my favorite, REIZE. This powdered energy drink comes in handy 4g sachets. If one scoop of Ghost Gamer is just like two cups of your coffee, in the case of REIZE, one cup of coffee is equal to one sachet.

It only contains 50mg of caffeine, just the right amount for a good energy boost without risking side effects. Aside from that, it can give you lots of energy-boosting ingredients that are also helpful for your overall health. These vitamins include Taurine, B Vitamins, and Ginseng.

Try REIZE today by mixing it with water and experiencing something absolutely new! You can get it for only around $1. That’s amazing value for your money!

Other Notable Mentions


To sum it up, the Ghost Gamer energy drink actually works! You can depend on it for gaming or your exercise routine because it can give your body a quick boost with the great help of its caffeine content and vitamins.

As I have mentioned earlier, you can lean on caffeine if you want to exercise for hours. It’ll definitely keep you alert. Therefore, drinking a glass of Ghost Gamer before your day-to-day workout can produce excellent results. 

You can switch from your regular coffee to Ghost Gamer as they contain just the same amount of caffeine, making it perfect for your gaming session or morning jogs. 

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