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I know, we all reach out for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, to wake us up. 

In waking up, we would be focused and alert to go about our daily life. Caffeine is a good brain stimulant that can energize us and increase brain functions. 

Another caffeinated beverage to opt for would be energy drinks, which is my personal favorite. 

Is a can of energy drink in the morning ridiculous? Nope it’s not. 

Read on to find out more as I’ll be also recommending some great options of energy drinks for your focus. 

What to look for in energy drinks for focus 


Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks that enables you to not only be energized but also improves your focus, concentration and alertness. 

This however doesn’t mean that a higher caffeine content could help you focus better. It depends on your caffeine tolerance. If you have a higher tolerance level, you would need more caffeine in order for it to work for you. 

I believe in consuming moderate amounts of caffeine, as with everything, a little can be a health-promoter, a lot can be health-negative. You would also be developing “immunity” against caffeine, which could mean as you drink more energy drinks, you would need bigger caffeine dosages to be more focused. 

This could however be reset by gradually lessening your caffeine content over a few days, before building it up again. 

If you’re interested in caffeine and energy drinks, you might want to check out some previous post, on caffeine withdrawal, caffeine overdose, caffeine addiction and quitting caffeine


Sugar too boosts your energy levels, but it doesn’t contribute to your level of alertness.

When you’re energized, yes you might be more focused and attentive but when it wears off, you’ll be experiencing a sugar crash which can leave you feeling lethargic and definitely less focused. 

Other ingredients 

Other than caffeine and sugar, energy drinks contain many other added ingredients like B vitamins, taurine, guarana and other herbal extracts. These extra ingredients are supposedly beneficial for you and might contribute a little for your energy and focus. 

However guarana adds to the caffeine content in energy drinks. 1g of guarana powder contains 40mg of caffeine. This amount is usually not explicitly stated under the caffeine content. So do pay attention to the amount of added guarana (if any) if caffeine is your main concern. 

man holding starbucks coffee cup and smiling
Is your go-to caffeine beverage a cup of coffee? 

Does caffeine help me focus better? 

Yes, caffeine can help you focus better. 

If you feel yourself feeling groggy or losing focus, all you need would be a pick me up. Caffeine has the ability to do just that, by supplying you a surge of energy, you are now well-focused. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s caffeine from energy drinks, coffee or even caffeine pills, whichever works best for you, should help you focus better for the next few important hours.

Do energy drinks help you focus? 

Yes, energy drinks can help you focus. This is primarily due to the caffeine content in it that enables your brain to be stimulated well for focus. 

This is why we “need” caffeinated beverages in order to function better. That’s certainly the case for me. 

I don’t think it’s a placebo effect as it’s proven that energy drinks can help one focus better because of the caffeine it carries.

Do energy drinks help with concentration?

Yes, energy drinks help with concentration. 

Energy drinks can boost our mental performance and keep us awake which enables us to be able to concentrate on whatever we have to do. 

For some recommendations on best energy drinks for concentration, you could refer to my previous post. 

What is the best energy drink for studying?

It’s no surprise that energy drinks can aid your studying sessions as it helps you focus better. 

When choosing energy drinks for studying, it’s best to choose one based on its caffeine content and your needs. 

I personally like energy drinks with less than 100mg of caffeine, I feel energized and focused well without bouncing off the wall. The lesser amount of caffeine I consume too can help me get a good night’s rest later on. 

Do energy drinks help me focus on a night shift? 

Yes, energy drinks can help you focus on a night shift. 

Since energy drink can keep you awake and help you running on no sleep, it can also help you on a night shift. Maybe you’re a security personnel, a nurse or you need to clock in late hours – you can definitely depend on energy drinks.

Drinking an energy drink at the beginning of your shift could help you through the night, and you should be able to focus well on your work.  

Once you’re shift is over, it’s good to get sleep, as sleep is actually the best energy source that can’t beat any energy drinks. 

Can energy drinks help me focus with no sleep?

Yes, energy drinks can help you focus with no sleep. 

There are undeniably times when we didn’t get enough sleep the night before and we must still wake up for work or school the next day. I’ve been through those situations and can always count on energy drinks to help me focus on the task at hand. 

Energy drinks work by mimicking adenosine, which blocks our brain from feeling sleepy thus keeping us awake. When our brain is awake and stimulated, that’s when we’ll be able to focus even with no sleep. 

But do keep tabs on your caffeine intake, try not to consume the energy drink late in the afternoon, as you need a good night’s rest and excess caffeine could deter that. 

Which energy drink is the strongest? 

The strength of an energy drink is heavily dependent on the caffeine content, therefore the higher the caffeine content, the stronger the energy drink is. 

There are energy drinks in the market with up to 500mg of caffeine per serving, that’s way too strong in my opinion. 

Did you know that as a healthy adult, we’re recommended a daily caffeine intake of up to 400mg

It’s best to not consume more than what we can tolerate, just to be on the safe side. 

Red Bull sugar-free is best energy drinks for daily use.
Red Bull might be a great energy drink but the sugar-free version is best for daily use.

Can I drink Red Bull to help me focus?

Yes, drinking Red Bull can help you focus. 

As with energy drinks, Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, a fair amount to help with focusing without giving you side effects. 

In fact, a previous study proved that a can of Red Bull energy drink can increase your concentration and alertness by 24%. That’s a good bonus for your focus! 

However, a can of Red Bull too contains 27g of sugar and 110 calories. Those are pretty unfavorable amounts and can potentially be bad for your health. 

I suggest you opt for the sugar and calorie free option, Red Bull Total Zero

Is it safe to consume energy drinks daily?

Yes, it’s safe to consume energy drinks on a daily basis. 

However, as with our other food and drinks intake, we need to be aware of what we’re consuming

If you’re dependent on energy drinks daily, do try to choose ones that have little to none sugar and calories. Unless you’re physically active and is able to burn off what you’ve put on, but still, why go through all that hassle?

There are various healthier versions of energy drinks in the market nowadays.  

What other drinks can I drink to improve focus? 

• Coffee

Coffee is another famous caffeinated beverage, and I think by now we’ve established that caffeine is good for focus. 

In fact, black coffee has many other health benefits. It can boost your memory, beneficial for your liver, helps in weight loss, improves cardiovascular health and contains a ton of antioxidants. 

• Green Tea 

a cup of green tea on a table with flowers
Do you feel more focused with a cup of green tea?

Other than containing caffeine, green tea also contains l’theanine, which is great for focus and alertness.

The caffeine content of green tea however is way lesser than a cup of coffee or a can of green tea which makes it great for those on the lower end of the caffeine tolerance.

Green tea is my personal caffeinated beverage of choice for when I need to work late at night, because the caffeine content is enough to keep me focused but still able to get a good sleep later on. 

• Water 

Dehydration can actually cost your mental performance. So maybe the next time you feel sluggish, and in need of a wake me up, try sipping on water first before reaching for the caffeinated choice. 

As much as water is “harmless” and the healthiest choice, do not overdose on water for too much water can cause water intoxication that can be fatal. 

Best energy drinks for focus 

Advocare Spark Energy Drink 

This powdered form of energy drink that comes in a convenient (but not appealing) sachet has 120mg of caffeine with 15 calories

Although Advocare Spark has a higher caffeine content than what I would prefer, it’s sugar free which is something I look out for. 

I think this particular drink is suitable for you if you’re a huge fan of flavors, as they have 10. 

On Amazon, it costs about $2.20 per drink including shipping. 

XS Energy Drink 

Another sugar free option with lesser caffeine, XS Energy Drink has 80mg of caffeine and 10 calories. I personally would drink a can of it when I know can’t afford to lose focus. 

However, an 8.4 fl.oz can costs a whopping $3 – $4, if you’ve been focusing well, you know that there’s cheaper options out there. 

If you would still like to try XS Energy Drink, you can purchase it on Amazon

REIZE Energy Drink 

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

Now here’s my favorite one. First and foremost, its amazing content – 50mg of caffeine, sugar free with 11 calories. 

I love how little yet sufficient caffeine REIZE Energy Drink contains to energize me just right for me to focus well. 

It also comes in a powdered sachet form, which means I can easily carry it around and mix it whenever I need it. Having one serving late in the afternoon too won’t heavily disrupt my sleep pattern. 

Best of all, REIZE only costs about $1 per drink, including shipping right to your door. That’s amazing value for money.

Try REIZE today and you might also find that REIZE is the perfect energy drink for focus when you need to get through the day no matter what situation you’re in. 

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