Best energy drink for night shift (go all night)

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When we say “goodnight” we’ll be going to sleep but some don’t sleep during the night, due to their jobs. 

I can’t imagine working a night shift, because our body is kinda programmed to sleep when the sun goes down however, if you’re new to a night shift and is worried about how to go about it, worry no more.

Let’s hope this article can help you go through the night shift duty you’ve to perform.

Spoiler alert, it’s all about energy drinks! 

a whole range of energy drinks
There’s a whole market of energy drinks out there, which one is your pick for a night shift?

What to look for in energy drinks


Caffeine is the main component that gives energy drinks, energy. Other than that, caffeine too can stimulate your brain and is proven beneficial. 

Caffeine contents differs by brands of energy drinks, some has up to 500mg of caffeine per can while others are caffeine-free although I don’t really know how effective caffeine-free energy drinks are.

A healthy adult is recommended up to 400mg of caffeine daily. In my opinion, that’s a lot.

But it also depends on your caffeine tolerance. If you have a lower caffeine tolerance, just a small dosage of caffeine can cause you side effects like jitters, anxiousness or even a headache. 

However, even if you have a higher caffeine tolerance, that doesn’t mean you can consume more caffeine daily.


Sugar is also an important part of an energy drink for we know that sugar too can boost energy.

However, there’s no health advantages to sugar and once the sugar wears off, you’ll be having a “sugar-crash” that would leave you lethargic. I don’t think that’s helpful on your night shift.

Good news is that most energy drinks are now sugar-free. Even the famous brands like Red Bull and Monster have sugar free options. 

Other ingredients

Energy drinks are manufactured with other ingredients like taurine, guarana and B vitamins to help you gain better energy for your physical and mental performance. These ingredients come together and is beneficial for your health. 


Energy drinks basically contain the same ingredients, what sets them apart would be the branding and marketing.

Which is why, in my opinion, why spend more on something just because of the brand?


Of course, energy drinks are easily available in many 24 hours convenient stores, which means you could easily get one on your way to your night shift.

Other than that, energy drinks can also be ordered on Amazon and other online sites these days, where you could get good bargains. Buying energy drinks in bulk is actually cheaper than buying a can a day at the store.

Also, energy drinks come in powdered sachet forms now, which is way easier for you to “transport” to your workplace and mix it yourself.

Can I depend on energy drinks for night shifts?

Yes, you can depend on energy drinks to get you through night shifts. Energy drinks are helpful for a few reasons, among them includes it can keep you awake, stimulates your brain and improve your concentration and focus. 

These are all important factors you’ll need when working a night shift. Especially at the start of the week shift where you’re still adjusting to the timing.

How to stay awake on night shift with no sleep?

Grab a can of energy drink! 

Keep in mind you’re running on no sleep so you’ll need to fuel up to enable to last through your shift. I do hope you’ll be getting sleep after your shift ends cause it’s not healthy for you.

If possible, take a power nap before you begin your night shift. Then when you’re refreshed, grab an energy drink for the caffeine to energize you. In the middle of your shift if you’re beginning to feel sleepy, you could consume another energy drink.

It’ll be good to choose an energy drink with moderate amount of caffeine as excess caffeine can lead to caffeine crash.

Also, keep away from sugar – yes you might get powered up by the sugar rush, but the sugar crash afterwards will leave you feeling way more lethargic.

girl taking a quick nap
Sleep is very important for you, don’t skip it. 

How can I get more energy working night shift?

Here are ways to get more energy working the night shift.

Be well rested before working the night shift. It might be tough to sleep during the day due to noise, light and temperature.

Getting enough sleep daily (even if it’s during the day) can help you be energized and not feel sleepy during your night shift. Soon, your body would be used to the new sleep pattern and hopefully, sleeping when the sun is out is your new night.

• During your night shift, a nap can energize you. Naps of 20 to 45 minutes can counteract fatigue and provide you the energy you need to get to the end of your shift. This short naps can be taken during your break time, not while you’re supposed to be working.

How do I keep my night shift healthy?

You might tend to skip meals or eat irregularly during your night shift, or can’t find the right time to exercise, well since your sleep pattern is screwed, might as well screw up everything else, right?

Night shift workers tend to be at higher risk for weight problems and heart diseases. 

But that shouldn’t be the case. Even if you’re on the night shift, you should still be as healthy as possible.

You can start by prepping your meals beforehand, this would allow you to not only reach for junk food when you’re hungry.

Get some exercise in your schedule, maybe take the stairs instead of the lift? Or walk around the office a little bit more. You could also hit the gym before your shift begins, exercise might seem to energy draining, but it can actually boost your energy levels and better brain function. 

How to boost my concentration on a night shift?

Caffeinated beverages can boost your concentration on a night shift. These means you can reach for a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink.

Caffeine works by stimulating our brain to be more alert thus enabling us to concentrate better. It also helps with better memory, which is a result of good concentration. 

Energy drinks too can significantly improve your cognitive performance, which is to your added advantage while on a night shift.

You can read more on energy drinks and concentration on a previous blog post I’ve written.

Can energy drinks help nurses on their night shift?

Yes, energy drinks can help nurses on their night shift. Nurses are among some of the “chosen ones” that have to work through the night.

Energy drinks can help nurses keep awake, and promote better alertness and concentration, as that’s very important in their line of work.

Want to know which are the best energy drinks for nurses? You can check that out too.

Red Bull sugar-free is best energy drinks for daily use.
Red Bull can be a great energy drink for a night shift but the sugar-free version is best for daily use.

Can Red Bull Energy Drink help me through my night shift?

Yes, Red Bull Energy Drink can help you through your night shift. 

I personally like that Red Bull contains only 80mg of caffeine, a very moderate amount that I believe is suitable for energy boosting without giving side effects.

However, Red Bull also comes with 27g of sugar. That’s a pretty high amount and could potentially lead you to a sugar-crash, something that you don’t want at the beginning of your night shift.

It’ll be better to opt for an energy drink with lesser sugar content, there are also many in the market that’s zero sugar.

What’s the best energy drink to stay awake?

It depends on your preference. 

If you have a higher caffeine tolerance, you might like stronger energy drinks, those with 200mg of caffeine or more.

If you’re more susceptible to the side effects of caffeine then energy drinks with lesser caffeine content could work better for you to keep awake.

Read on as I’ll be recommending some energy drinks for your night shift.

Best energy drinks for night shift

Celsius Energy Drink

If you’re looking for a strong energy drink, look no further. Celsius Energy Drink comes with 200 to 300 mg of caffeine, and you can choose one based on your caffeine tolerance.

I know, there are some days that we need the extra caffeine kick, especially after a no sleep situation.

But do keep in mind that with a greater dosage of caffeine, comes greater side effects.

Check the price of Celsius Energy Drink on Amazon.

Xyience Energy Drink

Here’s a lesser caffeinated option, but quite as powerful too, Xyience Energy Drink contains 176mg of caffeine.

It also has guarana seed extract in it, so it might contain more caffeine than what’s stated.

This is however sugar free too, so it’s one of the healthier options.

Check the current prices on Amazon.

Guru Energy Drink

Guru Energy Drink is also marketed as a healthier option with 100mg of naturally occuring caffeine derivative.

However, it has 21g of sugar, I don’t think that’s really healthy although it’s from cane syrup and white grape concentrate.

The caffeine content in Guru might not cause a crash but the sugar amount could potentially do so.

Check the current price of Guru on Amazon.

REIZE Energy Drink

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

Here’s a powdered energy drink option that comes in a sachet. REIZE Energy Drink can easily fit into your work bag and you can carry around a few and mix it with your beverage of choice anytime, anywhere.

I personally like it not only for it’s sugar free content but that it only has 50mg of caffeine. That’s a great amount for me, enough to energize me well enough for my night shift without any impending sugar or caffeine crash.

I can also get a good sleep after my shift ends as the caffeine amount doesn’t bother my sleep pattern.

Best of all, REIZE only costs about $1 per drink, including shipping right to your door. That’s amazing value for money.

Try REIZE today and you might also find that REIZE is the perfect energy drink for you on a night shift. 

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