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What’s A Good Energy Drink? (Things To Look For)

What’s A Good Energy Drink? (Things To Look For)

Delicious, tart, and packed with health benefits, but it’s best consumed in moderation. Today, I’ll discuss the finest energy drinks and the awesomeness that lurks within.

However, you can narrow down the list of potential energy drinks by checking the essential characteristics in each one.

Caffeine concentration, necessary nutrients, sugar content, flavor, price, and availability are the factors to consider when looking for a good energy drink.

Let’s look at all you need to know about energy drinks, from nutrition to all-natural options, and everything in between.

Are Energy Drinks Good for You?

Energy drinks are often advertised as items that boost energy levels while also improving mental alertness and physical performance but you should remember to consume them in moderation.

Multiple studies show that energy drinks can increase brain function such as memory, focus, and response speed while also reducing mental fatigue.

However, moderation plays an important role in such matters. Furthermore, several human studies have found that drinking energy drinks raises blood pressure and heart rate while lowering critical blood vessel function indicators.

Find out whether energy drinks are good or bad for you by watching this video.

Are Energy Drinks Bad For Heart?

Energy drinks aren’t bad for your heart as long as you consume them in moderation.

However, consuming energy drinks in excessive amounts can be dangerous for your heart. They can elevate blood pressure, which increases your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

Heart attack.
Heart problem has become so common nowadays and excessive consumption of energy drinks may have something to do with this matter.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Good Energy Drink

This varies greatly among persons and is totally dependent on how you want to consume the energy drink.

Once you’ve determined why you want to buy an energy drink, it’ll be much easier to sort through brands and select the one that best suits your needs.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine levels vary among energy drink brands, with some containing up to 300mg per can.

If you want to take an energy drink as a daily boost but don’t need anything too powerful, a regular quantity of 50mg-100mg per 16 fl. oz. can is a good option to start with.

Caffeine’s effects might also vary from person to person. Small amounts may have a big influence on certain people, so start with small dosages before moving on to bigger ones.

However, according to Mayo Clinic, you should not take more than 400mg in a single day, since this might cause various side effects.

Sugar Content

sugar cubes
Sugar can have adverse effects on your health if consumed in excess.

The amount of sugar in an energy drink is also a factor that you need to consider as it can affect your health.

Because you will most likely be consuming sugar from other sources, the AHA recommends that men should not consume more than 36 grams in a single day and women shouldn’t have more than 24 grams of sugar per day.

Some energy drinks may not include any sugar. These drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like sucralose, which is a better alternative to huge amounts of natural sugar.

Essential Nutrients

Caffeine and sugar aren’t the only things that make an energy drink function. Other components comprise the formulation of the drink so it can do what it does best.

B Vitamins

B vitamins are necessary for the conversion of fat to energy in the body. These are included in most energy drinks.

Niacin, often known as vitamin B3, is a common vitamin that plays some important roles in the body, including maintaining the health of the neurological system and the skin.

Other vitamins, such as B5, B6, and B12, might help you feel more energized.


Another significant energizer included in energy drinks is taurine.

This component assists caffeine and B vitamins to stay within limits and give you a surge of energy.

Its usage has sparked debate, with tales circulating about its origins, alleging that it is made from bull’s urine. However, this is untrue. Taurine is synthesized for usage in foods and beverages on a massive scale.


You should examine more than just the nutritional value of your favorite energy drink. It should also taste good.

In general, I’d advise you to try as many different things as possible. Brands like GamerSupps and Rogue provide a variety of flavors.


You’ll want to go with an energy drink that isn’t too expensive and 16 fl. oz. can cost around $1.5-$3.50.

You may save even more money by purchasing in bulk and storing up for the full month. Affiliate programs are even available for some energy drink manufacturers.


Conducting an online search and uncovering the finest energy drink for you, only to find out that it is not available in any of your local retailers would be a disappointment.

Fortunately, online retailers such as Amazon and Target generally have most of these brands and variants in stock. You can even earn discounts and coupons!

While getting my favorite drink at the local shop is handy, I’ve found that there are more choices available online. It’s also more convenient for me to have my items delivered.

Good Energy Drinks You Can Try

The energy drink market is on the rise, as energy drinks are increasingly being used to boost productivity.

Red Bull now holds the title of energy drink king (in terms of revenue), followed by Monster in the rankings.

RankBrandRevenue (In USD)
1Red Bull6.13 Billion
2Monster Energy3.37 Billion
3Rockstar918 Million
4NOS107.79 Million
5Lucozade501.8 Million
Top energy brands and their revenues.

Let’s have a look at them.

Red Bull

It is the most popular and effective energy drink on the market.

Red Bull is one of the most well-known energy beverages on the market. It’s a popular choice for work, school, and even exercises at the gym. Red Bull’s original and sugar-free versions are available for around $2 per serving.


The Monster energy drink has a distinctive and easily identifiable logo and it easily takes second place on our list of the best energy drinks.

Monster energy drink is a good choice if you need a sugar and energy boost. It has some advantages, like being inexpensive (about $2 for a 16 fl. oz can) and having a range of flavors to choose from.

Monster energy drink is a fantastic source of energy, but keep in mind that it is high in calories (210 calories per can) and caffeine (160 mg per can).


Despite being founded in 2001, Rockstar is ranked third among the top energy drinks available on the market, having a significant effect on the business.

Pepsi Co. currently manages Rockstar energy drink, which comes in over 20 different varieties. Its traditional taste features a pleasant citrus combination and has 122 calories, which keeps you awake and attentive, making it ideal for when you need to get a task done.

A can of Rockstar costs roughly $2, so it’s not a bad idea to test it.


NOS energy drink is another choice to consider if you want a beverage to enhance your energy.

NOS is one of the most popular energy drink brands available. It is one of the most well-known energy products, with a reputation for quality and even pleasant tastes and you can have them for around $1.7 per can.


With Lucozade energy drink, the pleasant flavors of Japan are united in one.

Lucozade is a go-to drink for athletes since it offers you the energy you need to complete your work and manage your daily routines.

A can of Lucozade has 116 calories and 15 grams of sugar in it. The only unusual thing about this energy drink is that there isn’t much information regarding how much caffeine it contains. The price of one can of Lucozade is approximately £0.70.

REIZE (10 Out of 10)

Most of the best energy drink manufacturers started small and built a name while consistently refining their product, as you can see.

The same goes with REIZE! It is now playing a significant role in the beverage industry, not only because of its high quality but also because of its affordability and convenience, as it is packaged in sachets.

REIZE is a powdered energy drink that comes in handy 4g sachets so you can take it anywhere and enjoy it anytime. It has a unique combination of beneficial nutrients such as taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins that provide you with the optimum energy boost without the crash.

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink

You won’t have to worry about getting too much sugar or carbs from REIZE because it has zero sugar and just 11 calories. Furthermore, it has a moderate 50mg of caffeine, which is ideal for those who aren’t fans of high-caffeine energy drinks.

Aside from that, you may have REIZE shipped to your home for only $1 every sachet. That is excellent value for money!

Other Notable Mentions

  1. Coca-Cola Energy
  2. Celsius
  3. Bang Energy
  4. XS Energy Drink
  5. Monster Import
  6. Monster Energy

Final Verdict

An energy drink’s quality is determined by many things. With so many brands to choose from, you may find it difficult to make a decision. I’ve compiled a list of all the crucial components to look for when purchasing an energy drink.

Caffeine concentration, sugar content, price, availability, and flavor are all factors to consider. Examine all factors and select the one that is most suited to your requirements.

But if you want to know what attributes my ideal energy drink has, I’d say it has minimal caffeine, is sprinkled with vitamins and other micronutrients, is low in sugar and calories, has a fresh citrus flavor, and is lightly carbonated, its name is REIZE!

You won’t have to worry about getting too much sugar or carbs from REIZE because it has zero sugar and just 11 calories. Furthermore, it has a moderate 50mg of caffeine, which is ideal for those who aren’t fans of high-caffeine energy drinks.

Do try REIZE once and I am sure you”ll find it the smartest choice.

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