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In order to yield better productivity, sometimes what we need is just an energy boost. Energy boosts, either from caffeine, nuts or even exercise, can be beneficial to improve our blood flow and brain function.

That’s why if you’re feeling a little less productive or getting stuck while working on something, you could try an energy drinks – the best energy booster, in my opinion.

What to look for in energy drinks


Energy drinks’ main components are caffeine and sugar. Some has really high contents of each but that doesn’t mean it’s better for you and your productivity.

Consuming excess caffeine and especially excess sugar isn’t generally healthy. I personally would go for energy drinks with moderate amounts of caffeine and sugar-free ones, I find those work best for my productivity. 

Other than that, energy drinks also contain a ton of other ingredients, like B vitamins, taurine and guarana, among others. If you like energy drinks with a greater caffeine kick, you could opt for ones with added guarana, as 1g of guarana equals to 40mg of caffeine. 

Price & Availability

As energy drinks basically contain the same ingredients (more or less) what differs them would be branding and marketing. So you shouldn’t necessarily have to pay more for a “better” energy drink. 

Did you know that buying energy drinks in bulk is cheaper than if you buy it on a daily basis from the store?

You could stock up on your energy drinks at home and bring along one or two with you to the office.

Are energy drink cans too heavy? How about trying powdered ones that come in sachets? It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up space and can easily be mixed with any beverage of choice anytime you want one.

It’s also usually cheaper than the ones in cans. That’s a win for me.

drinking coffee while working
Many of us turn to caffeine to be more productive

Does caffeine improve productivity?

Yes, caffeine can improve productivity. 

A previous study was conducted between groups of people attending a meeting. The group which drank caffeine prior to the meeting performed well. This is due to the state of alertness caffeine creates in you which results in an increase in productivity.

However, consuming excess caffeine can result in less productivity. This is because caffeine can potentially disrupt your sleep pattern, causing you to not be that well rested and could cause a decline in productivity the next day.

This is why, consuming caffeine in moderation is key to productivity.

Does caffeine increase IQ?

Caffeine doesn’t increase IQ per se, but it can facilitate better IQ performance. 

This is because when we consume caffeine, our brain functions are heightened whereby we can concentrate well, digest information better and recall things more accurately. This would lead to better performance, which shows better IQ.

Just to reiterate, caffeine isn’t an IQ inducing magic potion, so don’t go round drinking all the coffee or energy drinks you can get.

Energy drinks and focus

In order to be productive, we need to be focused on our task at hand, which can be achieved with energy drinks.

Energy drinks can boost our focus as it supplies us with a surge of energy that now enables us to be well-focused. Caffeine from energy drinks can also stimulate our brain for better mental performance that can increase our productivity.

To find out more on best energy drinks for focus, refer to my post for more information.

Energy drinks and cognitive performance

Energy drinks can be beneficial for your cognitive performance. 

This is because caffeine acts as a stimulant for your central nervous system, stimulating better mental performance related to alertness, attention, concentration and memory.

Which is why energy drinks can boost our productivity due to the caffeine it contains. It’s also mindful to choose energy drinks with a moderate amount of caffeine so as to not over stimulate our brain.

For more information on how energy drinks can be beneficial for your brain, do check out my previous post.

a class of yoga exercise
Exercising could enable better productivity, pair it with an energy drinks too! 

Energy drinks and physical performance

Energy drinks are actually proven to boost your physical performance. This mean you can exercise better and reap greater results. Physical performance is also directly linked to productivity.

Energy drinks is a good partner when it comes to working out as it gives us the energy we need. Other ingredients in energy drinks like taurine and BCAAs can help with our muscle fatigue and energy too.

Exercising often improves our general health and wellbeing, increasing our brain functions. With that, we are able to be more productive. 

Research shows that employees who exercise regularly reported an improvement in being more effective, productive and better social connection with other colleagues.

Do energy drinks keep you awake?

Yes, energy drinks can keep you awake. 

Caffeine in energy drinks prevents us from falling asleep as it mimics adenosine. Due to that, we are kept awake for a few hours.

While we are awake, we would be more productive not only because we aren’t sleeping but cause our brains are fired up for better focus and alertness. 

Which energy drink is most effective?

It depends on your caffeine tolerance. 

If you’re someone with a lower tolerance, consuming too much caffeine can be derailing and non-effective. Excess caffeine can result in side effects which includes, increase in heart rate, anxiousness, jitters and headaches among others.

These side effects can hinder your productivity, thus it’s best to choose your energy drinks wisely.

Read on as I’ll be recommending some energy drinks that you might like.

Are energy drink healthy?

Energy drinks can be healthy. 

It’s undeniable that excess consumption of sugar and caffeine can be quite unhealthy, but if you choose energy drinks with moderate ingredients it should be fine for your health.

You also could opt for energy drinks that have zero-sugar. Although they contain artificial sweeteners, it’s definitely better than real sugar.

a view of the top of Red Bull energy drink can
Did you know that Red Bull Energy Drink was once banned in France?

Does Red Bull Energy Drink help me to be more productive?

Yes, Red Bull Energy Drink can potentially help you to be more productive. 

An 8.4 fl. oz can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine. This is an amount I could work with.

However, Red Bull also contains 27g of sugar, which I find a bit on the high side. Consuming this amount of sugar could potentially lead to a sugar crash which could impede your productivity.

Maybe you could try Red Bull Total Zero instead?

Can I drink energy drinks daily?

Yes, you can drink energy drinks daily but it’s advisable to choose ones with less to none sugar because too much sugar can lead to diabetes, weight gain and heart diseases.

Sugar too is found in many other food items so you might be consuming way too much sugar in one day.

For more suggestions on energy drinks you can consume daily, you can check out my other post.

How can I make caffeine more effective?

Here are some tips on how to consume caffeine to enable better productivity.

Drink in moderation, don’t go for one with excessively high caffeine content.

Keep sugar out of the equation. Consuming sugar would only end up in a sugar crash afterwards, leaving you lethargic and sluggish.

Rehydrate well. Caffeine is diuretic, so it’ll be good to drink lots of water as well, as dehydration too can reduce your performance.

Eat well. Caffeine is acidic thus consuming caffeine on an empty stomach wouldn’t be a good idea. It could only result in a tummy upset which I don’t think you’ll get much work done then.

Best energy drinks for productivity

Advocare Spark Energy Drink

This sachet of energy drink contains 120mg of caffeine. As previously mentioned, powdered-based energy drinks could be a good choice to carry to work.

I also like the fact that this is sugar free and comes in 10 different flavors for you to choose from.

You can purchase it in bulk from Amazon.

Bing Energy Drink

A 12 fl. oz can of Bing Energy Drink contains 9g of sugar and 120mg of caffeine. Although I prefer my energy drink with less than 100mg of caffeine, I think 120mg is quite okay too and shouldn’t give you too much side effects.

If you like berry flavors, Bing is probably a good choice for you.

You can check the current price on Amazon here.

XS Energy Drink

Another sugar free option, XS Energy Drink contains 80mg of caffeine. I personally like this amount as I find it’ll be able to give me the energy boost I need to be productive.

However, XS Energy Drink is a bit on the pricey side, costing about $3 to $4 per 8.4 fl. oz can. 

If you would still like to try XS Energy Drink, you can purchase it on Amazon.

REIZE Energy Drink

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

Here’s my favorite option. REIZE Energy Drink also comes in a sachet and containts 50mg of caffeine and not to mention, it’s sugar free too.

I feel like I can work well after drinking this in the morning and I can take another after lunch. It’ll keep me energized till I get home and I can still get a good night’s rest afterwards.

A good sleep is important for productivity, you really should not be running on energy drink as fuel for when you don’t have a good amount of sleep.

Best of all, REIZE only costs about $1 per drink, including shipping right to your door. That’s amazing value for money.

Try REIZE today and you might also find that REIZE is the perfect energy drink for productivity when you need to finish your task at hand.

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