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It’s undeniable that as students, there are times when you’ll need to stay up studying, you might have to cramp in some last minute revisions for a class the next day or an exam. 

It’s also undeniable that when staying up late studying, you’re most probably fighting off sleep more than getting input in. This is because our body is wired to sleep at night and we tend to be less productive. 

However, with the help of external stimulants you should be able to keep awake and stay up for a late night study. 

When I was a student myself, I tend to turn to energy drinks. I find they give me the best energy boost and help me improve focus and memory skills

Maybe energy drinks can help you too? Read on to find out more and I’ll be recommending some at the end too. 

What to look for in energy drinks? 


Energy drinks basically contain caffeine and sugar among other added ingredients, to boost your energy. I would suggest to choose your energy drink based off the caffeine content it has.

First you’ll need to identify your caffeine tolerance. If you’re more sensitive to caffeine, as little goes a long way. Too much caffeine, exceeding what you’re able to tolerate could be potentially harmful as you’ll be experiencing side effects that would disrupt your study. 

Too much caffeine too isn’t good for you. It’s recommended to stick to a daily intake of 400mg of caffeine, for a healthy adult. 

Other than that, you should also consider the sugar content it carries. Always remember that sugar is generally unhealthy so try to opt for sugar free ones or ones with minimal amount of sugar in it. 

As for the other ingredients, like B vitamins and taurine doesn’t contribute to the energy boosting effects. However, guarana adds to the caffeine content in an energy drink. Therefore it’s wise to read the ingredient list thoroughly before drinking it. 

Cans of Xs Energy drinks
Stock up on your favorite energy drinks to have one anytime you want to! 

Price & Availability 

If you’re up late at night, there might not be a 24-hour store nearby that sells energy drinks. It’s better to buy your energy drinks in bulk online and stock up in your college dorm. 

Not to mention, buying in bulk is also cheaper, and that’s a win for you as a student right? 

Also, since energy drinks basically contain caffeine and sugar, you could just opt for the cheaper ones instead of having to choose based on branding. I can assure you they’ll just give the same energy boost you need to study while saving you money. 

Does caffeine keep me awake for late night studying? 

Yes, caffeine can keep you awake for late night studying. 

Ever wondered why after drinking caffeinated beverages we tend to not be sleepy afterwards? This is because caffeine mimics adenosine, our sleep cells, therefore re-wiring our brain to think we’re not sleepy. 

This is why many reach for caffeine early in the morning when we’re still not fully awake or at times we start to get sleepy but can’t sleep yet. 

Drinking caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea or energy drinks can help keep you awake for late night studying. 

Can caffeine help me study better? 

Yes, caffeine can help you study better. Caffeine is known to stimulate brain functions thus enabling you to focus well, be more alert and better memory span. 

Caffeine too can assist your IQ levels, by allowing you to understand your notes better and to recall information more accurately. 

But just be warned to not overdose on caffeine as too much of it would induce side effects like jitters, headaches or a tummy upset. These side effects would then be distracting you from studying well. 

Is it OK to consume sugar for late night studying? 

You shouldn’t consume too much sugar for late night studying. 

Yes, sugar might give you a temporary energy surge, which is known as a sugar rush, to energize you. However, once the sugar rush wears off, you’ll be left with a sugar crash. 

A sugar crash would leave you lethargic, sluggish and in a worse state before you consumed the excess sugar. It’ll backfire your study plans. 

Sugar can be found in your caffeinated beverages, so you should opt for sugar-free ones. 

studying in the library
Do you like to study in the library? Energy drinks can help you focus better.

Can energy drinks help me study better? 

Yes, energy drinks can help you study better as it contains caffeine. 

We’ve established that caffeine is beneficial for your brain stimulation when it comes to studying. 

Other than that, energy drinks provide you the energy boost because I know, when it comes to studying, all our energy magically disappears. 

How can I stay awake late at night studying? 

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative and would make you sleepy. It could also cloud your brain functions so I don’t see the reason why you should pair alcohol and studying. You could have your alcohol after you’re done studying and finished with your exams though. 

Exercise. If you’re starting to feel sleepy, get up and run or do some jumping jacks. Exercising in the day before you stay up to study could also work to keep you awake. The blood flow to your brains is also beneficial to help you study better. 

Sleep. If you’re planning to stay awake late at night to study, you should prepare beforehand by sleeping first or at least take a nap. This will let your brain rest for a while before running again, and you’ll also feel more refreshed as you enter the wee hours. 

Which energy drink is best to keep you awake? 

It depends on your preference and caffeine tolerance. 

If you have a higher caffeine tolerance, you’ll then need more caffeine to keep awake. With that, be wary of consuming too much caffeine. It’s recommended that we can only consume up to 400mg of caffeine daily. 

I personally have a lower caffeine tolerance, therefore I like to choose energy drinks with less than 100mg of caffeine. I feel those works best for me, giving me the right amount of energy to keep me awake without causing any jitter or headaches as a cause of side effects. 

Energy drinks and focus 

Energy drinks can enable you to focus better due to caffeine that is a brain stimulant. When our brain is better stimulated, we’re able to be alert and focus on our current study. 

Energy drinks too can increase mental performance and is beneficial for you in absorbing all the information you’re reading. 

For more information on energy drinks and focus, you could check out my previous post. I’ve also wrote about energy drinks and brain functions, which you could take a look at too. 

Red Bull bad for you, if consumed in excess
Red Bull can be easily found at most stores.

Is Red Bull Energy Drink good for studying? 

Yes, Red Bull Energy Drink can be good for studying. 

I’m in favor of the 80mg of caffeine it carries, however it also has 27g of sugar which I think is too much and could cause a potential sugar crash afterwards. 

That said, a study conducted on 24 volunteers has proven that Red Bull can boost your brain performance by improving speed and accuracy of getting the task done and also better memory. 

Can energy drinks help me after no sleep? 

Yes, energy drinks can help you after no sleep. 

You might be up studying late and still have to attend class or an exam the next day. This is when you could consume more energy drinks to keep you functioning with no sleep. 

The few hours of energy that an energy drink would supply to you can help you tide over your class or exam. Afterwards it’s best to have a good sleep to recharge. 

Student or not, you shouldn’t be running on energy drink as fuel for no sleep. 

Best energy drinks for late night studying 

Xyience Energy Drink 

Xyience Energy Drink is zero sugar and has 176mg of caffeine, which is quite a high amount to me however it could be what you prefer. 

It also contains guarana which means the total amount of caffeine could be more than what’s states as usually guarana’s caffeine content isn’t included in the total caffeine count. 

Just remember that a higher caffeine dosage could potentially lead to greater side effects. 

MatchaBar Hustle Unsweetened Energy Drink 

As from the name it says “unsweetened” so it’s sugar free which won’t cause you a sugar crash afterwards. If you’re a fan of matcha flavor, you might like this energy drink.

It has 120mg of caffeine naturally derived from green tea so maybe the caffeine effects isn’t as strong as synthetic caffeine? 

I guess you’ll have to try it out yourself to find out if you think it’s suitable for your late night studying. 

REIZE Energy Drink 

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

For studying, REIZE Energy Drink is actually my favorite beverage. As someone who likes lesser caffeine content, 50mg is just nice for me. 

I am able to keep awake studying, with no side effects and any impending sugar crash as it’s also sugar free

Drinking REIZE Energy Drink too allows me a good sleep afterwards, even though it might be for a few hours before I begin my next day. 

Best part of it all, REIZE ships right to your door for only about $1 per drink. This means I can study without having to worry about my finances. 

Give REIZE a try today and you might just find that it’s your go-to energy drink for late night studying. Goodluck! 

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