Best energy drink for libido (to be a better lover)

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Energy drinks are usually heavily marketed to men, promising an energy boost, increased physical strength and even a better sex drive and increased libido. 

You might be considering using energy drinks as a “performance enhancer” later tonight, but do energy drinks really really help you sexually? 

What goes in energy drinks 


Caffeine is the main energy boosting ingredient in energy drinks that provides a boost in your energy levels. It’s also a brain stimulant that can create better alertness and even functions as a mood booster

Energy drinks are great not only to keep you awake, but also to enhance physical performance. That’s exactly why you might want to consider energy drinks to help your libido


Sugar also boosts your energy levels, but too much sugar is not only unhealthy, you’ll probably also suffer from a sugar crash afterwards, leaving you lethargic. Not exactly the perfect recipe for a stellar bedroom performance with someone special. 

The likelihood of a sugar crash along with all of the other potential negative health impacts from sugar mean that you should choose an energy drink that contains little or no sugar. 

In fact, there is evidence to suggest that too much sugar is terrible for your reproductive system and might even make you infertile in extreme cases. 

Other ingredients

Some energy drinks include other ingredients, like guarana, ginkgo biloba and ginseng which is used as an aphrodisiac in some Asian cultures. 

Does caffeine help libido? 

Yes, caffeine can help your libido.

However, it depends on your caffeine tolerance though. 

If you have a lower caffeine tolerance, you’re more susceptible to the side effects of caffeine, which can range from jitters to anxiousness.

Both of which can kill your libido. 

If you’re someone with a higher caffeine tolerance, or you find the right dosage, it can help with your stamina and mood for your night of pleasure. 

Caffeine can actually be as helpful as viagra according to some, which means you might just need a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink to get the job done. 

Does sugar help libido? 

Sugar can only temporarily help libido.

In fact, it’s not advisable to consume sugar as a stimulant for sex. 

Research has proven that sugar is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction

Sugar also affects testosterone levels in men and alters testosterone metabolism in women, which indirectly affects libido for both genders.

It would be best to cut down on sugar intake or switch to artificial sweeteners, not only for your sex drive, but also for your general health. 

But, it might be hard to do (ahem!).

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What’s your go-to energy drink for improved sexual performance? 

Energy drinks and testosterone

Testosterone is produced by both males and females (of course a higher percentage in males) and it plays an important role in sex drive.

For males, it also helps with bone density, muscles, red blood cells and sperm production.  

Consuming energy drinks can increase your testosterone levels due to the caffeine content.

Read on to find out how it affects your fertility, which is something else to consider. 

Energy drinks and stamina 

Studies show that 20-30 minutes of sexual activity is equivalent to a 3-mile run – but probably a lot more enjoyable! 

As with training for a half-marathon, you should “train” and prepare for sexual activities too. 

Stamina is important for ensuring a good night of sex with your partner. Not just during the act, but also how long it takes you to bounce back and get going again a second or third time.

In fact, post-intercourse energy decline can be a factor that results in less sexual activity in the future. 

Therefore, it’s logical to seek help from stimulants like energy drinks to help boost your stamina and libido to ensure you always bring your A-game in the bedroom. 

Do energy drinks improve sex duration?

Energy drinks may help to improve your overall athletic stamina, but there are a couple of important things to keep in mind:

  • If you drink an energy drink that contains sugar it may cause a sugar crash, reducing your stamina and impacting your sexual experiences
  • There is no evidence to support energy drinks helping males to last longer before ejaculating. This is a separate issue to the question of overall stamina

Overall, energy drinks are unlikely to have much of an impact on sexual duration. 

Does Red Bull help you in bed? 

Yes, Red Bull energy drink can potentially help you in bed. 

Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, which is an ideal amount in my opinion that could increase your stamina and libido without giving you any side-effects.

However, Red Bull does contain a high amount of sugar, 27g along with 110 calories.

This could mean an impending sugar crash later on. It’s also generally unhealthy and might contribute to erectile dysfunction if the rest of your diet is also excessively high in sugar too. 

You might want to opt for Red Bull Total Zero instead, or other energy drinks that have less sugar and calories. 

Check out my post about whether it’s safe to drink Red Bull every day if you’re a regular drinker to understand what it means for your health.

Check the price of Red Bull Total Zero on Amazon.

Can we drink Red Bull before sex?

Yes, you can drink Red Bull before sex. 

This may or may not improve your sexual experience, so you should probably try it and decide for yourself if it results in any improvements for you. 

Some things to potentially be aware of:

  • The sugar content may cause a sugar crash at the moment you least want one
  • A belly full of fizzy energy drink may not be ideal before any cardio, including sex
  • If you’re sensitive to caffeine 80mg might cause you to feel some effects of too much caffeine – definitely not ideal before getting down to business with your partner

Monster Energy and libido

Monster Energy Drink is another energy drink that is available almost everywhere. 

Monster Energy contains 179mg of caffeine, 54g of sugar and 190 calories. That’s a very high amount of everything! 

If you’re able to tolerate caffeine well, the caffeine amount shouldn’t bother you. Sure, it’s not one of the strongest energy drinks, but that’s still about twice as much caffeine as I like to consume at once.

The sugar content however, should bother you, as excess sugar consumption doesn’t bode well for your sex drive. 

I think that Monster Energy might be more of a hindrance than a help in the bedroom. But, try it for yourself and see how it affects your sexual performance and stamina.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between Monster and Red Bull, check out my other article where I cover all of the differences in a lot of detail. 

Check the price of Monster energy on Amazon.

Does 5 hour energy help you sexually?

Whether 5 hour energy can help you sexually will vary from person to person. 

5 hour energy is a concentrated shot of caffeine and other ingredients that supposedly provides instant energy. 

5 hour energy doesn’t explicitly state how much caffeine it contains on its website, but according to a source, it has 215mg of caffeine per 2 fl. oz bottle. 

I don’t know about you, but that amount of caffeine is pretty high, and this shot might not be the safest thing to consume before a night of passion. The high dosage of caffeine might cause you some side effects which can include raised blood pressure and palpitations. 

I suggest you give it a try and see if it works for your libido or not.

Check the current price of 5 hour energy on Amazon.

Other drinks that can help with libido

• Aloe vera juice – it can potentially help with testosterone, and increases your sexual energy and libido. Other than that, it’s also good for general health

• Watermelon juice – watermelons contain L-citrulline, a type of amino acid helps with blood flow and erections.  

• Milk – this “basic” drink that might be in your fridge right now, is packed with nutrients but can give your sex drive a boost.

• Water – many overlook the fact that drinking water can help your sex drive tremendously. Being well hydrated can prevent vaginal dryness and poor blood circulation, all of which affect libido. 

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Do you need an energy drink to help you in bed?

Does coffee make you hornier?

Yes, apparently coffee can make you hornier, and increase your libido. 

This is especially true for females, and just one cup a week can make all the difference for sexual desire. 

Coffee also helps to reduce stress, which of course means better performance between the sheets due to less worries on your mind. 

Can coffee kill sperm?

Yes, coffee can potentially kill sperm.

This is especially important if you’re trying to conceive. 

The caffeine content in coffee, among other factors, can hurt your fertility.

Caffeine can actually destroy some healthy sperm cells. 

Therefore, if you’re trying to get pregnant, consider staying away from coffee or higher doses of caffeine until you’ve completed your mission. 

Energy drinks and fertility

There’s no conclusive evidence that energy drinks can reduce fertility in either men or women, but they could potentially affect sperm count in males. 

This is due to the high caffeine and sugar content in many energy drinks.

Caffeine is directly proportionate to testosterone levels, but this doesn’t mean that the more caffeine you drink the better your sperm quality is, although it can help with your libido. 

Too much caffeine can affect your sperm quality, by damaging the genetics and reducing pregnancy rates. The same goes with too much sugar – it can also negatively affect sperm productivity.

Therefore, it’s wise to choose an energy drink that contains a sensible amount of caffeine and has little or no sugar. Your bedroom partner will thank you for it. 

If you’re planning to start a family in the near future, you should probably consult a doctor on this topic. 

Do energy drinks help erectile dysfunction? 

Yes, energy drinks can help with erectile dysfunction, but only as a temporary solution. 

It’s possible that the caffeine from energy drinks can help with erectile dysfunction, as caffeine can stimulate the nerves to relax arteries which may result in better blood flow in the penis and a firmer erection. 

However, it’s best to consult a doctor on the topic of energy drinks if ED is an issue for you. 

Best energy drinks for libido 

Celsius Energy Drink 

Sugar: 0g

Calories: 10 

Caffeine: 200-300mg 

This is a good option for you if you want the high caffeine kick, as the caffeine ranges from 200 to 300mg per 12 fl.oz can, depending on which one you choose.

300mg of caffeine per can places Celsius amongst the world’s strongest energy drinks

You’ll want to consider whether that much caffeine is right for you and think about it’s impact on your libido. Personally, I usually prefer less caffeine, but see if you think it’s right for you. 

Check the latest Celsius energy drink prices on Amazon here. 

Advocare Spark Energy Drink 

Sugar: 0g

Calories: 15

Caffeine: 120mg 

This is a mix-it-yourself energy drink powder that comes in a sachet. In a way, it’s easy for you to carry around and mix as and when you need it. Just don’t mix it with alcohol

Advocare Spark’s caffeine content is considerably less than Celsius, which should be a better fit for you if you’re not big on caffeine. 

Check the price of Advocare Spark on Amazon.

Guru Energy Drink

Sugar: 21g

Calories: 80

Caffeine: 100mg 

Despite an ideal amount of caffeine, an amount that will likely help with your libido without any side effects, the sugar and calories in a can of Guru hold me back from recommending it more highly. 

Too much sugar isn’t good for your sexual performances, or your general health and wellbeing. 

Guru Energy Drink markets itself as “organic”, with natural ingredients like green tea extract, panax ginseng root extract, and echinacea flower.

So take what you want from this, but I think there’s a better option out there… 

Check the price of Guru energy drink on Amazon.

REIZE Energy Drink (10 out of 10)

REIZE Energy Drink is very convenient.
REIZE is home delivered for your convenience.

Sugar: 0g

Calories: 11 

Caffeine: 50mg 

REIZE is another powder-based energy drink, but in my opinion, it’s the best on the market

I am definitely attracted to the ingredients, and the moderate amount of caffeine, 50mg, gives me confidence that I can have a fantastic night of pleasure without worrying about side effects or sugar crashes. 

The caffeine works in combination with ginseng, taurine and B group vitamins to give you a perfect energy boost. Of particular relevance to sex drive, ginseng has a long history of use as an aphrodisiac in Asia. 

Best of all, REIZE only costs about $1 per drink, including shipping right to your door. That’s amazing value for money and will certainly help to reduce financial stress, and you know how important it is to not be stressed in the bedroom, right guys?

Give REIZE a try today and you might just find that it’s a better partner in bed.

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