Best Energy Drink for Work (all set to go)

Love it or hate it, work is something that we all do in one form or another.

Being at work, whether in an office or out on a job site can be draining. Especially if you’re expected to work long hours.

You might be looking for something to give you an extra energy boost to power through your work and help overcome fatigue and tiredness.

Enter the humble energy drink.

Energy drinks aren’t just great for athletes to improve their physical performances, they are also very useful for improving mental performances too – perfect for being your best while working.

Let’s jump in and take a closer look at the relationship between energy drinks and working more efficiently and effectively. I’ll also recommend some of the best options that you should have a closer look at too.

So lets get started…

Are energy drinks good for work?

Yes, energy drinks can improve your endurance, mental performance, and mood.

This study of 271 individuals found that energy drinks improve your mood, performance and cognitive performance compared to consuming a placebo.

This is great news if you want to be your best while you’re at work.

The sugar in some energy drinks can give you an instant boost of energy and the caffeine blocks adenosine, a brain chemical involved in sleep and increases your concentration during working hours.

However, with sugar comes the chance for a sugar-crash. More on that a little later…

A construction worker pulling on some metal rods at work
If you’re doing physical work you will often feel like you need some extra energy.

Do energy drinks improve your performance?

Yes, energy drinks do improve your performance.

Studies prove that caffeine can enhance memory ability and focus.

Another study found that a moderate amount of caffeine could provide performance benefits for athletes from a wide range of sports.

Whether you’re in search of improved physical or mental performance, energy drinks will likely be helpful for you.

The only thing to keep in mind here is that, as always, moderation is key. More is not better.

If you have too many energy drinks or too much caffeine those performance benefits that you enjoyed with a moderate dose will be given up and replaced by negative effects.

Does caffeine make you work better?

Yes, caffeine consumption can help you work better.

Caffeine alters the dopamine levels in your brain. By doing this, it improves your mood and also helps stabilize your emotions.

Your good mood is exactly what you want if you hope to be productive and efficient at work.

Whether you use your brain to work or you use your body and muscles to work, caffeine can be beneficial for both, which is pretty amazing.

The FDA recommends that healthy adults consume no more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

Some best Energy drinks
Some of the best Energy drinks

What to look for when buying energy drinks

  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Price

Caffeine Content

It’s important to choose an energy drink with the right amount of caffeine for your work.

Personally, I like my caffeinated drinks to contain between 50mg and 100mg per serve. I find that to be the sweet spot.

Any more than that and I find them to be a bit overpowering and they often leave me unable to concentrate on a task or feeling like I have hot flushes.

But, caffeine affects different people in different ways and maybe you have a high tolerance. You’ll have to figure out how much caffeine per serve works best for you and then find an energy drink that has about the right amount to meet your needs.

Whatever the case, always stay within the FDA recommendations of safe daily caffeine limits.

Sugar content

While sugar tastes good and can provide a quick burst of energy, it’s certainly not good for your health.

I usually try to choose a sugar-free energy drink, but you should consider what’s right for you.

Many people think that choosing a sugar-free energy drink means giving up a lot of flavor, but sugar-free energy drinks have been around for quite a few years now and many brands have figured out how to make them taste very good.

In some cases, just as good as full sugar brands. There are certainly a lot of sugar-free options available to choose from too.

To avoid health risks, remain with the AHA recommended maximum sugar intake which is no more than 37.5g per day for healthy adult males and no more than 25g per day for healthy adult females.


When it comes to price, I’m sure you like getting a good deal just as much as I do.

After all, why pay more than you need to?

The good news is that there are lots of good-value deals to be found in the wide world of energy drinks – if you know where to find them.

Saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality either. Similarly, paying more doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting something that’s better quality.

My absolute favorite energy drink costs only about $1 per drink, including shipping right to your door, but more on that a little later…

Best Energy Drink for Work

In no particular order, here are some great brands that might be perfect for you to try at work.

Try them all and see which one works best for you.

Long days in the office call for some extra energy now and again.

Zipfizz Energy Drink

Zipfizz contains just 20 calories, 100mg of caffeine per serve and it’s sugar-free.

I like the fact that it’s a powdered energy drink, which makes it convenient to carry around and mix fresh when you need it.

One thing I don’t like about Zipfizz is the fact that it contains 41,667% of the recommended daily vitamin B12 and the company tries to make that sound like it’s a good thing.

Give Zipfizz a try and see if you like it.

Monster Ultra Zero

Monster Ultra Zero is the healthiest of the Monster energy drinks in my opinion.

Each 16 fl.oz can contains 160mg of caffeine, no calories and no sugar.

While the caffeine is a touch on the high side for my liking, I do like the fact that it’s sugar-free and consider it to be a much better option than regular Monster.

I think having no sugar makes it a good choice for anyone while they’re at work – provided you can handle the caffeine.

REIZE (a sensible choice)

REIZE is my all-time favorite energy drink.

Similar to Zipfizz, it’s also a powder. But REIZE contains around half the calories and doesn’t have the crazy amount of vitamin B12.

REIZE contains a sensible amount of caffeine with 50mg.

That’s enough to get a nice lift, but it’s not going to make you feel jittery or unable to think straight.

The caffeine works together with a nice blend of taurine, ginseng and B vitamins to give you a long lasting energy boost, without the crash.

Perfect for work.

Best of all, REIZE costs only around $1 per drink, including shipping right to your door.

That’s ridiculously good value for money.

REIZE is a great energy drink for work
REIZE is a great option to have at work.

Another great thing about REIZE is that, unlike canned energy drinks, you don’t need to put it in the fridge at work where they might go “missing”. You can keep REIZE in your drawer, in your bag or in your pocket so they’ll always be safe during the work day.

Try REIZE today and you might also soon think that it’s the absolute best energy drink for work too.

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