Rip It Energy Drink Caffeine and Ingredients (guide)

What is Rip It energy drink?

Rip It energy drink is a type of carbonated energy drink that comes in 18 different flavors, and is made in America. 

Each can contains 100 calories, 160mg of caffeine and 25g of carbohydrates. 

Some of the flavors come in two different types, a can and and a shot, both in liquid form. The can comes in 16 fl.oz and the shot is 2 fl.oz.

There is a drastic difference in size here, but both contain more or less the same ingredients. The shot is also marketed as a ‘dietary supplement’, so it’s not supposed to be a substitute for anything in your daily diet, but should be taken alongside it. 

Who owns Rip It energy drink?

Rip It energy drink is owned by the National Beverage Corporation, and made in Florida. 

The National Beverage Corporation is the fifth largest American soft-drink company, and it is famous for making drinks such as Rip It, La Croix, and Shasta. 

Can of invisible Rip It because it has a camouflage pattern
A single can of Rip It energy drink. 

Rip it energy drink ingredients

The ingredients found per serving in a can of Rip It energy drink: 

  • 100 calories 
  • 80mg of caffeine (less than a lot of the strongest energy drinks)
  • 0g fat 
  • 75mg sodium 
  • 26g carbohydrates 
  • 26g sugars 
  • Vitamin C (120% of the recommended daily intake) 
  • Vitamin B6 (100% of the recommended daily intake)
  • Vitamin B12 (170% of the recommended daily intake)

There are 2 servings per can.

Trace amounts of: 

  • Carbonated water
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Taurine
  • Citric acid
  • Natural flavor
  • Sodium citrate
  • Inositol
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • Potassium sorbate (preservative)
  • Guarana seed extract,
  • Ester gum,
  • Yellow 5
  • Folic acid
  • Yellow 6

Ingredients in the shot drink: 

It is not a significant source of calories, carbohydrates, sugars or sodium. 

  • 30mg Niacin 
  • 40mg Vitamin B6 
  • 400mcg Folic Acid
  • 500mcg Vitamin B12
  • 100mg Taurine 
  • 100mg Caffeine
  • 20mg L-Glutamine
  • 20mg d-Glucuronolactone 

Rip it energy drink caffeine content

There is 160mg of caffeine in a single, 16 fl.oz can of Rip It. The shot version has 100mg of caffeine for a 2 fl.oz drink. 

From this, we can see that the can version has about 60mg more caffeine than the shot version, so it depends on what you’re looking for- the shot seems to be more effective for the amount of liquid you consume, but the can will probably give you a better drinking experience. 

160mg of caffeine is quite a lot, so be careful not to overdo it by drinking too many cans in one day.

Rip it energy drink calories

There are about 100 calories in a 16 fl.oz can of Rip It. The shot version claims that it is not a significant source of calories. 

This difference is pretty big, but again, the shot is mostly concerned with being functional, not necessarily providing a great drinking experience.

If you’re looking for something that combines both efficiency and a great drinking experience, check out REIZE energy drink– it comes in powder form, which makes it easy to carry around and when mixed with water, still has a great taste. 

Is Rip it energy drink sugar-free?

Yes, Rip It does come in 5 sugar-free flavors.

The sugar-free versions can only be found in the canned version of their drinks: 

  • Power Sugar-free
  • Citrus Sugar-free
  • F-bomb Sugar-free
  • G-force Sugar-free 
  • Active Mandarin and Live Wild Lime Sugar-free 
A single green Rip It can against a blurred background of other cans
This Active Mandarin and Live Wild Lime flavor also comes in a sugar-free version.

Rip it energy drink flavors

There are 18 Rip It flavors in total, and they include: 

Flavors that come in both the can and shot versions

  • Tribute (comes in active mandarin & wild lime, orange creme, and cherry lime)
  • Citrus (can version also comes in sugar-free)
  • G-force (grape) 
  • Red-Zone (strawberry) 
  • Stinger Mo (tropical fruit) 

Can only drinks:

  • Power (berry flavor) 
  • Power Sugarfree
  • Lemoan’r (raspberry lemonade) 
  • Limewrecker (lime) 
  • 3 Way (berry mix) 
  • Atomic Pom (pomegranate) 
  • F Bomb (mixed berry, has a sugar-free version as well) 
  • Shot Poo!tin Power (coconut and mango) 

Shot only drinks

  • Freek (blood orange) 
  • Code Blue (mixed berry) 

Rip It energy drink side effects

Possible side effects of over-consumption may include: 

  • Caffeine overdose 
  • Type 2 diabetes – linked to caffeine, which reduces insulin sensitivity
  • Adverse neurological effects in adolescents and children
  • Obesity

If taken in moderation and according to the serving instructions, there should be no instant side effects. However, it is not advised that pregnant women or small children should consume these drinks. 

The nutritional facts on the back of a can of Rip It
A single serving of Rip It’s nutritional facts.

Is Rip It energy drink bad for you?

In a single word, no. 

This is based on the assumption that you are using it within limits and not abusing the drink. Rip It will only be ‘bad’ for you if you drink more than the recommended amount, or drink it over a prolonged period of time, because that might be the cause of some of the side-effects listed above. 

Does Rip It energy drink have alcohol in it?

No, Rip It does not have alcohol in it. 

However, if you buy it at a grocery store, you still might get asked for your ID. This is because drinks with a high amount of caffeine cannot be sold to minors.

Rip It energy drink prices?

24 cans of Rip It costs $48.50, which means that a single can of Rip It energy drink costs around $2, excluding shipping. 

12 shots of Rip It cost $9.00, which means a single can is around $1.30. 

Rip It energy drink is marketed as ‘energy fuel at a price you can swallow’, and this is definitely true, looking at this cost. $2 puts it around the middle of the range of energy drink prices. 

The shots are very affordable as well, and given that they pack a hefty punch of 100mg of caffeine, they are pretty effective as well. 

Several Rip It cans with green camouflage detailing
The camo print on this version of Rip It really makes it stand out.  

Where to buy Rip it energy drink?

You can buy Rip It from their website’s online store, or on Amazon. They also have a store and ship option for stores like Walmart and Dollar Tree. 

However, they only come in packs of 24, which might be a bit off-putting to any first time buyers. If you’re thinking of trying the flavors first, it might be worth it to spend about $9.00 on the shot versions of Rip It, which come in packs of 12. 

A pack of 12 is not that difficult to imagine finishing, if you keep in mind the fact that each shot is about 2 fl.oz. A much better option than buying 24 cans of 16 fl.oz drinks on your first time! 

How to bulk-buy Rip It energy drink 

You can bulk-buy the Rip It energy drink directly from their online store, as well as on other places mentioned above- Amazon, Walmart, and Dollar Tree. 

A typical pack of Rip It has 24 cans, so it is designed specifically for bulk buying rather than casual drinking. This is perhaps because the company is more used to transporting huge amounts of drinks to the military? 

Where to buy Rip It energy drink online

You can buy it online from the Rip It website, but your other option is to buy from Amazon

If you’re based in the US, you can find Rip It in many grocery stores, but if you’re buying it from somewhere else, you can only get it online. 

I find Amazon to be the best place to find good deals on all energy drinks, including Rip It. It’s worth checking the current prices because there are occasionally some really good deals.

Rip It energy drink and the military

Rip It is an energy drink with an exclusive contract with the US military, especially in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. 

If you open up any one of Rip It’s social media feeds, you’ll see the posts mostly focus on camo uniforms and soldiers. Some of the drinks, such as the Tribute line, are very clearly in support of the military as well. 

Rip It is open and proud about their support of the military, and they have a whole page on their website dedicated to how Rip It and the military are connected, as well as plenty of pictures. 

Why was Rip It energy drink banned?

Rip It energy drink was temporarily banned by the military in 2015, because there were concerns that a single Rip It “…has like 4000% of the recommended lifetime caffeine intake” per can.

This was a quote that is not accurate and is a huge exaggeration, but the person making the comment was concerned that US servicemen and women were drinking too many energy drinks in the field.

There were reports that servicemen and women were drinking far more than the intended usage in order to keep awake, and they were even hosting drinking competitions. 

In short, the army was abusing the energy drinks, and it was banned because of health concerns. 

As of now, it seems like the ban has been lifted, and Rip it has lowered the caffeine content of its drinks. 

several cans of Rip it energy drink
With the camo packaging, it’s not hard to imagine that Rip It has military connections.

Rip It energy drink vs Red Bull

There are so many factors to consider, but I’ve chosen to compare the most crucial three: price, caffeine content, and sugar content. 


24 cans of Rip It costs $48.50, which means that a single can of Rip It energy drink costs around $2, excluding shipping. 

For Red Bull, it’s about $1.99 per can depending on where you buy it, without considering shipping. 

Looking at this, Rip It and Red Bull are comparable in price, and when considering the fact that Rip It is about double the size and caffeine content of Red Bull, this makes it seem like Rip It is better value. 

Caffeine content:

There is 160mg of caffeine in a single, 16 fl.oz can of Rip It. The shot version has 100mg of caffeine. 

Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine / 8.4 fl.oz 

Both the can and shot versions of Rip It have more caffeine than Red Bull, with a single can of Rip It having double the caffeine amount. This makes it well worth the price when compared to Red Bull. 

Sugar content: 

Rip It contains 26g of sugar / 16 fl.oz while Red Bull contains 26g of sugar / 8.4 fl.oz

They have identical sugar contents, which sort of tells us that Rip It relies more on its caffeine content to give the drinker a kick, while Red Bull relies on an equal amount of sugar and caffeine combined. 

Rip It energy drink vs Monster


24 cans of Rip It costs $48.50, which means that a single can of Rip It energy drink costs around $2, excluding shipping. 

$37.95 for a 12 can pack of Monster Import energy drink on Amazon, which means that it’s around $3.20 for a can, excluding shipping.

This makes Rip It a lot cheaper than Monster. You’re paying a whole dollar less for pretty much the same stuff in a similar sized can. 

Caffeine content:

There is an average of 160mg of caffeine in a single, 16 fl.oz can of Rip It. 

Monster contains 179mg of caffeine / 16 fl.oz

The caffeine content is more or less the same, but Monster is about 20mg more than Rip It. Maybe that’s where the extra cost is going? 

Sugar content: 

Rip It contains 26g of sugars / 16 fl.oz, and Monster contains 52g of sugar / 16 fl.oz

This is exactly double the sugar content found in Rip It, which shows that Monster probably packs a bigger punch than Rip It, and is way sweeter. This might explain why Monster costs more, they’re putting more things like sugar and caffeine into it. 

24 green Rip It cans in plastic shipping packaging
A 24 pack of Rip It energy drink. 

If you want to know how Monster and Red Bull compare to each other, check out this other article where I take an in-depth look at the two. 

Rip It energy drink taste

Rip It energy drinks typically have a very zesty taste, which differs depending on which flavors you get. The flavor list can be found further up on this page. 

If you’ve tried popular energy drinks like Monster, Red Bull, then you might find that Rip It is quite similar to them in terms of texture.  

You can also check out some reviews to find out how each individual drink tastes, or order some shots and try it out for yourself.

Does Rip It energy drink actually work?

Yes, it can help with focus and concentration to a certain extent. 

In a study conducted by Wofford College, they found that Rip It could prolong stamina, but it did not in fact increase physical strength. 

If you’re looking for something to keep you awake, this is definitely a good option. 

Given the high amount of caffeine, sugar, etc, it is difficult to see how Rip It could not work. Check out some of the reviews below to see how some other people have reacted to the drink’s effects. 

Rip it energy drink reviews

In a previous post, I gave the Rip It energy drink a review, and it got 5/10. 

Another review gives it a much more positive score in relation to taste and value, but this review doesn’t seem to be so positive about the taste, calling it “full of sugar”. 

Opinions continue to be divided, as the Citrus X gets a terrible review, but the Active Mandarin and Live Wild Lime gets a glowing one from this youtuber.  

Alternatives to rip it energy drink

If you’re looking for some great alternatives to Rip It, you could try: 

If you’re thinking of branching out into powder based energy drinks, take a look at these: 

Or you could also consider Vivarin caffeine pills if you’re looking for something quick and easy to swallow. Personally, I prefer energy drinks over pills, and there are lots of great choices available. You could also check out Kraft’s Make it Mio water droplets.

Energy drink powders are overall cheaper, easy to make, and give you the exact same energy boost that many liquid based energy drinks do!  

Check out REIZE for an energy powder drink that puts you in the optimal zone without any unwanted side-effects like shakiness or an unpleasant crash. 

REIZE ships right to your door for around $1 per drink, which is a lot cheaper than Rip It and many other energy drinks. 

Give it a try today and you might just find that you prefer REIZE to Rip It.

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