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Is Spike Hardcore Energy Drink Bad For You? (Truth Unfold)

Is Spike Hardcore Energy Drink Bad For You? (Truth Unfold)

Drinking a serving of Spike Hardcore Energy is not bad for you overall if you’re in good health. However, it has a high amount of caffeine which can cause possible side effects if you consume it excessively. Excessive caffeine intake can result in palpitations, insomnia, and increased blood pressure.

Spike Hardcore Energy is a fast-acting energy drink that claims to fulfill everybody’s energy requirements. Spike Hardcore has a delicious and invigorating flavor, as well as active ingredients that will satisfy most energy drink fans.

It includes 10 to 15 calories per serving along with zero sugar and carbohydrates. However, this energy drink has 350mg of caffeine which is rather a very high amount and very close to the recommended limit set by the FDA.

If you want to know more about this beverage, please read on.

What is Spike Hardcore Energy Drink?

Spike Hardcore Energy is a fast-acting energy drink that contains 350mg of caffeine per serving.

Spike Hardcore contains 10 to 15 calories per serving with no sugar and carbs. However, the high caffeine content of this beverage may trigger some negative health effects.

Pros and Cons of Spike Hardcore

Let’s find out the pros and cons of Spike Hardcore in the list below.


Following are the pros of Spike Hardcore:

  1. It boosts energy
  2. It supports the nervous system
  3. It helps improving your memory and learning
  4. It promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
  5. It supports brain and nerve function


Consuming too much Spike Hardcore may result in the following potential risks associated with caffeine overdose.

  1. Dizziness
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Increased thirst
  4. Insomnia
  5. Headache

Is Spike Hardcore Bad for You?

Spike Hardcore energy drink may not be bad for you as long as you consume it in moderation.

Spike Hardcore is an energy drink that includes only 10 to 15 calories per servings with zero amount of sugar and carbohydrates. It also includes a moderate amount of sodium to help you stay hydrated during different types of gaming performances.

However, the caffeine content of this energy beverage (350mg) is something you need to watch out for as the amount is closer to the 400mg upper limit set by the FDA.

Nutrition Facts of Spike Hardcore

Upon taking a closer look at the table below, you can see that it includes a zero amount of sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving Recommended Daily Amount
Calories10-152000- 2400
Sugar0 g24 g (women), 36 g (men)
Total Fat0 g65 g
Sodium 150 mg2400 mg
Total Carbohydrate0 g300 g
Protein 0 g50 g
Vitamin B121200 mcg6 mcg
Nutrition facts of Spike Hardcore with RDI chart.

Spike Hardcore has a meager amount of calories along with a moderate amount of sodium and a rather high amount of vitamin B12 that exceeded the recommended daily amount but according to a study, it is still safe to consume.

Supplement facts of Spike Hardcore.
Supplement Facts of Spike Hardcore

Calories in Spike Hardcore

Spike Hardcore includes 10 to 15 calories per serving.

Calories are the most basic source of energy that your body absorbs. The amount of energy you gather is determined by the number of calories you consume. So, more calories usually mean more energy.

Carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins all comprise calories. Although calories are crucial for health, if you consume more calories than you burn, the excess calories can be stored as fat.

According to NHS, women should consume about 2000 calories per day, whereas men should consume approximately 2500 calories per day.

A serving of Spike Hardcore includes a very low amount of calories, so its effect on your calorie intake would not be noticeable.

Carbohydrate in Spike Hardcore

Spike Hardcore includes zero carbohydrates per serving.

According to research published in the Journal of Sports Sciences, carbohydrates also help in providing you with an energy boost. It also aids in the storage of extra energy for later use.

Spike Hardcore includes zero amount of carbohydrates per serving, so you will not get the additional set of energy. However, if you are following a keto or any other type of diet, Spike Hardcore will come in handy as it includes zero sugar and carbs.

Excess carbohydrate consumption can lead to elevated blood sugar levels, diabetes, and a variety of other health problems. Despite the fact that Spike Hardcore includes zero carbohydrates, it’s still best to consume energy drinks moderately.

Sodium in Spike Hardcore

Spike Hardcore includes 150mg sodium per 16 oz. can.

Adding sodium in sports beverages helps retain fluid and electrolyte balance when exercising.

Spike Hardcore contains a moderate quantity of sodium per serving, which is considerably below the recommended amount. An increase in electrolyte concentration in the blood can have a good effect on your physical performance.

Kidney problem.
Kidney problem is one of the main issues caused by consuming too much sodium.

Ingredients of Spike Hardcore

  1. Carbonated water
  2. Citric acid
  3. N-acetyl-L-tyrosine
  4. Natural flavors
  5. Beta-alanine
  6. Sodium citrate
  7. Caffeine
  8. Sucralose
  9. Sodium benzoate
  10. Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)

Four Energizing Elements of Spike Hardcore

Spike Hardcore is a strong energy drink that claims to provide an energy boost with four powerful elements.

Energizing IngredientsWork
CaffeineStimulates the brain and central nervous procedure, helping you stay alert and focused.
Beta-AlanineImproves athletic performance and physical performance in elderly adults
Acetyl-L-TyrosineEnhances working memory, executive function, creative flow states, stress reduction
Vitamin B12Helps keep your body’s blood and nerve cells nutritive and helps make DNA
Energizing ingredients and their work

These four ingredients combined together packs a pretty powerful punch. Although the official website suggests consuming no more than two servings of Spike Hardcore in a day, I advise keeping your consumption to no more than one serving per day.

How Much Caffeine is in Spike Hardcore?

Spike Hardcore includes 350mg of caffeine per serving.

Caffeine enables individuals to stay awake for extended periods of time. It can make you feel more energized.

However, you should be aware of your caffeine tolerance before consuming an energy drink or any other caffeinated beverage. Knowing how much caffeine your body can withstand can help you in avoiding possible risks.

Caffeine, in moderation, can offer certain health benefits, and the maximum daily intake for healthy adults is 400mg.

In my opinion, the caffeine content of Spike Hardcore is way too high so I recommend you check your caffeine tolerance level before actually going for a can of this energy drink.

Here’s what will happen if you consume too much caffeine.

Side Effects of Caffeine

According to Mayo Clinic, caffeine consumption beyond moderation can possibly lead to the following health complexities:

  1. Agitation
  2. Black stool
  3. Blood in the urine
  4. Insomnia
  5. Fast heartbeat

Is There Sugar in Spike Hardcore?

Spike Hardcore does not include any sugar in its formula.

Sugar is another type of carbohydrate that equips us with energy. This enthusiasm, however, is fleeting and will not help you, leading to weight gain. As a result, you should always take sugar in moderation.

The formula of Spike Hardcore energy drink powder does not contain any sugar. Instead, Spike Hardcore contains sucralose to bring a sweet taste to its formula.


Spike Hardcore energy drink uses sucralose as its artificial sweetener.

Artificial sweeteners are a safe and effective sugar alternative. Sucralose is the artificial sweetener used in Spike Hardcore energy drink powder.

Sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar and is a non-nutritive sweetener with a low-calorie content. This sweetener is safe to consume and has no significant adverse effects. However, excessive use may result in some modest adverse effects.

Is Spike Hardcore Safe to Consume?

Spike Hardcore is safe to consume as long as you consume it in moderation.

Spike Hardcore is an energy drink with only 10 to 15 calories per serving and no sugar or carbs. It also contains a reasonable level of salt, which can help you in staying hydrated during various types of gaming performances.

However, the caffeine concentration of this energy drink (350mg) is something to be aware of. You should keep in mind that the dosage is closer to the FDA’s suggested daily upper limit.

How Many Servings of Spike Hardcore Can You Have in a Day?

Although the can of Spike Hardcore suggests not consuming more than 2 cans in a day, I strongly recommend sticking to one serving per day.

Although Spike Hardcore includes a very low amount of calories along with zero sugar and carbs, the amount of caffeine Spike Hardcore contains is rather pretty high (350mg).

Everyone’s caffeine metabolism differs, and it is determined by how much caffeine a person can handle during the day. So, before drinking Spike Hardcore, you should also evaluate your caffeine tolerance.

So, if you’re new to energy drinks, I recommend starting with only one serving of this energy drink. However, if you require an additional boost, you can choose from a variety of caffeine-free energy drink powders.

Flavors of Spike Hardcore

Spike Hardcore consists of three flavors:

  1. Original
  2. Blue Raz
  3. Strawberry Lemonade

Where to Buy Spike Hardcore?

The best place to purchase Spike Hardcore is through the official website of this drink. However, you can also purchase this drink from the following sites:

  1. Amazon
  2. Instacart

The price of a 16 oz. (pack of 12) Spike Hardcore is available at approximately $28.

I’d say Spike Hardcore is worth a go. However, I believe there are other brands available that will also provide you with a bang for your cash. Stay tuned for my personal fave, which I will reveal later!

Alternative Energy Drinks to Spike Hardcore

Here are other energy drinks you can try aside from Spike Hardcore.

Redline Xtreme Energy

Redline Xtreme Energy has almost the same amount of caffeine (316mg) as Spike Hardcore and almost the same price. This beverage can also be used as a pre-workout supplement.

For around $3, you can get one bottle. It also contains vitamins C and vitamin D, as well as electrolytes and calcium. It is not only good for your workout, but it can also help your hydration and skin.


Celsius energy drinks include less caffeine, at 200mg. It’s gluten-free and sugar-free, so it’s great for your diet.

This energy drink is also available in powder form. Its nutrients and minerals are essential supplements for your body. They can help you with a variety of things, including healing and muscular work.

This beverage is high in nutrients and minerals such as vitamin B and vitamin C, calcium, chromium, and salt.

REIZE (The Best)

REIZE has only 50mg of caffeine, but it provides a strong energy boost that will get you going without the risk of negative effects.

Furthermore, it contains taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins, all of which are intended to increase your physical and mental performance. As if that wasn’t enough, REIZE is also sugar-free and only has 11 calories, making it ideal for any diet.

What I especially like about REIZE is that it comes in convenient 4g sachets that you can take with you wherever you go! Make a fresh glass of REIZE whenever you need a pick-me-up.

You can try REIZE for just around $1 per drink and have your orders shipped right to your door.

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink.

Other Notable Mentions

A few other well-known energy drinks are as follows:

  1. Monster
  2. Red Bull
  3. Bang

Final Verdict

In conclusion, I only recommend Spike Hardcore for individuals who are used to taking high amounts of caffeine and are in peak health.

If you are caffeine sensitive, new to energy drinks, or have a medical condition, look for energy drink products with lower caffeine concentration, such as REIZE.

However, the drink has certain redeeming aspects. Caffeine, beta-alanine, acetyl-l-tyrosine, and other substances are included in the Spike Hardcore energy drink. These substances can help you perform at your peak, both physically and emotionally.

Energy drinks with 50 to 100mg of caffeine are excellent for most lifestyles and have a lower chance of harmful side effects, in my opinion.

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