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Best Energy Drink For Diabetic Patients (Sugar-free)

Best Energy Drink For Diabetic Patients (Sugar-free)

If you have diabetes, the best energy drink for you is the one that doesn’t contain sugar or any sweeteners.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try energy drinks that have low sugar. In fact, according to the American Diabetes Association, diabetic patients can still eat foods that contain sugar as long as they’re taken in moderation with a balanced diet and exercise.

Thus in this article, I have few suggestions for viable energy drinks and alternatives that diabetics can drink.

So if you have diabetes or you know someone who has, read on, and I hope that this article will be of great help to you.

Types of Diabetes

There are four different types of diabetes, which you should take note of before I introduce the main content of this article. Please go through them in the table below.

Type 1 DiabetesWhen the immune system kills pancreatic beta cells, it causes Type 1 Diabetes. Because beta cells are the only cells in the body that can produce insulin, losing them means losing the ability to control blood sugar levels.
Type 2 DiabetesType 2 Diabetes is a progressive illness characterized by insulin resistance, pancreatic beta-cell insufficiency, and even loss of insulin.
Pre-DiabetesPre-diabetes is characterized by having elevated blood glucose levels but not yet diabetes. If you are pre-diabetic, you are more prone to Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.
Gestational DiabetesGestational diabetes occurs while a woman is pregnant. This type of diabetes has symptoms such as thirst, tiredness, and a dry mouth.
Types of Diabetes and their short description

The main difference between the two major types of diabetes is that in Type 1, you have no or low insulin levels, while in Type 2, you have insulin, but they’re not working as expected. This is an overly simplified explanation, and you can know more about them here.

This video also offers diet tips for diabetics, check it out!

Great diet tips for diabetics!

Can Artificial Sweeteners Elevate Your Blood Sugar Levels?

Yes. There are many kinds of artificial sweeteners, and most of them can cause your blood glucose levels to increase.

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that you can use to make your food and drinks taste sweet. They are a no- or low-calorie sugar substitute for those who are monitoring their sugar consumption or worried about having diabetes.

Some artificial sweeteners have been linked to diabetes. Sweeteners that can increase blood sugar levels include:

  • Aspartame. Aspartame, when ingested, is quickly metabolized into smaller molecules – phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Unlike saccharin and sucralose, aspartame includes calories.
  • Saccharin. Saccharin is a non-digestible artificial sweetener with no calories and no carbohydrates.
  • Sucralose. Splenda is a brand name for sucralose. They developed this no-calorie sweetener by changing the chemical composition makeup of sugar.

Aside from their low or non-existent sugar, carbohydrate, and calorie content, artificial sweeteners are often recommended for individuals with diabetes for their nutritious effects; you use them in replacement of sugar and to regulate blood sugar levels.

Conversely, certain artificial sweeteners may increase blood sugar levels if used long-term. That’s why I recommend you to research more about this so you can choose the appropriate artificial sweeteners.

Different flavors of donuts
Diabetes makes it hard for the body to regulate blood sugar levels, thus consuming too much sugar may exacerbate symptoms.

Can You Drink Caffeine When You Have Diabetes?

If you have diabetes but still like to have caffeine in your diet, know that it’s okay for you to have caffeinated drinks, but you have to control your intake.

Coffee, in particular, can lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Also, individuals who drank four or fewer cups of coffee a day had a reduced chance of developing diabetes than non-coffee-drinkers.

Still, if you have diabetes and love to take caffeinated beverages, make sure that your caffeine and sugar intake are limited if you don’t want to experience any adverse effects.

Recommended Drinks for Diabetic Patients

Here are five different types of drinks you can consume even if you have diabetes!


Drinking water is the most effective and simple method of removing excess glucose from the bloodstream. Water actually lowers blood sugar levels by diluting the quantity of sugar present in the body.

When you are adequately hydrated, your blood glucose levels are properly balanced, containing the exact quantity of sugar that our bodies need to function. However, if you do not drink enough water, your sugar levels will get concentrated rapidly, resulting in high blood sugar levels.

Unsweetened Coffee

Coffee includes polyphenols, a molecule with antioxidant characteristics that help prevent inflammatory diseases, such as type 2 diabetes. High concentrations of Polyphenols are found in coffee.

As long as the coffee is unsweetened, with no calories, and is taken in moderation, it’ll not cause trouble.

Unsweetened Tea

Compared to plain water, green and herbal teas have a flavorful taste and provide various health advantages. When looking for something a little more refreshing, unsweetened teas are an excellent choice.

Tea has been shown to offer various health advantages, including increasing insulin sensitivity and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Sugar-free carbonated drinks

Although carbonated drinks are one of the worst things you can consume if you have diabetes, diet soft drinks are becoming more popular due to their reduced carbohydrate and calorie content.

Here are some sugar-free carbonated drinks you can try:

  • Diet Coke 
  • Bubbly Sparkling Water
  • Pepsi Zero

Diet soft drinks are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and other artificial agents to give them their taste, color, and sweetness.

While soft drinks are generally considered safe, some individuals may choose to restrict or minimize their consumption of soft drinks as a safety measure.

Sugar-free Energy Drinks

Energy drinks sold in stores include more than 20 grams of sugar in certain instances. Despite their very low sugar content, these beverages are off-limits if you want to lower your blood sugar levels.

Energy drinks may cause ill effects to a person’s health, especially when misused, but these effects can be more harmful to those with diabetes. That’s because energy drinks tend to raise your blood sugar levels, induce insulin resistance, and can raise your blood pressure.

Here are some sugar-free energy drinks you can try:

What Drinks Should You Avoid When You Have Diabetes?

If you’re serious about keeping your blood sugar levels under control, you’ll want to stay away from these drinks.


Because many kinds of liquor are high in calories and sugar, they are usually considered among the worst beverages for individuals with diabetes.

If you wish to indulge in an alcoholic beverage, consult with your doctor to verify that it will not conflict with any medications you are currently taking. Drink only with meals and avoid mixed drinks, and if possible, avoid altogether.

Sugary soft drinks 

Sodas are rich in both carbs and calories and should be avoided whenever possible. In general, they’re not good sources of energy for they have little nutritional benefit.

Can Diabetic Patients Drink Red Bull?

Red Bull may be the most popular and widely accepted energy drink but is still high in both calories and sugar, so if you have diabetes, you should generally avoid it, particularly the regular variant.

A regular 8.4 fl. oz of Red Bull will give you 110 calories (27g of sugar) and 80mg of caffeine. One hundred ten calories is already a considerable amount given its small size. It offers little nutritional value for far too much sugar, so I recommend staying away from it.

Furthermore, if you are diabetic with one or more comorbidities such as heart problems, caffeine intolerance, or pregnancy, it is best to avoid Red Bull.

Homemade Energy Drink for Diabetic Patients

Fruit juice is often considered a healthy choice. Hence, here’s a homemade energy drink that I believe you (even if you don’t have diabetes) might enjoy trying:

Organic Energy Drink 

It’s a tasty juice that’s bursting with flavors of orange, carrot, and cantaloupe, yet it contains no sugar. This organic energy drink is for cleansing and is definitely a great way to start your mornings.

Additionally helpful is the fact that this healthy drink may be prepared in under 10 minutes. In addition to the ingredients, you’ll simply need a blender.

I like to prepare the three juices individually and then combine them all at the end. The homemade energy drinks that are sugar-free, low in calories, and prepared from fresh fruits are the ones that you should try!

Best Energy Drink for Diabetic Patients

To start with, one should check the amount of sugar that has been added to a drink. Some brands often include a broad range of sugar additives in their blend, making the drink unhealthy.

With this, I’ve included several energy drinks that I think you’ll enjoy since they have no sugar and are low in calories.

Monster Energy Zero Ultra Energy Drink

Monster Energy Zero is a zero-calorie and zero-sugar energy drink.

With Zero Ultra, you can experience the full-flavor Monster taste without any calories or sugar and a refreshing citrus flavor to complement the Monster’s original taste.

Bang Miami Cola Energy Drink

Introducing Bang Miami Cola, a zero-calorie and sugar-free energy drink infused with Super Creatine.

Bang Miami Cola Energy Drink is one of the best zero-carbohydrate soft drinks available. It is a non-sugary soft drink that provides a safe and delicious source of reliable energy.

Other energy drinks you can consider:

REIZE (10 out of 10)

Now, here comes my personal favorite and my top recommendation for diabetics: REIZE!

REIZE is sugar-free, which is a significant advantage in the market dominated by large brands such as Red Bull and Rockstar, which contain large amounts of sugar.

It comes in 4g powdered sachets that you can easily blend smooth, make fizzy, or even brew hot no matter where you are.

REIZE includes less caffeine than other more powerful energy drinks (50mg), which is a reasonable quantity compared to some other products. And the fact that it has no added sugar and has only 11 calories is an added benefit.

As a bonus, it also has nutrients like Taurine, Ginseng, and B Vitamins to enhance your performance. This drink has nearly everything you could desire in an anti-diabetes energy drink, which is shocking to know!

REIZE Energy drinks can be consumed occasionally with zero unintended side effects or problems, which is why you should grab a REIZE now!

A pack and a glass of REIZE energy drink.
Diet has a part in maintaining appropriate blood sugar levels and REIZE got you covered.


Drinks with sugar can and will increase your blood sugar level, and it is possible that this increase can be life-threatening for diabetic patients. Try to look for drinks that you can enjoy and are also excellent for your health. Trust me, there are still many options out there aside from the ones I mentioned.

REIZE would be my first choice for no added sugar energy drinks due to its low-calorie count and the inclusion of b-vitamins in the formula. However, it is recommended that you must first consult your doctor or nutritionist before consuming any energy drinks.

Eat healthily, exercise regularly, have a good health plan, and lastly, live life to the fullest!

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