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Monster VS Coffee (Comparison)

Monster VS Coffee (Comparison)

Monster Energy drink is one of the top energy drinks in the market, while coffee is your common partner in the morning. Both of them provide a boost that keeps you going and keeps you focused on your work and activities.

Comparing these two well-known energy boosters might make you wonder: which is better and can provide a better effect?

Ultimately, what really matters is your own preference. Both Monster Energy and coffee provide an energy-boosting effect that can assist you with your daily activities. It all lies in the factors that you’re considering, such as their ingredients and nutrition and the purpose of consumption.

To help you decide on what is the best for you, I’ll be going into details on the advantages and disadvantages of both drinks, so join me and decide what suits you the best.

Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts of Monster Energy Drink.
Nutritional Facts of Monster Energy Drink

To start, have a look at the nutritional values of Monster Energy drink. The table below will give you an insight into what can you get in one serving:

Standard ValuesMonster Energy (16 fl.oz)
Energy210 calories
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 27g
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)13µg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)51.5mg
Vitamin B610.7mg
Vitamin B1213µg
Nutritional Values of Monster Energy

To understand more about Monster, check the Monster Energy Review I’ve written previously. You’ll surely get a better grasp of how suitable Monster is for you.

Monster Energy Ingredients

Monster Energy Drink Ingredients at the back of a can.
Monster Energy Drink Ingredients

Other than the nutritional value, the ingredients play an important role in determining the effects of an energy drink. Here’s the quick list of ingredients in Monster Energy drink:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sugar
  • Glucose
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Flavours
  • Taurine
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Color Added
  • Panax Ginseng Extract
  • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
  • Caffeine
  • Sorbic Acid
  • Benzoic Acid
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
  • Sucralose
  • Salt
  • D-Glucuronolactone
  • Inositol
  • Guarana Extract
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  • Maltodextrin
  • Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

What are the Contents of Coffee?

Coffee can help you get a charge that you needed, just like energy drinks

Now that we have gone through the nutrition and ingredients of Monster, it’s time to look at coffee. Coffee is the world’s popular beverage. While you may know it best for keeping you awake, it’s primarily used as an antioxidant, providing an ample amount of magnesium and chromium. It helps you manage blood sugar and insulin.

Here are the main chemical contents of coffee:

  • Caffeine
  • Tannin
  • Thiamine
  • Guaiacol
  • Xanthine
  • Spermidine
  • Citric Acid
  • Acetaldehyde
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Putrescine
  • Scopoletin

These contents play an important role in keeping your focus and concentration throughout the day.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee provides a handful of nutrients in your body, like antioxidants and B-vitamins. These ingredients can improve your energy levels and improve your overall brain function. You can also use it to increase your metabolism, which increases the speed at which you burn your fats.

Like energy drinks, coffee can also improve your physical performance. It also helps you feel energized and lowers the risk of getting conditions like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Monster Energy vs. Coffee

To compare between Monster Energy and coffee, three factors would be taken into account for, which are the caffeine content, calories, and sugar.

Picture of Monster and coffee side-by-side.
Monster Energy vs. Coffee


A serving of Monster Energy drink contains 160mg of caffeine, while coffee, in general, can give 95mg of caffeine per cup.

Generally, compared to the caffeine content of Monster energy, coffee can provide a minimal amount of caffeine. That said, it’s important to note that the caffeine content of coffee varies on the type of coffee bean to be used and serving size.

The caffeine content of coffee and Monster is considered to be average but it can definitely give you the boost you need to stay awake and focused throughout the day. Both can be your perfect partner to accomplish your tasks and stay motivated.

Though it’s still important to note that the caffeine content of Monster may be too much for you, especially if your caffeine metabolism isn’t that high or you have a low tolerance.

The life hack that you can do whether you are fond of Red Bull or mesmerized with the taste of coffee is proper regulation. Managing your caffeine content can help you minimize potential side effects.

For your reference, the FDA recommends a daily limit of 400mg of caffeine. Overconsumption can lead to devastating side effects such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness and shakiness
  • Rapid heart rhythm

It would be best if you drink within your limits. Manage your caffeine consumption, and always drink responsibly. Even it can help you boost your energy, drinking too much for a day can cause disastrous crashes and problematic threats for your body.


Monster Energy can provide 210 calories per serving, while a cup of coffee varies on what kind of coffee you’re drinking and what are the additional ingredients.

Here are the things that you need to know about coffee calories:

  • Regular black coffee can give around 2 calories
  • One teaspoon (4g) of sugar can give 16 calories.
  • 2 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream can give 101 calories
  • 2 tablespoons of fat-free milk can give 10 calories

Given the calories that the additional ingredients of coffee can bring, a latte, on average, can provide 190 calories. That said, the calorie content of coffee is not entirely accurate as you need to consider the other ingredients.

On the other hand, Monster contains 210 calories. That’s a moderate amount considering that the recommended daily calorific limit is between 2000 to 2400 calories for women and 2400 to 3000 calories for men.

That said, the 210 calories in Monster can surely add up to your weight and can surely put you in challenge to burn if you don’t work up a sweat after. If you want to manage your calorie intake, it would be great if you only consume Monster when necessary.

Remember, nothing beats a nutritious meal. Be sure to have a proper meal to get the best possible energy that your body needs.

If you want to cut calories out of your diet completely, you can use my article on the best zero-calorie energy drinks for some awesome recommendations.


A serving of Monster Energy contains 27g of sugar. On the other hand, coffee doesn’t have any sugar unless you add some to your drink.

In terms of sugar content, I can say that coffee is a healthier option depending on your choice of coffee. If you choose coffee without any sugar, it wouldn’t affect your diet much and minimizes the possibility of sugar crashes.

Sugar cubes stacked
Sugar isn’t that sweet when it comes to its effects

For your reference, the AHA advises a maximum sugar intake of 25g and 36g for women and men, respectively. Consuming too much sugar could lead to some serious health problems such as:

  • Obesity
  • Toothache
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Aging skin
  • Diabetes

Be sure to regulate and minimize your sugar intake based on the advice of the medical professionals and your personal limits to prevent any side effects. It would be great if you regulate your Monster energy consumption and limit it to a maximum of one can per day, to be on the safe side.

If you don’t know how to manage your consumption, you can still have Monster Energy Ultra. It doesn’t have any sugar and can be a better choice. As for coffee, you can surely enjoy your cup of coffee and manage your sugar consumption. All you need to do is lessen or not add sugar at all to your drink.

If you’d like more options for beverages with no sugar, check out my article on the best energy drink with no sugar. You’re sure to find something you’ll like.

What are the Benefits of Coffee and Monster Energy?

Coffee and Monster Energy both provide the same benefits of boosting your energy and keeping you motivated in doing your activities and work.

Aside from the blast, it can also enhance your physical performance, doing wonders to your endurance and stamina. They also help you improve your mental cognition to stay focus and aware of your surroundings. It also improves your mood to enhance your motivation to finish what you started.

Coffee and Monster energy drink provide similar benefits. And what matters most is moderate consumption. It helps you maximize all the benefits without suffering from side effects.

Which works best – Monster or Coffee?

A lady with a contemplative look.
Coffee or Monster, two tempting choices.

Both Coffee and Monster Energy provide a fair share of advantages and benefits for your body. It varies on different the time and occasions.

In my opinion, coffee works best as a morning start-up drink. It gives you a warm feeling as it has a rich aroma and a unique taste, which is the perfect way to start your day. However, it might not be convenient to carry around unless you keep it in a thermos.

If you’re looking for convenience, then Monster energy can save you. You can carry it around without worrying about burn or something. Monster energy is a good refreshment, and it also provides a variety of flavor that suits your taste.

However, if you’re looking for a drink that’s packed with energy-boosting effects and benefits, coffee is the winner. It’s a much better choice than Monster energy. It’s a healthier choice, especially if you choose to have it without sugar.

That said, it is undeniable that both coffee and Monster energy are good energy beverages. What matters most is your preference and the convenience that you need.

To understand more, check out this video about coffee and energy drinks from the eyes of a doctor:

Alternatives to Coffee and Monster

While coffee and Monster Energy can provide a refreshment that can set you in a blast, if you want to try other alternatives, here’s a quick list of alternatives for your future preferences:

REIZE (10 out of 10)

REIZE powder poured into a glass.
REIZE can give a blast that can last throughout the day

REIZE energy is a powdered energy drink that can provide sensible 50mg caffeine, 11 calories, and totally no sugar. It’s a great drink to start the day. Aside from that, you can also enjoy it with other refreshments. It’s flexible and perfectly convenient to provide what you need.

REIZE energy has a smart blend of essential nutrients like B-vitamins, taurine, and ginseng extract. It provides an energy boost that can maintain proper balance and enhance both your physical and mental processes. Furthermore, it’s sugar-free, so you no longer need to worry about sugar crashes.

Best of all, you can have REIZE shipped directly to your home for only about $1 per drink. It’s a great value for your money.

Give REIZE a try, and you might find it to be the smarter and quicker option compared to coffee and Monster Energy.

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