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Is Woke Up! Energy Shot Bad For You? (Explained)

Is Woke Up! Energy Shot Bad For You? (Explained)

Woke Up! Energy Shot is the new kid on the block, with a formula packed with healthy adaptogenic herbs, mushrooms, vitamins, and specially sourced caffeine that won’t give you a crash.

It aspires to be the everyday man’s solution to long-lasting energy from better-for-you ingredients, with no sugar, jitters, or concerns about harmful effects on the body.

A single 1.9 oz can, contains 225mg of caffeine and zero calories. Having said that, Woke Up! Energy shots can be harmful if consumed in excess.

The high caffeine content restricts the drink to be consumed as minimally as possible, or else you might be exposed to the negative effects of caffeine.

If you’re wondering whether Woke Up Shots are good for you, this article will strive to answer your questions; let’s begin.

Nutritional Content Of Woke Up! Energy Shots

Nutrition Facts of 5 Hour
Nutrition Facts of 5-Hour Energy

Woke Up! Energy Shots has a nutritious content of nutrients, with zero sugar and calories, which will prevent you from having jitters or crashes. It is also unlikely to contribute to weight gain.

Let’s look at its nutrient table.

SupplementAmount Per Serving
Total Carbohydrate1g
Vitamin B619mg
Vitamin B123.6mcg
Pantothenic Acid5mg
Nutrients Present in Woke Up! Energy Shots


Woke Up! energy shot contains no calories.

Consuming too many calories on a daily basis can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Although calories are a unit of measurement for energy. They refer to the amount of energy in foods and beverages or the amount of energy you burn while exercising.

An individual’s age, lifestyle, and metabolism affects the absorption and reaction of calorie.

A typical day’s calorie intake should be around 2,500 calories for men and 2,000 calories for women. This energy drink’s calorie content will most likely have no effect on your daily consumption.


Sugar is loved by almost everyone.

A can of Woke Up! Energy Shot contains no sugar.

Because Woke Up! energy shot is sugar-free, it is unlikely to raise your blood sugar levels or add extra calories to your daily calorie consumption.

Regarding your daily sugar intake, there should be no more than 25g of sugar per day for women and no more than 36g of sugar for men. Always keep this in mind because most products contain some sugar.

Sugar reduction can benefit your health in the following ways:

  1. Healthy skin
  2. High energy levels
  3. Weight loss
  4. Boost immune system

B Vitamins

There are loads of B vitamins present in Woke Up! Energy Shots.

These vitamins primarily assist a variety of enzymes in carrying out their functions, which range from releasing energy from carbohydrates and fat to breaking down amino acids and transporting oxygen and energy-containing nutrients throughout the body.

Each B vitamin and its function are listed below.

Vitamin B3It supports the health of your nervous system, digestive system, and skin.
Vitamin B5It is essential for the production of red blood cells, as well as sex and stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands.
Vitamin B6It is necessary for normal brain development as well as the health of the nervous and immune systems.
Vitamin B12It has been shown to benefit bone health, red blood cell formation, energy levels, and mood.
B-Vitamins Present in Woke Up! Energy Shots

Ingredients Present In Woke Up! Energy Shots

This is where Woke Up distinguishes itself from other energy shots. It contains many ingredients that are not found in typical energy shots such as 5 Hour Energy and the like.

Let’s look at its ingredient list below:

  1. Water
  2. Natural Flavors
  3. Sodium Citrate
  4. Sucralose
  5. Potassium Sorbate
  6. Stevia
  7. Yerba Mate Leaf Extract
  8. Guarana Seed Extract
  9. Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder
  10. L-Theanine
  11. Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Fruiting Body Extract
  12. Rhodiola Root Extract
  13. Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Fruiting Body Extract

Yerba Mate Leaf Extract

Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate contains antioxidant properties.

There are several types of yerba mate extract. On the other hand, tea’s foundation is known as an extract.

Yerba mate is advertised as having the ability to suppress appetite and burn fat. Evidence suggests that its appetite-suppressing effect is only possible at high doses, if at all.

Yerba mate has the following health benefits:

  1. Rich in antioxidants
  2. Improve memory and focus
  3. Helps prevent infections
  4. Helps with weight loss
  5. Lowers blood sugar levels

Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng has numerous antioxidant properties, that benefit human health in many ways.

It has healing properties which include the following:

  1. Brain relaxation
  2. Reduce swelling
  3. Reduce blood pressure
  4. Modulate immune system

Ashwagandha is used to treat a variety of stress-related conditions because it is traditionally used as an adaptogen.

Large doses can result in stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting. If you have any health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, or thyroid issues, consult a doctor before using ashwagandha.

Benefits and Uses of Ashwagandha

Rhodiola Root Extract

Rhodiola rosea, also known as “golden root” or “arctic root” in mountainous parts of Europe and Asia, has long been used as a natural tonic, or “adaptogen,” in Eurasian traditional medicine.

Rhodiola is an herbal plant.

It is used to promote physical and mental performance, as well as good health and strength. The effects of Rhodiola on an individual’s overall physical and mental health have been studied.

Rhodiola can be used to reduce stress and fatigue, and improve physical and mental fitness and resilience.

Caffeine Content In Woke Up! Energy Shots

Woke Up! Energy Shot contains 225g of caffeine per bottle.

Most people need 100mg to 200mg of caffeine to be fully energized throughout the day.

Energy shots are famous for their properties to make an individual energized. Aside from this, there are other advantages, such as:

  1. Stimulate Brain Function
  2. Raises Metabolism
  3. Improves Your Mood

Woke Up could give you an extra boost! Energy Shots, but the caffeine content is almost identical to the amount recommended by the FDA.

FDA has claimed 400mg of caffeine per day to be safe, any amount exceeding this limit can impose adverse effects on your health.

An overabundance of these shots can lead to:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Dehydration
  3. Insomnia
  4. Restlessness
  5. Dizziness
  6. Headache
  7. Irregular Heart rate
  8. High Blood Pressure

Can You Have Woke Up! Energy Shots Every Day?

Woke Up! Energy Shots should not be consumed on a daily basis. I would recommend having it alternately or once a week.

Although Woke Up! contains no sugar, having it every day is not a good idea. Consuming large doses of an energy drink every day can lead to caffeine addiction, which is not healthy.

It has strong antioxidant properties due to the presence of herbal ingredients, but they are insufficient to counteract the effects of caffeine.

Drinking made me awake! Energy shots are acceptable on occasion, but they are not recommended on a daily basis.

You can have it when you really need some extra energy, but you should consider your caffeine tolerance.

Is Woke Up! Is Energy Shot Bad For You?

Woke Up! Energy Shots can end up being harmful to you if you consume them excessively.

While it is feasible to finish a single bottle of Woke Up! energy shot every day, becoming accustomed to consuming a large number of them every day is not good for your health.

Woke Up! energy shots should only be consumed on rare occasions or when absolutely necessary.

One example is the Woke Up! energy shot, which can help you stay awake while driving. It is important to keep a track of how many cans of Woke Up! are you having in a day; it is best to stick to one.

Remember that if you require more energy for the day, you have other options. Several examples are provided below:

  1. Exercising regularly
  2. Consuming nutrient-rich diet
  3. Getting enough sleep

Alternatives To Woke Up! Energy Shots

5-Hour Energy Shots

5 Hour
5 Hour contains a high amount of caffeine.

A 5-hour energy drink is like a small package that packs a powerful punch of energy.

A small 1.93 oz bottle of 5-Hour energy contains 200mg of caffeine as well as other nutrients that are enough to get you through the afternoon slump or late workout sessions.

It also contains no added sugars, only 4 calories, and nutrients such as taurine, vitamins, N Acetyl L-tyrosine, and glucuronic acid in a small package.


Shine contains some natural ingredients.

Shine is an Australian brand of energy drink. It has a sleek bottle and a brightly colored liquid that could make you forget it’s an energy drink.

To give you more energy, the Shine collection combines Ginkgo Biloba, natural caffeine, green tea, L-Theanine, turmeric, and B vitamins.

It contains 32mg of caffeine per bottle, as well as 3.3g of sugar and 18 calories.


REIZE is one of the best energy beverages!

REIZE, like Woke Up! Energy Shots, is sugar-free; but that’s where the similarities end.

Each REIZE sachet contains only 50mg of caffeine, which I believe is an equitable and light dose.

REIZE also contains a number of essential nutrients, such as ginseng, taurine, and B vitamins, which work together to provide a long-lasting energy boost with no crash.

The good thing about powdered energy drinks is that you have full control over the concentration of the drink. You can always limit the amount in the water, as well as add other forms of liquid.

REIZE is pocket-friendly and can be delivered to your doorsteps for around $1, excluding the shipping charges.


  • Woke Up! Caffeine in Energy Shot comes from two different plants/sources. It sources the caffeine in the shot from two Amazonian plants: yerba mate and guarana.
  • It contains enough caffeine to get you through the day. If you have a low caffeine tolerance, you may not be able to handle this amount of caffeine all at once.
  • It also contains some unique components that can help you improve your exercise performance. This energy drink can help improve your mental concentration.
  • Aside from that, it’s a sugar-free and calorie-free drink, which is a plus because it won’t ruin your diet while still delivering the desired results.

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