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Best Cheap Energy Drinks in Australia

If you are looking to find the best cheap energy drinks in Australia, you have come to the right place. We offer the cheapest Energy Drinks money can buy. It’s as simple as that. We are so sure of this, that we wrote this article linking out to all the best deals that we could find for our competitors. Check it out for yourself! Even if you decide not to buy REIZE, hopefully, we will have helped you find a better deal on your energy drink of choice.

Are you craving a buzz, a little lift to your energy levels so you can get through another busy day? Of course, you are! And I’d bet you are weighing the cost of a nice flat white from your favourite barista or the free instant coffee in the break room. We are always on the lookout for finding the best deal and cutting costs where we can in all aspects of our lives. There’s no shame in getting more bang for your buck and with energy drinks, we have a cheap, easy and tasty way to get the energy boost needed to eradicate the afternoon slump. But, we don’t want to break the bank either.

So which energy drinks offer the most value? We’ve taken a look at recent and currently live deals from various comparison websites to find the best deals to find the best cheap energy drinks in Australia. It should be noted that for many of these brands, you can sometimes find promo codes online to help to reduce the prices further. We want you to get the best deal, and you can only do that with the best investigation!

REIZE Energy Drink


Before we show you the best deals for our competitors, we want to tell you a bit about ourselves. REIZE is a revolutionary energy drink powder which you can mix any way you like. You can mix it with still water, soda water or brew hot with boiled water. The dosage and control are given back to you, the consumer. You can even experiment with your favourite juice, cocktail and other drinks. Don’t let your imagination limit you. Check out our favourite blends here. The combination of caffeine, taurine and ginseng combines to give you an unforgettable long-lasting boost. Packed with B-Vitamins, REIZE will have you feeling great.

We sell REIZE directly from our websites and deliver right to your door! Plus, if you live in Australia, postage is free – can anything be sweeter than free shipping? How about incredible savings? We offer various amounts in our online subscription service. From 12 drinks all the way up to 600 drinks, choose delivered monthly or delivered one-time only. Prices start from under $1 per drink including delivery to your home. See a full list of all of our options here.

You can also cancel your membership anytime. No contracts, no lock-in period, no notice required. We’re all about giving people what they want with no fuss. We like to make life easy! So, there’s no risk, no worries, you can even skip a couple of months if you aren’t going to be around to enjoy your package or have a stockpile all set up for your enjoyment. Skip a month or increase/decrease your monthly delivery with a couple of simple clicks. You’re in control. And even though you can cancel your membership anytime, we reckon you will absolutely love our drink and join the growing number of people making it their affordable go-to energy boost month in, month out.

Best Red Bull Deal

best red bull deal

Red Bull is probably the most recognisable energy drink in the world – thanks in part to their famous tagline ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. You will very rarely have a hard time finding a Red Bull at your local 7/11 or similar. That being said, just because they are most likely the most recognisable brand of energy drink, that doesn’t mean that it’s the cheapest. There are often Red Bull Energy Drink sales on sites like Dan Murphy’s or of course at your friendly neighbourhood Woolworths or Coles.

At the time of writing this article, here is the cheapest place to buy Red Bull that we could find. Ebay is a treasure trove for finding deals and online stores often sell through the website. That deal for a 24 x 250ml pack costs just over $40, not including the shipping price of $13.48 for standard delivery, or $25 for express. That deal from Dan Murphy works out to be about $1.42 a drink for a 24 pack slab. This doesn’t take into account their shipping fees, which vary depending on where in Australia you are. The more rural your location, the higher your shipping rate will be. The eBay deal works out to be $1.73. So it is good value, just not as good as others, especially REIZE where we will deliver 30 drink sachets for $25 which works out as $0.83 per drink. The other thing working against Red Bull is its form. Red Bull is the eponymous energy drink. Cold, fizzy and in a can. Unlike REIZE, it has nearly zero versatility. Have you ever tried flat room temperature, Red Bull? My advice would be: don’t do it. It is not a good experience.

A Monster Of A Deal

monster energy drink deal

Finding a good deal for Moster energy drink for consumers in Australia is tricky. Thanks to American vendors taking advantage of Amazon in the US it is much easier to save a few bucks on bulk buying if you’re living in the US. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same luxury and need to rely on supermarkets and online retailers running promotional deals. And it can be hit or miss. At the time of writing, it appeared no deals were available. To coin a phrase from the infamous American president, Donald Trump: ‘Sad’. Prices are generally around $12 for a pack of four 500ml – so around $3 a drink – at the major supermarkets Coles and Woollies. And I don’t think it will be too long before they have deals in! Keep your eyes out if Monster is your favourite, and if not, why not give REIZE a try?

Cheapest V Energy Drink Deal


We wouldn’t be doing right by energy drink enthusiasts in Australia by not mentioning V Energy! Is V Energy Drink your drink of choice? Then look no further for some cheap V Energy Drink options. It runs a little more expensive than Monster, but you can usually find it in a six pack for around $13 in major supermarkets. However, we came across a deal for 4 pack of 275ml cans for $4.66, that’s just over $1 a can. And on this deals comparison site, we found a deal for $30 for a 24-Can Case of 300ml V Sugarfree Energy Drink or V Black delivered to your door for $30. Which is about $1.25 a can. Their bulk cases from places like Dan Murphy’s start getting quite expensive (up to $2.99 a drink). So even with Australian brands of energy drinks, REIZE still beats the price!

Best Rockstar Bargain

best rockstar energy drink deal

Does saving money make you feel like a Rockstar? We know that’s how we feel! Plus, no way can anyone maintain a high profile career without a bit of cash and a good stash of energy drinks. Like Monster, it can be difficult to find a decent deal on American energy drinks on this side of the Pacific. They don’t deliver straight from their website to Australia, only to the US – unlike REIZE, we offer free delivery in Australia, but we will post to anywhere in the world. However, it’s good to keep your eye on comparison sites if you want to save a few dollars while buying in bulk if Rockstar is your thing.

The Mother Of All Good Deals


The brand may claim to be the Mother of all energy drinks, but we’ve got it beat on price! A mother will get you out of bed in the morning! We found a deal for a bulk offer of 15 x 375ml cans for $21.99, that works out to be about $1.47 a drink. Alternatively, on good old reliable Dan Murphy’s we found this deal for a case of 24 ($11.49 per pack of 4, or $59.99 per case of 24) that works out to be $2.50 a drink, but the drinks are nearly double the size. But again, this doesn’t include their shipping prices, which will obviously increase the prices depending on where you live. If you do some digging, it’s easy enough to find a decent deal for Mother online. That being said, at all price points, REIZE still has it beat. You just have to ask yourself, do you want your mother to get you up in the morning, or REIZE yourself on your own terms? REIZE is as cheap as 62c, delivered straight to your home. No coupon required.

XS Energy – The Cheapest On The Market?


Did you come here looking for XS Energy Drink? Surely REIZE is not cheaper than Amway’s own energy drink? Aren’t Amway supposed to offer great deals? Well, it turns out ours are also better! You can get an XS™ Mixed Pack Energy Drinks – Pack of 12 for $ 32.80. With this option, you do get to sample all of their flavours, but you don’t get the same value that you would get if you got a package of REIZE delivered right to your door.

Our Conclusion On The Best Cheap Energy Drinks


We did our best to find you the best deals out there. Why would we do this? Are we mad? Probably a little bit. We are so confident that REIZE provides a better boost, is tastier and more versatile than other options. And most importantly, REIZE is better value than every other energy drinks in the market. Even if you decide that REIZE isn’t for you, we hope we helped you save a few bucks today.

Share this post around with your other energy drink deal lovers. See who can find a better deal than the ones we found.