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Best Energy Drinks For A Morning Run (Best Drills)

Best Energy Drinks For A Morning Run (Best Drills)

According to my research, the best energy drinks for a morning run are Monster Energy Drink, Xyience Energy Drink, Zipfizz Energy Drink, and my favorite REIZE Energy Drink.

Running in the morning is a good way to start your day since it is healthy, productive, and helps you get through the day.

After all, nothing beats the rush of a runner’s high!

Everything about getting up early and going for a run in the morning sounds fantastic until your alarm goes off at 6 a.m. and you’d rather click the snooze button.

In this post, we’ll discuss the energy drinks for morning runs so you can finally get up early and get everything done without feeling groggy.

If you’re new to running or if you’re a seasoned runner who needs a little motivation to improve your performance, then this article is for you!

Is It Okay to Drink Energy Drinks Before the Morning Run?

Energy drinks should not be consumed on an empty stomach. Instead, they should be consumed alongside or after breakfast.

Energy drinks should not be a breakfast substitute as they might trigger some adverse effects if you have a low caffeine tolerance.

If you have a low caffeine tolerance, several studies link caffeine to dehydration and elevated blood levels.

Your cortisol levels are greater than usual in the morning. It’s better to avoid consuming energy drinks at this time and wait an hour or so. Meanwhile, have a nutritious breakfast to keep you going throughout the day if you’re on a tight schedule.

Morning run.
You can drink energy drinks in the morning, but remember to have a light snack before consuming.

What to Look for When Buying Energy Drinks?

Before you choose the appropriate energy drink to assist you to get rid of that tired sensation, here are some things to consider:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Sugar
  3. Flavor
  4. Price

These components and factors are all part of what makes an energy drink worthwhile to purchase. This takes into account the advantage and boost, as well as the availability.

Let’s get into the specifics.

Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Caffeine is the main element in energy drinks that give you a jolt right away. Coffee grounds, tea leaves, and cocoa beans all contain it.

BrandCaffeine Content
Caffeine Content of Energy Drinks for a Moning Run

Caffeine is an ingredient that activates our body’s brain and central nervous system. It works by blocking adenosine, a normally occurring substance that helps us rest and sleep by slowing down other brain processes.

The FDA recommends that you should have no more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

Caffeine, on the other hand, has adverse effects too, if used in excess, so it’s best to stay within your limits to prevent potential health problems including sleeplessness, headaches, anxiety, and restlessness.

You can watch the following video to know about some surprising facts regarding caffeine.

Here are some surprising facts about caffeine.

Sugar in Energy Drinks

Sugar is a common component in many energy drinks. It is mostly used as a sweetener, but it also provides an energy boost.

BrandSugar Content
Sugar Content of Energy Drinks for a Morning run

Sugar has no notable health advantages and might produce a sugar crash once the caffeine effects have worn off. Also, if you don’t want to gain any more weight, choose zero-sugar beverages.

The American Heart Association suggests a maximum daily intake of about 37g for males, 25g for women, and 19g for children.

It’s advisable to consume it moderately because sugar overdose can lead to problems like brain fog, heart problems, and tooth decay.

If you don’t want to consume sugar-free drinks, there are various drinks containing artificial sweeteners that are healthier alternatives to sugar.

Price of Energy Drinks

We’re all concerned about the cost. You wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket only to buy an energy drink, would you?

BrandPriceNumber of ServingsPrice Per Serving
Here’s the price comparison of some of the best energy drinks for a morning run.

It’s simple to pick the right quality for your beverages while staying within your budget. What you should pay attention to are the chemicals in these beverages and how your body reacts to them.

Energy drink companies frequently follow an average pricing point ($1.50-$3.50 per eight-ounces), with others going above with more servings.

You should always look at the price range and servings before buying energy drinks.

How Often Should You Consume Energy Drinks?

It all relies on the tastes and tolerance of a person. However, most energy drinks are designed to be consumed in one or two servings per day.

Energy drink is not a meal substitute, therefore it’s best to take it when you need an extra dose of energy to get through the day.

To keep your consumption within safe limits, it is recommended that you consume one energy drink every day. You can have another one later if the drink has less than 100mg of caffeine per serving.

Energy drinks are not suggested to be part of a regular diet since they lack nutritional content and may have some health consequences, so only consume them when absolutely needed.

What Should You Drink Before Running?

It doesn’t matter what you eat or drink before a short run (less than five miles), because your body will most likely have enough glycogen to survive the entire distance. Before you leave the house, drink lots of water and have a small snack.

However, you will need to adequately hydrate and eat before a lengthy run, with plenty of water and, preferably, electrolytes that will be lost in your perspiration while running.

According to Runners Connect, caffeine has also been proved to benefit runners. Caffeine before a run will lessen your sense of effort, allowing you to run longer and faster without feeling weary.

As per research, It also aids in the elicitation of a runner’s high by activating the same happy chemicals (endorphins) in the brain.

Before a run, sugar isn’t a big deal because your body will likely burn it off quickly before it converts to fat. However, consuming sugar before a long run will almost certainly result in a sugar crash and the dreaded “wall” that so many runners fear.

Here are my top picks of the best energy drinks for a morning run that you should try for yourself!

Monster Energy Drink

The Monster energy drink has 179mg of caffeine and 54g of sugar in a 16-ounce can.

You might opt for the sugar-free version of Monster Energy as the original version includes sugar.

That’s a lot of sugar to start your day with, especially if you’ll be consuming sugar from various foods and drinks throughout the day. You’ll consume your daily sugar allowance just with one can of Monster energy drink.

Caffeine and sugar are enough to provide you with energy during the run. However, if you dread the crash, you should switch to the zero-sugar version of Monster which is Monster Zero Ultra energy drink. 

Xyience Energy Drink

If you don’t mind a higher caffeine concentration, a Xyience energy drink is a good option. It contains 176mg of caffeine and has no added sugar which can be great if you are planning for a morning run.

It also contains guarana seed extract among its components, implying that there may be more caffeine present than mentioned on the label, which is something you should be aware of.

Zipfizz Energy Drink

Zipfizz energy drink comes in a little tube that takes up minimal room. It also comes in a variety of flavors, which you could find appealing if you appreciate having a lot of options.

Not to mention that it includes 100mg of caffeine and is sugar-free, which I think is a good combination. I appreciate the caffeine content as it helps my head to get cleared up and start my morning run.

REIZE (My Favorite)

REIZE, my all-time favorite energy drink, has a manageable 50mg of caffeine, which is just the right amount to get me going to the morning run without causing headaches or a crash.

It is also sugar-free and comes in handy sachets, making it really simple to carry around and mix anytime you need a pick-me-up energy drink.

REIZE also contains ginseng, taurine, and B-group vitamins. These wholesome ingredients create a great mix, providing you with the energy boost you need without the crash afterward.

It’s a very versatile drink that can be prepared in hot or cold water, or in any other juice or soda.

The best part is that REIZE is just roughly $1 per drink, including shipment to your door.

REIZE Energy.
REIZE Energy includes low caffeine and zero sugar, so can be consumed before the morning run.

Other Notable Mentions

  1. Celsius
  2. Monster
  3. Xtend
  4. Reign
  5. Bang

Final Verdict

Energy drinks are fantastic for boosting energy, but they should only be consumed when absolutely required. Energy drinks with a modest level of caffeine and sugar are the best for a morning run.

Caffeine and sugar in moderate amounts might help you get your head cleared up and boost the energy you need for the morning run.

With all the detail, you’ll see how the best energy drink for morning runs are Monster Energy, Xyience Energy, Zipfizz Energy, and my favorite REIZE.

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