Best Energy Drink for Quick Energy (lightning speed)

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Work, study, life… sometimes it gets a little too much and you need a quick boost of instant energy from your favorite energy drink.

Energy drinks can make a great source of quick energy. But with so many brands to choose from, how can you possibly know which ones are good at providing an instant energy boost and which ones aren’t so great?

Read on to learn what drinks can drive you to explore the countless possibilities in life.

Let’s get started!

Things to consider when looking for energy drinks

  • Caffeine content
  • Sugar content
  • Price

Caffeine content

You won’t believe how brilliant an energy booster caffeine can be. With speedy effects to boot too! No wonder people call it the “ancient wonder drug” (McCarthy et al., 2008).

Still, it’s important to stick to the healthy intake recommended by the FDA at a maximum of 400mg per day for an adult.

I find anywhere between 50 to 100mg of caffeine per serving ideal as a lift me up.

Remember, the goal is to refill your body with quick energy, and not to sign up for an unnecessary caffeine crash.

Coffee bean in a silver dispenser
Caffeine is only good for health when consumed in moderation.

Sugar content

With a solid amount of sugar and caffeine, there’s no doubt that energy drinks act as fast-charging batteries for your body.

But that doesn’t mean you should stuff yourself with sugar. In fact, doing so will cause more harm than good.

You’re putting yourself at risk of getting diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Also, you might experience a sugar “crash”, or feel more fatigued when the sugar in your system wears off.

But, stick to the AHA’s recommended daily intake below and you’ll be fine.

With a wide variety of sugar-free energy drinks on the market today, you can opt for those as a healthier choice.

A word of caution though, these sugar-free enerny drinks may contain artificial sweeteners. 
GenderRecommended maximum daily sugar intake
Men150 cals/ 37.5g / 9 tsps
Women100 cals/ 25g/ 6 tsps
Sugar cubes in a open glass jar; a few sugar cubes stacked on the side
It tastes good, but is really bad for your health.


You can never get enough of a worthy energy drink at an affordable price.

And, with the increasing number of energy drinks at reasonable rates today, you’re in for a great bargain.

There are lots of good deals to be had if you look in the right places.

My personal favorite energy drink for a quick boost of energy is REIZE, which ships right to your door for around $1 per drink.

But more on that a little later…

How does caffeine work in my body?

Here’s a breakdown of how caffeine works in your body, within minutes of consumption.

  • 10 minutes:

-Caffeine enters the bloodstream. Gulp, gulp, gulp.

-Heart rate and blood pressure increase. Da-dup, da-dup, da-dup.

  • 15 – 45 minutes:

-Caffeine levels increase in the bloodstream. I’m starting to feel good.

-Alertness and concentration improve. Wow, suddenly I feel all pumped up!

  • 30 – 50 minutes:

– All of the caffeine has been fully absorbed. I’m invincible!

-Liver absorbs more sugar into the bloodstream. Ok, maybe not so invincible.

  • 1 hour:

– Effect of caffeine dies out. Weird, where’d all my energy go?

-Sugar crash occurs. I feel like Superman on Kryptonite.

-Energy levels decrease. I’m tired.

-Fatigue occurs. Zzzzzzzzzz…….snores.

I didn’t know that!- watch now.

Can energy drinks boost my energy?

Yes, energy drinks can boost your energy temporarily.

If there’s one thing that energy drinks are known for, it’s their high caffeine content.

Besides caffeine, there are many ingredients in energy drinks to help keep you energized. The likes of taurine, ginseng, amino acids, and B vitamins do wonders for your overall health.

Remember though, the boost is short-lived. So, you might have to top up your energy levels with another drink.

However, overdosing on caffeine could lead to complications like:

  • nervousness
  • insomnia
  • rapid heartbeat
  • irritability
  • high blood pressure

But, fret not- as long as you follow the FDA guideline to stick to less than 400mg daily, then there’s likely no harm in chugging down any energy drink.

Always read the label and talk to your doctor to get the best advice for your personal situation.

How can I get energy quickly?

Here are some tips for you to get energy quickly.

Yoga is an excellent mood-booster and fatigue-fighter. With some deep breathing exercises and meditation after waking up, you’ll be instantly refreshed and hyped to get the day started.

  • Sing your favorite tune

Here’s your time to shine like Whitney Houston, and for good reason too. So, turn on some music and belt out your favorite tune for the world to listen to.

But, seriously, hitting those high notes could lower stress levels and elevate your mood. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.

Or, if you’re a little shy like me, try belching out a few tunes in the shower or do a carpool karaoke instead.

  • Bask in the sunlight

I find that a little bit of sunshine immediately lifts my spirits.

Curiosity got the best of me so I hopped onto Google to find out why. And as it turns out, sunlight helps boost serotonin in your brain.

This chemical, in turn, provides you with more energy and keeps you feeling positive throughout the day.

If it’s the beginning of the day and you’re already feeling exhausted, try taking a walk outside on a warm, sunny day.

Cinnamon sticks on a hard surface
Stimulate your sense of smell to feel more energized.

We all love things that smell good. And, if you can find a cinnamon stick lying in the pantry, try and get a good whiff.

Fragrant aromas can strip off your fatigue and make you more alert. Can’t get hold of cinnamon? Peppermint works fine too!

What can I drink in the morning for energy?

Here are some drinks you can have in the mornings for energy:

  • Green smoothies

Smoothies are packed with the goodness of spinach, broccoli, kale, and other sorts of leafy greens. Drop some refreshing fruits in the mix and you’ll have a yummy, energizing treat.

With a load of chlorophyll and its powerful antioxidant properties, you’ll feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day. So, get to making one today!

  • Ginseng

Ginseng is a traditional herb, popular among athletes to boost stamina and reduce fatigue.

Siberian natural ginseng, in particular, make good pick-me ups and will keep you going throughout the day.

It’s also especially good for combating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

If you’re always pressed for time and can’t make tea, you can get them in the form of capsules or pills instead.

Or better yet, find an energy drink that contains ginseng as an added ingredient. I believe my list of the best energy drinks for quick energy down below in this article should be useful in finding one of these.

  • Green tea

This might be a savior for people with a lower caffeine tolerance. Great news, green tea contains less caffeine but has a similar effect as a good cup of coffee.

A sip of authentic green tea can boost your energy and metabolism. Plus, it enhances your mood before you start the day.

Green tea bowl and brush on a bamboo mat; a written note
With less caffeine content, you’ll often get to experience the same impact that coffee brings.
  • Coconut water

Need to get hydrated instantly? Coconut water is always a safe replacement for water. It contains five key electrolytes that are essential to your body: sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

It’s a great remedy to sustain your energy levels. So, chug down some after a long workout and refill those lost electrolytes.

I simply make sure to grab my favorite energy drink from the cooler for a good energy fix throughout the day.

What supplements should I take for energy?

You literally just got out of bed in the morning and are already feeling tired? Here’s a list of supplements that you can find from your local drugstore for an instant energy booster.

What food gives me energy instantly?

This list of food might give you energy instantly.

  • Brown rice
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Citrus fruits
  • Peanut butter
  • Almonds
  • Bananas
Citrus fruits like orange, pomelo, lemon
Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, and pomelo make natural energizers.

Best Energy Drink for Quick Energy

In no particular order, here are some great energy drinks to consider when you need a quick energy boost.

Xyience Energy Drink

Sugar: Zero

Caffeine: 176mg

Calories: Zero

Xyience is a good option for quick energy.

With zero calories and sugar, Xyience is a decent option for a fast energy boost.

In my opinion, it contains a bit too much caffeine. But it might work for you, so perhaps give it a try and see of you like it.

It’s typically priced somewhere in the middle of the field as far as energy drinks go. There are more expensive and more affordable options.

Monster Assault Energy

Sugar: 50g

Caffeine: 160mg

Calories: 200

If an instant fix of energy is what you’re looking for, then, Monster Assault might be the answer for you.

It comes with 160mg of caffeine, and you’ll be thankful for the energy kick unless you’re highly sensitive to the caffeine. Personally, I think the caffeine is bit on the high side, but that’s just me.

Perhaps more of a concern is the 50g of sugar per can. Plus, the drink contains 200 cals. So you’ll need to consider those aspects first before purchase.

Keep in mind the AHA guidelines on maximum sugar intake. A single can of Monster Assault and you’re already above the recommended daily max.

If you’re someone who leads an extremely active lifestyle, then this drink might be great for you.

The bold, powerful flavor of the energy blend leaves a refreshing taste in your mouth too.

Two cans of Monster Assault in a hand
Monster Assault is caffeine-packed to give you a surge of energy.

REIZE Energy Drink (five-star beverage)

Sugar: Sugar-free

Caffeine: 50mg

Calorie: 11

I personally love REIZE for a quick boost when I need a lift. It contains just 50mg of caffeine, which is a sensible amount that won’t blow your head off.

You can count on being energized with no sugar crash whatsoever because this baby is sugar-free. And, in terms of calories, there’s almost none. 11 total calories to be precise.

So, you won’t have to worry about your low-calorie diet either.

It’s rich in taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins as well. All of the ingredients work together to give you a perfect and long lasting energy boost – with no crash.

REIZE sachet and a mixed drink outdoors
A stamina booster that’s worth the investment.

Thanks to REIZE, I’m always on my feet. Yet, the exhaustion never gets to me.

And if you’re into great deals like me, then, REIZE is the one you’ll love. You can get REIZE shipped right to your door for only around $1 per drink including shipping.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab some REIZE today and it might just become your favorite energy drink for a quick energy fix too.

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