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ZOA Energy Drink Resources

ZOA Energy Drink Resources

Of course, everyone knows former wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but not everyone knows that he launched his own energy drink brand! ZOA energy drink was established only one year ago and yet the fast-growing product can now be bought from over 100,000 locations!

While the drink is still relatively new, I’ve gotten to know ZOA pretty well. See below for some of the topics I’ve discussed regarding the drink.

ZOA Energy Drink Caffeine & Ingredients

ZOA energy contains a moderate 160 mg of natural caffeine. Its ingredients list is also very fitness-focused; incorporating BCAAs, vitamin C, D, B, and green tea. In addition, it also has turmeric extract, a medicinal herb for treating inflammation, pain, and wound healing.

See the full ZOA ingredient list here.

Is ZOA Energy Drink Bad For You?

ZOA is not bad for you since its caffeine content is well below the recommended FDA daily limit of 400 mg a day. Its ingredients also aim to avoid negative side effects like jitters or crashes since they are beneficial micronutrients. All in all, ZOA can help energize and hydrate you, especially for physical activities.

Know more about whether or not ZOA is bad for you in my article.

Is ZOA Energy Vegan?

There is no official announcement from the company if ZOA energy is vegan or not. However, upon looking at the ingredients list, some ingredients like sugar or L-Glutamine may have traces of animal by-products. This makes ZOA not vegan-friendly, just vegetarian-friendly.

I discuss ZOA’s vegan status more in-depth in this article.

ZOA Energy Drink Review

ZOA’s idea of marketing health with its fitness-focused ingredients is an intriguing concept. Its caffeine and micronutrient content are effective in energizing and revitalizing you. However, its price point is more expensive than most energy drink brands so you should also consider that.

Check out my full ZOA energy drink review here.

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