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Is Zipfizz Vegan? (The Truth)

Is Zipfizz Vegan? (The Truth)

Advertised as “healthy energy in a tube,” Zipfizz delivers a steady energy boost without the side effects. It’s sugar-free, low-carb, and low-calorie, making it the ideal energy drink choice for many.

The brand contains micronutrients, amino acids, and naturally-derived caffeine. Rest assured that it has no artificial additives or flavoring, either. Zipfizz is vegan-friendly all the way through.

If you’re not convinced, this article will take a closer look at the brand’s ingredients and I’ll explain what makes the drink suitable for the vegan lifestyle.

Let’s get to it!

Zipfizz Nutrition Facts

Zipfizz is jam-packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as the infamous B-Vitamins and electrolytes. However, it has a few other nutrients that you don’t usually see in most brands.

ZincReduce bodily inflammation & boost the immune system
SeleniumAn antioxidant; plays a key role in thyroid health & lessens asthma-related risks.
CopperMaintains bones & nerves in good condition; reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
ManganeseHelps in creating tissues & bones; important in blood sugar regulation & metabolism
Vitamin AImproves eye health & is essential in cell growth
A brief explanation of Zipfizz contents

Zipfizz Ingredients

Here’s a quick list of what Zipfizz brings to the table. As previously mentioned, this product has various vitamins and minerals you have indeed encountered with other brands.

However, the presence of these ingredients changes the way they all complement one another.

  • Alpha-Lipoic extract
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Grape skin extract
  • Grape seed extract
  • Green coffee bean extract

Caffeine Content

A tube of Zipfizz contains 100mg of caffeine, the same content as that of a single cup of coffee!

This also means that those who drink Zipfizz can benefit from the positive side effects of consuming caffeine instead of worrying about how high the caffeine is in their brand of choice.

These positive effects include enhanced energy levels and cognitive levels, weight loss, improved bodily functions, and even lower the risk of accumulating disorders such as type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Most importantly, it can keep you awake for hours after stimulating the brain’s adenosine receptors.

Studies also show that consuming the right amount of caffeine can result in a better mood and reaction time. Attention span and memory tasks then showed improvement when compared to non-caffeine drinkers.

Zipfizz’s caffeine contents ensured that it wouldn’t be close to the FDA‘s 400mg recommended maximum daily caffeine intake. If you drink Zipfizz or any energy drink excessively, you may experience anxiety disorders, insomnia, abnormal heartbeats, and many more that may cause detrimental side effects to your body.

Caffeine-sensitive individuals are the ones who suffer the most when they consume beverages with high caffeine content, effectively impairing their decision-making processes and sleeping patterns which may trigger mental health problems.

With Zipfizz’s relatively lower caffeine content, you won’t really experience these side effects unless you drink more than one tub a day. So always consume in moderation!

Zipfizz tub
Zipfizz is a tasty choice!

Sugar Content

Fortunately, Zipfizz also belongs to the sugar-free lineup of energy drinks. But it does contain a sugar substitute in the form of sugar alcohol named Xylitol.

Just like artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols replace natural sugars as a safer option. For starters, the calorie count of your average table sugar is 4, while sugar alcohols only have 2.

Studies also reveal that they practically do the same job as their counterparts when these substances are present. This is evident in the metabolic processes your body undergoes.

Sugar alcohols are also labeled as high-Intensity sweeteners by the FDA, making them much sweeter than sucrose. This means that a small amount of Xylitol can go a long way.

Journals have confirmed that sugar alcohols can be used by diabetics and individuals who intend to watch despite their ability to have minor effects on your blood sugar levels.

In general, sugar alcohols fair better than table sugars. Not only do they come from the fermentation process of fruits and vegetables, but they also enable more individuals to enjoy things like Zipfizz.

What Makes Energy Drinks Vegan?

Energy drinks can be classified as vegan-friendly when none of their ingredients are animal by-products.

Some nutrients and minerals are non-vegan, but more and more energy drink brands are turning to synthetically made nutrients and plant-based ingredients to adhere to veganism’s principles.

If you’re particularly keen on choosing a vegan energy drink, make sure you check out whether it’s Taurine comes from high-protein meats and organs as that would make the drink a big no-no for you.

You also have to watch out for flavorings as some are not plant-based. Just to be sure, you can check out my recommended vegan energy drink brands!

Is there Taurine in Zipfizz?

No, Zipfizz does not contain Taurine. This is a common question regarding acclaimed vegan-friendly energy drinks. As I previously mentioned, you could get it from animal meat and organs.

Taurine has various health benefits like increased nerve growth and decreased risk of heart failure and high blood pressure.

Curious about Taurine? Watch the video below to discover why energy drink brands add it to their products.

Is Zipfizz Keto-friendly?

Zipfizz can support the keto diet as it’s sugar-free and has only 20 calories, nowhere near the 2,400 and 3,000 calories for women and men, respectively, that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans reported.

The Ketogenic diet is a low-carb diet that focuses on getting more calories from proteins and fats than carbohydrates. A healthy keto diet has 75% fat, at least 10% protein, and strictly 5% carbohydrates daily.

The Keto diet is popular for its weight loss abilities, reduces risks of certain cancers, elevates PCOS symptoms, and improves cognitive functions, just to name a few. Studies also show that keto is beneficial for type II diabetes, obese individuals who want to lose weight, and treatment-resistant epilepsy.

However, keto may also negatively affect you if you aren’t careful. This diet is not advisable for those with existing pancreas, liver, thyroid, and gallbladder conditions. It can cause low blood pressure and kidney stones; nutrition deficiency is also a massive factor in its harmful effects.

Doctors also recommend that you do a keto diet over six months as it’s no longer an appropriate eating plan for the typical individual.

Is Zipfizz FDA approved?

Zipfizz, or any other energy drinks, do not need FDA approval considering that they are labeled as dietary supplements. However, their ingredients, such as caffeine and sugars, are closely monitored for health purposes.

There are also guidelines that energy drink brands have to follow when it comes to their ingredients, as the FDA approved numerous daily intakes for every vitamin and mineral you can come across in your energy drink of choice’s supplement facts.

However, medical professionals and legislators push energy drink brands to be more transparent with their ingredients and how much they put per serving, considering that energy drinks send people, mainly teenagers and young adults, to emergency rooms.

Alternatives to Zipfizz

If Zipfizz just isn’t the right brand for you, you can still try out other products that are certified vegan-friendly.


There are a lot of underdog brands in the ED market. NOS Energy proves that it can be at par with its mainstream counterparts.

For every 16 fl. oz can, you can get 160 mg of caffeine and lots of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B6 and 12. One dilemma you will encounter is its sugar content that is currently at 54g.

I personally think that NOS is a good energy drink for beginners as it can help them adjust to the new taste and attributions.


Aspire energy drink is certainly a brand you shouldn’t miss out on when it comes to calorie and sugar-free energy drinks.

This 12 fl. oz can is filled with amino acids and supports the keto diet due to its lack of calories and sucrose while sporting a generous 80mg of caffeine as its main energy booster.

Aspire is undoubtedly one of the healthiest energy drinks in the market, a great energy drink for vegans to try!

REIZE (10 out of 10)

Personally, REIZE takes the lead in the best energy drink for vegans.

This powdered ED takes the form of a 4g sachet that contains lots of vitamins and minerals like Ginseng, Taurine, and B-Vitamins. Not only that, but it gives a good caffeine amount at 50 mg and contains no sugar and a low 11 calories!

This means that REIZE’s ingredients are designed to give you an enhanced mental and physical performance without causing any side effects! It’s vegan and keto-friendly too.

What’s also a remarkable fact is that you can get REIZE for only $1 per sachet while also having it shipped to the comfort of your home. If that isn’t a good catch for an energy drink, I don’t know what is.

Try REIZE today and discover your next vegan-friendly energy drink brand!

A sachet of Reize poured in a glass.
Get your REIZE now!

Other Notable Brands

There are tons of other brands to look out for. You can check these out as well if you need more options to choose from:


Zipfizz is definitely a great vegan-friendly brand that contains many essential nutrients and a moderate amount of caffeine.

Moreover, Zipfizz is also more accessible to more people, given that they are vegan-friendly, unlike numerous competitors. They can also aid those who need to watch their weight and sugar intake, as the brand is low-calorie and sugar-free.

The powder energy drink also comes in colorful tubes that are easy to carry anywhere, so that’s a bonus.

But despite all of Zipfizz’s great qualities, you still have to moderate your consumption to avoid caffeine’s side effects. Remember, too much of a good thing can be bad!