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What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Monster Energy? (Truth)

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Monster Energy? (Truth)

As one of the top energy drinks in the world, Monster is widely consumed for its taste, effectiveness, and quality. You’ll most likely see Monster in major store and supermarket chains, as well as in a number of advertisements.

That said, put aside the aggressive marketing, does Monster have any benefits at all?

In brief, Monster does benefit you in providing a temporary boost and an improvement in physical and cognitive performance. However, it can be pretty bad for your health in the long run, so I wouldn’t recommend having Monster daily.

For an in-depth look into the contents of Monster Energy, check out the article I’ve written on the caffeine and ingredients of Monster Energy Drink for a detailed explanation of what they do.

But if you want to know more about the positive and negative effects of Monster on you, read on for a detailed discussion on the ingredients of Monster as well as how it can enhance your performance and affect your health.

Monster Energy Drink Nutritional Facts

Monster nutrition label.
The standard values in a can of Monster.

First up, let’s go through the nutritional information of a can of Monster Energy to see what we’re working with:

Standard ValuesMonster (16fl.oz)
Energy210 calories
Fat (Of which saturated)0g (0g)
Carbohydrate (Of which sugars)54g (54g)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)3.6mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)46mg
Vitamin B64.6mg
Vitamin B1213µg
Typical values in a regular can of Monster.

How Many Calories Are In Monster Energy?

Monster Energy has 210 calories per 16 fl.oz, which is a pretty large amount.

Considering that the recommended daily calorific limit is 2000 to 2400 calories for women and 2400 to 3000 calories for men, a can of Monster would take up around 1/10 of your daily intake.

That’s quite a lot of calories and could definitely leave a big dent in your overall diet.

Though having Monster can give you some energy to burn off, it isn’t great if you’re on a diet, since it adds to your daily caloric intake.

Fortunately, Monster does have a sugar-free option, Monster Energy Zero Ultra, which only contains 10 calories with the same great taste and benefits, making it a perfect complement to your diet.

But if you prefer to do away with calories entirely, feel free to check out some great recommendations in my article on the best zero-calorie energy drinks, which may be more helpful.

Monster Energy Drink Ingredients

Monster ingredients list.
The ingredients in Monster.

Each 16 fl.oz can of Monster Energy has the following ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Carbonated Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Glucose
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Color Added
  • Natural Flavours
  • Taurine
  • Panax Ginseng Extract
  • L-Tartrate
  • L-Carnitine
  • Sorbic Acid
  • Caffeine
  • Benzoic Acid
  • Salt
  • Sucralose
  • Niacinamide
  • D-Glucuronolactone
  • Guarana Extract
  • Inositol
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Maltodextrin

How Much Caffeine Does Monster Energy Have?

Each 16 fl.oz can of Monster Energy contains 160mg of caffeine.

With 160mg of caffeine, Monster is one of the more moderate energy drinks in terms of caffeine content, at least compared to stronger brands like Reign and Bang which contain 300mg of caffeine per serving.

That said, I prefer between 50mg to 100mg of caffeine per drink, which is just the perfect amount to give me a decent boost without overwhelming me with side effects.

Because of this, I feel that Monster has a little bit more caffeine than I am able to handle, which is why you won’t see me drinking it on a regular basis.

But if your caffeine tolerance is higher than mine, you shouldn’t have a problem with Monster.

Of course, while Monster has pretty middling caffeine content, there are limits when it comes to consuming caffeine. The FDA recommends a daily caffeine limit of 400mg for healthy adults, which equals to around two cans of Monster in a day.

Anything else than that, and you might end up with unpleasant effects such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive issues
  • High blood pressure

Caffeine metabolism plays a role in deciding how well you’ll be able to tolerate Monster; so if you’re having energy drinks for the first time, Monster isn’t entirely a good choice to start with.

In any case, just be sure to moderate your Monster Energy intake and monitor your caffeine consumption as well so you don’t have too much caffeine in a day.

For more information on the effects of caffeine on your body, check out this video:

How Much Sugar Does Monster Energy Have?

Someone sifting sugar into a bowl.
Sugar is a guilty pleasure to most, but it isn’t good for health.

Every 16 fl.oz can of Monster Energy contains 54g of sugar.

While 54g of sugar may not sound much, it’s actually a lot, considering that other brands like Rockstar have 24g of sugar.

Monster’s sugar content could definitely put a dent in your diet, and wouldn’t be the best choice of energy drink to have on a regular basis. Plus, having too much sugar every day could lead to some serious health issues.

The AHA recommends a maximal limit of sugar intake of 36g and 25g for men and women respectively. A diet fairly high in sugar can lead to certain health consequences like:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Aging skin
  • Cardiovascular diseases

Of course, there isn’t a problem with drinking Monster Energy, but I’d still recommend keeping your intake to a minimal amount, as consuming that much sugar isn’t good for your health.

If you’re looking for energy drinks with little to no sugar, check out the article I’ve written on the best energy drinks with less sugar for some awesome options.

Is Monster Energy Good For Health?

In general, Monster Energy isn’t exactly good for health, since it has a high sugar and calorie content.

Monster isn’t the best beverage to feature in your daily diet with the amount of caffeine and sugar it has unless you consistently work out. Even then, it’s still pretty unwise to have Monster every day, considering that you’ll just be packing more calories and sugar into your system.

Of course, Monster Energy does have some minor health benefits in terms of its B vitamins and amino acids.

B vitamins play an important role in maintaining the functions of your body, from converting carbs and fat into energy to breaking down amino acids for easy absorption.

Monster Energy also contains amino acids like taurine and L-Carnitine, which can help produce more energy, protect certain organs and even improve physical performance.

With that being said, the other less healthy aspects of Monster far eclipses the healthier ones, thus I’d recommend moderating your intake of Monster to a tolerable personal limit.

What Does Monster Energy Do To You?

With regard to the physical aspect, Monster Energy can stimulate your central nervous system and brain, making you more alert and awake, due to the caffeine and sugar present inside the drink.

As such, you’ll be pretty energized for several hours, since caffeine takes around 5 hours to wear off.

Aside from an energy boost, Monster can also improve your physical and mental performance.

A 2016 study reported that the consumption of caffeine could enhance certain cognitive functions like vigilance, attention, reaction time, and alertness.

Monster can even uplift your moods and increase your motivation to perform better. A review found that energy drinks could improve or maintain mood and performance in mentally demanding situations.

As such, Monster Energy is definitely a quicker way to get an energy boost and provide an extra edge in your performance.

That said, make sure not to drink too many cans of Monster Energy, as it could lead to a number of unwanted side effects and health problems in the long run.

Does Monster Make You Lose Weight?

A girl is exercising on a mat.
Monster won’t help you lose any calories unless you put in the effort to do so.

Since Monster contains large amounts of sugar, it would help you to gain more weight instead. But it can provide you with an energy boost to help you work out longer.

If you’re looking for a low-calorie energy drink for your diet, Monster definitely doesn’t fit that niche.

With its high calorie and sugar content, you’ll probably gain more weight instead of losing any.

That said, Monster does contain lots of caffeine, which can boost the energy levels that could help you exercise to burn off excess fat for longer periods of time.

Of course, I don’t recommend having Monster before your workouts, as you’ll need to consume fewer calories than the ones you lose during exercise to actually see some visible weight loss results.

If you’re interested in finding some great energy drinks to complement your exercise routine, check out my article on the best energy drinks for exercise for a few hand-picked recommendations.

Does Monster Energy Help You Focus?

Monster Energy can help increase your mental focus temporarily until the effects of the caffeine wears off.

As previously mentioned, caffeine can help enhance cognitive functions, which include mental focus and attention.

Thus, having a can of Monster Energy could definitely increase your concentration, helping you to pay attention and absorb information without getting distracted easily.

That said, the high sugar content within Monster Energy may give you a sugar crash later, which could sidetrack you from your work or studies.

So, if you’re planning to make Monster your study buddy, I recommend having their sugar-free version, Monster Energy Zero Ultra instead, to avoid the unwanted crash.

Of course, Monster Energy or other energy drinks are not the only beverages that can help you keep focused; after all, there’s nothing better and healthier than a glass of water to boost your energy and focus levels.

Alternatives To Monster Energy Drink

If Monster isn’t to your liking, there are plenty of great alternatives out there that may suit your tastes instead.

Here’s a quick list of some great recommendations:

Powdered energy drinks are worth a try too, considering that they’re more convenient and customisable too:

REIZE (10 Out Of 10)

Pouring REIZE into a glass by the park.
With zero sugar and less caffeine, REIZE is an energy drink for any occasion.

REIZE is a powdered energy drink that is available in light and suitable 4g sachets. With a rational 50mg of caffeine, REIZE is sugar-free and consists of only 11 calories in each serving.

Besides, REIZE is filled with a smart blend of beneficial ingredients like taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins that work together to give you the perfect energy boost without the dreadful sugar crash afterward.

The best part is that REIZE ships to your doorstep for only $1 per sachet, which is amazing value for money.

Give REIZE a try, and you might find it to be the smarter and more beneficial choice compared to Monster Energy.

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