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VPX Red Line Energy Drink: A Thorough Review

VPX Red Line Energy Drink: A Thorough Review

VPX Redline Energy Drink is an old version of Redline Xtreme Energy Drink made by VPX Sports.

It may come in tiny bottles but don’t underestimate it because if you don’t know already, Redline Xtreme Energy Drink contains a high 316mg of caffeine.

But to counter the large amount of caffeine, the brand did make sure that the drink contains no fats, no sugar, and no calories.

So imagine my curiosity when I found out that Redline is one of the strongest energy drinks you can buy today. I normally go for drinks with 50 to 100 mg of caffeine only, but I just had to try Redline.

I did find it helpful during my workout; however, I don’t particularly appreciate how it tastes. Furthermore, it makes me feel hotter compared to other energy drinks I’ve tried.

To know my full experience with Redline, read my full article! I hope it helps you decide if it’s the right drink for you.

Let’s jump in!

VPX Redline Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

Each serving of VPX Redline Energy drink has the following nutrients:

ContentServing per 4 fl oz
Electrolyte Matrix:
Proprietary Blend
·Beta-alanine·Caffeine Anhydrous·L-Leucine·L-Valine·L-Iscleuline·N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine·Yohimbe Extract ·Yerba Mate·Evodia·5-HTPPurified water
Redline Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

For your information, each bottle of VPX Redline contains two servings. Therefore, if you consume a bottle of it, you’re double the amount of the nutrients mentioned above.

I like the way it has an Electrolyte Matrix. As you may know, elements such as magnesium and potassium help regulate the fluids in your body. However, I don’t understand why sodium was not included in this section when it’s an electrolyte too.

Nevertheless, this explains how Redline won’t make you feel dehydrated during intense workouts. In line with this, according to this article, caffeine can also help your body gets hydrated as well.

Redline VPX Bottle.
Back of Redline Xtreme.

Ingredients of VPX Redline

It has additional ingredients such as:

  • Beta-Alanine
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Evoburn (pure Evodiamine)
  • N-acetyl L Tyrosine
  • Hordenine
  • 5-hydroxyl-tryptophan (5-htp)
  • Potassium (as Potassium Citrate)
  • N-methyl Tyramine
  • Sulbutiamine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Yohimbine Hcl
  • St. Johns Wort Extract
  • Highly Purified Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Carmine Red
  • Liquid Red
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Sucralose
  • Potassium Phosphate Dibasic
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Di-sodium Edta

Is VPX Redline The Strongest Energy Drink?

Not really. While VPX Redline has a high amount of caffeine, it’s still a bit low compared to the strongest energy drinks in the market.

That said, 316 mg of caffeine in VPX Redline is already a lot, and what more if you’re caffeine sensitive. Most energy drinks usually range between 100-200 mg of caffeine per serving and you can see why Redline stands out from the crowd.

Because Redline’s caffeine content is higher than your usual energy drink, I wouldn’t really recommend it for beginners or those who have medical conditions.

In fact, I think the drink is well-suited for very active and workout-heavy lifestyles since 316 mg can really energize you plus the electrolyte content can be very hydrating too.

But do bear in mind that the FDA only suggests that you take up 400mg of caffeine in a day. So definitely stick to only 1 bottle a day. And if it’s your first time to drink Redline, better start with a half serving only.

If you go beyond this limit, you may experience these symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Increase heart rate
  • Fatigue and difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling jittery or anxious
  • Feeling shaky or dizzy
  • Hunger
  • Nervousness
Coffee beans in a cup.
Be careful with too much caffeine.

How Bad is Redline Energy Drink for You?

It depends on how much you’ll take. I think the side effects differ for each individual. There has been a complaint that Redline causes vomiting and chest pains.

As for me, I did feel the strong energy boost but no jitters, thankfully. But I also felt my body getting hotter after I drank a serving of VPX Redline energy drink. Aside from that, there’s also a slight itchy feeling and my heart rate that sped up a little.

But then again, we may have different experiences. However, the bottom line is Redline’s caffeine content is very strong, no matter what your tolerance may be. So always moderate your consumption!

When Should I Drink Redline?

I suggest drinking Redline during the mornings before you do workouts. This way, you’ll be able burn off the caffeine way before your bedtime.

According to this study, you should take energy drinks 10-60 minutes before your workout. This practice will enhance your mental focus and endurance with the aid of caffeine.

I also suggest you avoid drinking it at night as it may disrupt your sleep. Moreover, don’t forget to shake it well before use.

Also, don’t consume more than one bottle. Drinking two bottles might put your health at risk. This is because two bottles of VPX Redline can put your caffeine intake at 500mg already, which is quite high compared to the daily limit.

How Long Does Redline Energy Last?

It lasts around 3 hours. It’s suitable for long-playing activities like hiking and biking. Because it lasts pretty long, don’t drink Redline Energy at least 6 hours before your bedtime.

Doing so could keep you awake for the whole night, and that’s not a pleasant situation, especially if you have plans early on the following day.

It takes around 10-12 hours for the caffeine to flush out of your system. However, if you think 10-12 hours is too long, take more water to flush out its effects. Short walks would also help you simmer down.

How Does Redline Energy Taste?

Once you open its bottle, you’ll notice a sweet smell that’s not too exaggerated. I liked how all of its seven flavors have no dyes that don’t strain your teeth.

Here’s my quick impression of each of its flavors:

  • Blue Razz – Taste like an actual raspberry. However, as you go, little by little, it tastes bitter with an artificial sweetener aftertaste.
  • Cotton Candy – It’s sweet and the taste is very reminiscent of caramel which is quite fun.
  • Grape – Unfortunately, this tasted very far from the real thing and I didn’t really like it.
  • Sour Heads – Although it’s sweet, I like how it doesn’t taste sugary. Plus, it doesn’t taste that bad either. Kind of like the sour gummy candy you would binge as a kid.
  • Star Blast – Nice and clean taste, but not that memorable for me.
  • Triple Berry -This is probably their most delicious flavor. It has the right amount of sweetness with bursting berry goodness.
  • Lime – When the liquid finally gets into your mouth, it’ll surely remind you of limeade. It has a certain tartness that I’m sure a lot of people will find appealing.
  • Watermelon – This flavor combines bitter, sweet, and sour, which is pretty exciting. However, it’s missing that refreshing watermelon aftertaste.

For more opinions on Redline, watch the video below:

Where to Buy Redline Energy?

You can purchase this directly from Bang’s website or Amazon. You can have a 24 bottle pack of Redline for $65. This means one bottle retails for around $2.70.

It’s pretty expensive for me, considering that there are energy drinks out there that you can buy for about one dollar per serving only.

As for my own experience, I ordered a four-pack through the website. A pack costs about $12, which as I mentioned earlier, is already expensive enough. But the shipping costs range from $4 to $18, so that’s just a doozy.

Ordering Redline in Bang website
Shipping and protection costs quickly add up!

Alternative Energy Drinks to Redline

Aside from Redline Energy, you can also try the following energy drinks.

Ghost Gamer

Ghost Gamer is also capable of giving you energy. It can help your body rehydrate through its water coconut content and B Vitamins.

Its 150mg of caffeine would keep you alert while focusing on your games and workout routine. There’s also no chance of sugar-crash because it’s sugar-free.

It also has lots of flavors, which you can buy for $50 per tub that makes 30 servings. It means each serving is more affordable than Redline!

For the best average outcome, I recommend consuming just one serving of this energy drink each day.


This energy drink is famous among teenagers because of its tagline, “Party like a Rockstar”. While all the above-mentioned energy drinks in this article don’t contain sugar, Rockstar energy has 24g.

As a reminder, you should not allow your body to take more than 30g of sugar in a day, as stated by this article. While this energy drink has only 160mg of caffeine, taking two cans would still get you jitters from its sugar content.

On the brighter side, taking just one can give you a lower caffeine dose than Redline Energy. This means that you have much allowance to grab a coffee or two later on your day. All of its flavors are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, which you can purchase for $2 per can!

REIZE (The Best)

REIZE is an energy drink in a powdered sachet. Compared to VPX Redline, this one has a small amount of caffeine.

For only 50mg of caffeine, you’ll get to experience a good amount of energy without any issues at all. Moreover, it’s also good for maintaining weight because it has no sugar and is low in calories.

Reize Energy Drink
Ready to drink Reize Energy Drink

While Redline has electrolytes and other vitamins, you’re not short on nutrients with REIZE. It has vitamins, ginseng, inositol, and taurine that could support your overall health.

What I love about REIZE is that it comes in handy 4g sachets that I can take with me anywhere. Whether you’re going to the gym or just hanging out at the mall, you can whip up a fresh glass of REIZE anytime you want.

You can get REIZE for only around $1 and you can even have your orders shipped straight to your door.

Try REIZE now!

Other Notable Mentions


Overall, I think it would have been great if some of its flavors tasted better. And of course, I wouldn’t consider its price as affordable either. However, it can surely give you a nice energy boost. No wonder it’s also made by VPX as a pre-workout supplement.

That being said, if you’re a caffeine-sensitive person, I suggest you just stick with other energy drinks with lower caffeine content. It would help if you went with the ones that have 50-100mg caffeine content to be sure you won’t be getting any side effects.

I strongly emphasize that Redline has a very high 316 mg of caffeine and that this is not recommended at all for those with low caffeine tolerance or medical conditions.

On a final note, VPX Redline Energy drink could be a perfect option for you if you’re lifting some weights and you have the budget. Just remember not to consume more than one bottle per day!

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