The Right Breed

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It may have taken him 10 hours to get to the event, but Ash Breed only needed minutes to make an impact on round 2 of the SA FMX Championship. His massive grab tricks and flawless extensions made him a deserving recipient of the REIZE Encouragement Award for the 2nd round, his first ever ride in the event. “Definitely stoked to have won the encouragement award, I’d actually ducked out to grab a late lunch after qualifying, so it was a mad surprise to come back to find out I had bagged the REIZE award,” Breed said.

Travelling from Albury in southern NSW to the event in the town of Light Pass in SA’s Barossa Valley with all your equipment in tow is an achievement in itself, but Breed had no issues with the distance. “I haven't really had the opportunity to ride outside my home compound or compete in a comp so the drive didn't faze me too much.”

As for the competition itself, Breed was impressed in his first visit. “The event was well organized and stacked full of talent. It was always a pretty chilled atmosphere, sort of like a big FMX jam,” he said. This atmosphere was reflected in the calibre of riding at the event, with Breed’s qualifying run described by some spectators as containing some of the biggest extensions seen on tour.

Apart from netting the REIZE Encouragement Award, Breed said another highlight of the event was being able to ride on Anzac Day, which this year marked the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli. “It definitely gave me a sense of pride to ride on Anzac Day, we have the opportunity to do battle on our motos because of our diggers who fought and died in war.”

While the event was scored only on the qualifying rides due to poor weather, had the competition played out in its entirety Breed was always going to be ready. “I have been mixing up a REIZE before riding, it gives me some extra energy which is needed, especially when riding after work,” he said. The sugar free aspect of REIZE, Breed said, is also appealing to him and other athletes who do not want a sugar rush right before a ride.

Looking to the future, Breed hopes the SA FMX Competition and his REIZE Encouragement Award can propel him to bigger and better things in the sport. As for the rest of the year, “I want to keep progressing my tricks, learning bigger ones and just ride as much as I can,” he said. After a recent long layoff with an ankle injury, REIZE hopes Breed can do just that.