The Five Stages of Moving Out

The five stages of grief and loss are identical to the stages to moving out. Whether you’re taking things to the next level with your partner, you’re going stag or your friends are coming with you, you finally have a place of your own. Below we have summarised the most popular stages of moving out so you know just what to expect.

1. Denial a.k.a. sidewalk furniture:

We’ve all done it, the slow crawl in the car past a bunch of sidewalk chairs and desks. And while we insist that ‘it’s practically brand new’ as justification for bringing some of it home, we know deep down it’s really not. But hey, you have your independence! So until the time comes where you can afford to splash out on stylish, new furniture, that wobbly TV unit will have to do.

2. Anger a.k.a. ‘why doesn’t mine look like that?’:

Anger comes in many forms ranging from Ikea furniture flatpacks to exotic Pinterest recipes. One minute you find a lovely dish of Singapore chili prawns and the next you’ve turned the kitchen upside-down and your mouth is on fire. In the end you will realise these things take time and after weeks of experimenting and takeout, you’ll get the hang of feeding yourself 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

3. Bargaining a.k.a. going without things:

When toilet paper and tissues virtually do the same job it seems silly to spend that extra $6 right? And who needs bug spray, that’s why we have so many shoes. Bargaining is a key part of being a homeowner, especially when the rent is high and the funds are low. As you progress into a more stable career, your trolley will overflow with luxuries but until then, bargaining will save your bank balance.

4. Depression a.k.a. MUM HELP ME!:

It may be as bad as moving back in for a few weeks or just end in you sneaking out of the old family house with leftover food after a visit. Either way going home and feeling like you made a mistake will happen eventually. However, a cup of tea and a 20-30 minute pep talk is all it will take to make you realise how much you truly want to thrive in your newly-independent lifestyle.

5. Acceptance a.k.a. home sweet home:

You’ll learn to recycle properly. You’ll pay the electricity bill on time instead of just using candles. You’ll limit your fast food intake and even cook vegetables occasionally. And while you may not get it right all the time, your home is exactly that, yours. It may not be perfect but it will be yours and by god will you be proud of it.

Written by Christie Coughlan