The first B vitamin: Thiamine


REIZE contains the teeny-tiny, yet very important ‘Thiamine’, otherwise known as Vitamin B1. You might be wondering what this powerful little thing can do for you and what it’s all about, so let us introduce you all to your new friend Thiamine:

1. Thiamine was the first B-group vitamin to be discovered by scientists, hence the name B1.

2. Thiamine is found in many foods such as nuts, whole grain cereals, lentils, legumes, pork, poultry and rice.

3. This wonderful little vitamin is needed in order for the body to use its carbohydrate stores properly. Your body needs it to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is a molecule that transports energy within cells. Also, your heart relies on it to function optimally. It is also water-soluble like its sister vitamins.

4. Even though you may never of heard of Thiamine before, it’s actually a very important vitamin. All tissues in your body, including your brain need it in order to keep you going everyday.

5. A Thiamine deficiency can be quite dangerous. Certain conditions such as pellagra and pregnancy can naturally cause a Thiamine deficiency therefore extra supplementation is needed. Other medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, anorexia and alcoholism can all result in a lack of Thiamine in the body.

6. The two main medical conditions that are a result of a Thiamine deficiency are Beriberi and Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Beriberi is a result of pyric acid build-up in the blood which adversely affects breathing, heart-function, alertness and eye movement. Basically, all these bad things happen when your body is not able to convert food into fuel.

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome is actually made up of two separate conditions. Wernicke’s disease is primarily a condition that attacks the nervous system that can cause a whole array of problems such as mental difficulties, poor coordination of the muscles and visual impairment. If the Wernicke condition worsens, it can lead to Korsakoff syndrome, which is much more serious since it can cause permanent memory damage.

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