The Benefits of Living Life on the Cheap

There is often a lot of flack given to those who opt for the cheapskate lifestyle. We all know someone that always declines the offer to go to the movies because free to air options are much more attractive, someone who opts for two entrées instead of a main course and we definitely all know someone who would never decline the offer to eat at a mates house for free. Let’s face it, we all personally know a scrooge and it can well be you. As a self-diagnosed cheapo, let me use my expertise to show you how great your life could be if you ditch the materialistic lifestyle and gain a “no more than 10 bucks” attitude that will eliminate the phrase, “It’s just money”, from your vocabulary altogether. So here goes my 5 reasons why you should also jump aboard the frugal express.

Your Creativity Levels Will Peak

Even if you think you are the most artistically challenged person on earth, I can assure you that you will even surprise yourself by how creative you will be when you become a raging stinge. Getting a bang for your buck means finding alternatives for supposed “affordable luxuries”. For example, eating out has become somewhat of a joke due to its tendency to burn enormous holes in wallets. So instead of gobbling down a harbour-side seafood platter, host a dinner party where everyone brings a small dish each. It’s more fun, cheaper and will make you feel less guilty when you next look at your bank account. Plus, your extra stingy friends will still have an awesome feed. As they say “many hands make light work”.

Extra Dosh To Travel The Globe

Look, if I have managed to travel internationally every year for the past 4 years even when I continue to scrape the pennies from my back pocket, there should be no excuses. The term “financial difficulty” would never exist if you always opted for the cheaper option. The question “how do you afford it?” is asked almost as much as I go to the reduced section of the nearest supermarket, and it really ain’t hard to answer. Just get over it and settle for economy over business class. Yes, travelling can be quite the money gobbler but all you need to learn is the art of compensating. Whether that means you’ll be eating meals from 7/11 for the next 5 years or pretending that you’re under-18 to get cheap entry into a museum, there is always a way!

Greater Appreciation Of Everything

As much as we’d like to think that we don’t, we all have a huge tendency to make money our main priority. This can create an unhealthy relationship between the world and you. You will find that by being tighter-fisted, you will enjoy the smaller things in life. You will start realising that money doesn’t necessarily make us happier, you will stop letting it control your destiny and will start appreciating the wonderful world that we live in.

More Money To Treat Yourself

Everyone likes to go out and let his or her hair down, but then sometimes the bank balance latches onto your leg as you are about to leave the front door. Yes, why did you spend $150 on that watch that apparently complements your brand new denim jacket? Saving those extra bucks by taking a trip to the second-hand store will pay dividends in the end when you’re out sinking a few drinks with your nearest and dearest. Also, it is very rewarding feeling when you know that you have managed to go out and enjoy a social life without even starving yourself to death. No one likes having FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), so pinch those pennies and get out there and enjoy life!

Unearth Hidden Talents

You can never have too many skills. You will soon realise that you have in fact, skills that kills. You will obtain this crazy alter ego that will have no shame in bargaining the pants off any market stall, hunting down the best deals and selling items that you previously thought were well past their expiry date. Most importantly, you will learn the value of money. Splurges and shopping sprees will become a thing of the past as you become a newly appointed tightwad warrior! REIZE knows how much you love having your $$$ and REIZE also knows a thing or two about living life on the cheaper side of the scale. The ready-to-go energy drink sachets can cost you as little as 99c per drink. REIZE has your back, so treat yourself and scrape together some of your leftover pennies for an energy-drink experience that wont break the bank.


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