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120 Energy Drinks for the cheap price of $98. Cheap energy drinks – only 82c per drink home delivered.

REIZE Energy Drinks are a revolutionary new drink, specially formulated to give you 'Optimum Boost'.


VERSATILE: Mix it any way you want. With water, with soda water or brewed hot from the kettle. You can even experiment with your favourite juice, cocktail and other drinks.

GREAT VALUE: No other energy drink is this cheap, stop paying so much for your energy drinks. Buy bulk energy drinks and save.

SUGAR FREE: Sugar is the enemy.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Carry it with you anywhere you go. No more lugging around heavy cans.

OPTIMUM BOOST: The specially formulated combination of caffeine, taurine and ginseng combines to give you an unforgettable long lasting boost, without the crash of other energy drinks.

HEALTHY: Packed with B-Vitamins, REIZE will have you feeling great.

FREE DELIVERY: Right to your doorstep. (*Australia only. International postage costs added for other countries)

TASTIER: In blind taste tests 78% of people thought REIZE tasted better than the leading brands.

SPORTS: REIZE is used by some of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful triathlete’s and endurance athletes, and is very popular for pre-workout. Drink REIZE 20 minutes before you exercise and you’ll have more stamina, more focus and achieve better results.

AUSTRALIAN OWNED: G’Day mate. We’re more Aussie than kangaroo’s, koala’s and Crocodile Dundee. Pour yourself a glass of REIZE and throw another shrimp on the barbie.

DID WE MENTION GREAT VALUE? Such good value, we had to count it twice.

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