• Happy REIZER – Abdullah Traljesic

    When Abdullah Traljesic called at 9:10am on a Sunday morning asking for more REIZE because he’d run out our initial reaction was to point him to the website to reorder.

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  • 9 January 2015 Mitch Griffiths from West Oz was one of our earliest and most enthusiastic fans. To show our appreciation we decided to feature him as a fan of the month. “I’m from WA and surfing is my favourite sport. When I’m not surfing I also skate, snowboard, love hanging out with mates and do a bit of spear fishing. I love REIZE because it’s so portable and easy to store and you can take it anywhere! Not to mention it tastes amazing and gives you a great kick!”

    Happy REIZER – Mitch Griffiths

    Check out our January 2015 Fan of the month - Mitch Griffiths - surfer, skater, snowboarder, and spear fisherman.

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  • Happy REIZER – Alison Pritchard

    Check out our December 2014 Fan of the month - Alison Pritchard - Mum of 4 and REIZE addict.

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  • Happy REIZER – Lejae Surch

    Check out our November 2014 Fan of the month - Lejae Surch - cool dude, Mini fmx rider, and retail owner.

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  • Five minutes with: Dylan Wills

    Dylan Willis has just been crowned the 2014 Australian SXD Champion! So we grabbed a quick 5mins to have a chat.

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  • Hamish Hardeman Hamish Hardeman on the home straight. REIZE Formula Ford racer Hamish Hardeman will be competing in the Australian Formula Ford championship at Philip Island next weekend. The race (Round 6) is the final round of the season, held on the 29th – 30th November. Hamish promises us that this is the biggest event of the year with 31 Formula Fords racing. Every category is full he tells us. If you’re lucky enough to be there, make sure to give our man Hamish your full support. If not, stay tuned to hear the results. Good luck mate!

    Good Luck Hamish Hardeman

    Hamish Hardeman competes in the Australian Forumula Ford championship next weekend - let's wish him luck.

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