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    There’s one thing we love to do at REIZE and that’s REIZing (see what I did there) to the challenge and facing our fears. Getting our heart rate up and feeling adrenaline course through our veins. However, some fears can control people’s lives. Some of us are afraid of spiders, the dark, or heights. These fears can paralyse us, make us hide away into ourselves. There are those who have a much bigger, scarier fear to handle: the fear of addiction.

    Addiction in Australia’s youth is scary. There’s no other way to describe it. 2014 saw meth rise to be the drug of choice among Australia’s youth, this is also connected to a rise in young people experiencing suicidal tendencies and mental illnesses. As scary as this sounds, there is hope. Programs like Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm (TCF), aims to help treat young people who are battling their addiction and help them reintegrate into their lives. They run a unique care facility, which not only provides residential drug and alcoholic rehabilitation for young people aged 16-24; but they also provide mental health services, education and train and life skills programs. To ensure that returning to their lives is easier. It’s a safe and secure place for youths to recover. It’s a noble cause, but a costly one and TCF can’t do it on their own.

    The Sir David Martin Foundation (SDMF) holds an annual fundraising event: Abseil for Youth. SDMF are huge supporters of the Triple Care Farm. The General Manager of the SDMF, Alex Green, has stated that, “Since 1990, Triple Care Farm’s rehabilitation program has turned the lives around of Australia’s most seriously disadvantaged youth. These guys and girls have battled through homelessness, extreme cases of drug and alcohol addiction, all while improving education and treating mental illness.” Doesn’t it sound like a cause worth walking off a sky-scraper for?

    The event, now in its sixth year, raises much needed funds for TCF, and this year they aim to raise more than $400,000! The event is proudly sponsored by Investa Property Group and Adventure Out Australia, who are providing the equipment. To date, Abseil for Youth, has raised over $1.5 million for the program. Helping Australia’s most disadvantaged youth conquer their own fears and face life head on, by encouraging participants to face their own: heights.

    Abseil for Youth sees more than 250 thrill-seeking individuals and teams abseil (as in they tie a rope around their midriff and walk off the side of a building) down a 33 storey skyscraper in Sydney’s CBD; in supportof the youth’s fighting the real challenge at the Triple Care Farm. For those concerned with safety, there will be qualified instructors there on the day to ensure that everything sails smoothly (or seils smoothly, I can’t help it).

    You can make a donation, or sponsor an abseiler on the site Or, you could register and be part ofthe wonderful group of people who put their fears on hold to help others and who also get to experience one of Sydney’s most adrenalin-filled challenges.

    Can you REIZE to the challenge and face your fears?

    Written by Orlaith Costello


    REIZE to the Challenge

    There’s one thing we love to do at REIZE and that’s REIZing (see what I did there) to the challenge and facing our fears. Getting our heart rate up and feeling adrenaline course through our veins. However, some fears can control people’s lives.

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    Tell us a bit about yourself?

    Hey I'm Mark Freeman 25 years old from the north west coast of Tasmania. I’ve been riding bikes from the age of 4. My first bike was a z50 dad got me into motocross at a young age that's how it all started.

    How did you get into freestyle bmx?

    In the year 2000 I had a bad crash on my CR 80 and busted my neck and flat lined. My dad and mum made me stop racing but let me keep riding bmx. I always rode bmx on the side as a kid anyway just for the fun of it, as I still ride just for fun and the love for the sport. Being young all my mates had bmx's we always just did our own thing and cruised around, jumped curbs and build dirt jumps then we finally got a skate park and we all lived there pretty much haha. But everyone gave up and started to get into cars and most just moved on from bmx. It’s always been my passion to ride bikes I’ve been riding my whole life bmx turned into a life style for me.

    How do you psych yourself up to do a big move?

    Go through the motion of the trick in my head before I do it. So I picture myself land it in my head, say to myself “I’ve got this” and just drop in and send it.

    You recently got your hands on some REIZE what do you think of it?

    It’s amazing it’s the best energy drink out! I love how it’s a small package and it’s easy to chuck a heap in my bag and it takes up literally no room, great to travel with or have in your pocket at work for those days when you need an energy boost. Being sugar free is awesome and it tastes amazing!

    Have you found any favourite mixes?

    My personal favourite is just keepit simple and mix it with water, but I also like to mix it with lemonade every now and then.

    Anything else you would like to tell the world?

    I’d like to thank everyone that supports me and watches my YouTube edits and follows me on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to Mum and Dad for all their support over the years, they have been there for the good and the bad and helped me when I’ve busted myself up pretty bad.

    Big shout out to REIZE Energy, WSM Freestyle, Fist Handwear and BMX international for all the support.

    Follow Markon instagram@markfreemanbmx

    Check out Mark’s Facebook pages:

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    Happy REIZER – Mark Freeman

    I love how it’s a small package and it’s easy to chuck a heap in my bag and it takes up literally no room...

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