Nude in Noosa

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REIZE energy drink athlete Dale Lovey told us that he loves the “vibe and surf community” in Bali and France, where he is used to beautiful scenery, wine, waves and sometimes – topless women. Here at REIZE we are wondering if A-Bay at Noosa will be next on his list!Surfing this Noosa swell magnet has proven to be quite an interesting experience for Dale and his crew, and not just because of the fun little wedges that appear when everywhere else is flat. Dale says

“The thing about it is that its a solid 20-30minute walk through bush up and down hills to get there so that keeps a lot of people away from the beach, but it brings out a community of middle aged nudists, mostly men. So while we are stripping down getting into our wetsuits we have a lot of heads turned hoping our towels drop and they get a glance of the goods!Once we are in the water shooting we have a lot of naked onlookers from the shore and even a couple that come out for a swim braving the chilly water bare bodies. It's always a bit of fun going up there to shoot.”

The boys probably like to think that wherever they go; when they get changed they attract attention! We’re not sure the middle-aged nudists of Noosa were exactly who they intended to attract the attention of, and its not quite Bali or France but hey – this is Australia!

Written by James Booth, pictures by Harry Elks.

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