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Nau Review (Explored)

Nau Review (Explored)

Gaming requires sharp memory and energy. I assume that like me, you love computer and mobile games and would love to know the best gaming drink choices. You might be looking to make your experience a little bit better as well.

I’m always on the hunt for great energy drinks and I stumbled upon Nau Energy, which is a caffeine-free and sugar-free powdered energy drink.

You might be wondering just how energizing Nau is since it does not have any stimulants at all. Based on my experience, it does have a mild energy boost (but of course not as strong as caffeinated drinks) and I do like its micronutrients, but its flavor range just isn’t that impressive for me.

In this article, I’ll be sharing more of my personal experience with Nau and you’ll be able to understand what to expect from this beverage.

Let’s get started.

Nutritional Facts of Nau Energy

You can mix one sachet of Nau in 400ml of water. And as you can see on the table below, the amount per ingredient is minimal, so you won’t really need to worry about overdose.

ContentAmount per 100mlAmount per 400ml
Total Fat0g<0g
of which Sugars0.1g0.5g
Dietary Fibre0.03g0.1g
Protein 0.06g0.2g
Salt 0g0g
Nutritional Information of Nau Energy

Ingredients of Nau

Aside from the mentioned nutrients, it is also packed with the following:

  • Maltodextrin (maize)
  • Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator)
  • Trimagnesium citrate
  • Salvia Extract (Sage, Arabic gum, sage essential oil),
  • Cranberry Extract (Cranberry, magnesium hydroxide, citric acid)
  • Flavor
  • L-theanine
  • Paprika Oil Extract
  • Sucralose (Artificial Sweetener)
  • Lemon Balm Extract
  • Anti-caking agent (Tricalcium Phosphate)
Nau Back Label
Nau Back Label

Is Nau Drink Any Good?

Yes. Even though it lacks some of the usual energy drink ingredients, it can still be a great alternative to energy drinks.

Besides, Nau does contain nutrients like D-pantothenate and calcium. These elements are meant to protect you against mental and physical stress, including anxiety.

Moreover, pyridoxine hydrochloride can prevent a decline in your brain function. It decreases your homocysteine levels associated with Alzheimer’s disease and memory impairments. Some studies also prove vitamin B6 or pyridoxine hydrochloride is adequate for your brain health. 

Does Nau Have Caffeine?

No, Nau doesn’t have any caffeine at all. On the other hand, it can give you a lift and an ounce of focus, courtesy of its other ingredients.

Just a quick reminder, even though Nau doesn’t contain any caffeine, there’s a chance you might consume other products with caffeine on the same day. 

For this reason, I want to share that the FDA advises not to take more than 400mg of caffeine daily. Otherwise, you might experience caffeine crash symptoms such as headaches, excessive tiredness, focus difficulty, and irritability.

If you don’t consume caffeine regularly, you’re less likely to experience the mentioned discomfort, especially with Nau drinks.

And if you’re trying to cut back on caffeine, Nau is a great alternative for you as you slowly lessen your intake!

Nau Flavor Review

There are only a few flavors of Nau and I tried each of them!

Raspberry Blueberry Flavor

Judging by the name alone, I thought this flavor would be sweet. However, I found out it has a slightly bitter taste, surprisingly. It tastes pretty thirst-quenching, and it’s not sour at all. 

But it has a very unpleasant aftertaste that I could still feel in my mouth even an hour after finishing the drink. That alone lowered my flavor rating to 5/10.

Lemon Balm Elderberry Flavor

4/10. Just like the first one, I didn’t like this flavor as well. Its lemon flavor doesn’t compliment other flavors it’s mixed with. I didn’t enjoy this flavor, and quite bitter too. 

I’m starting to think that this beverage is only taken because of its cognitive properties and not how it tastes. I actually didn’t drink the whole serving and just finished maybe half of it. 

Nau Flavors
Nau Flavors

Watermelon Splash flavor

This one is no different. It is another bitter-tasting flavor. Although it’s milder, I can’t really say it would turn me into a fan, but I still give this one 6/10.

I don’t understand why they don’t go with my taste buds. There’s something really bitter-tasting about all of these flavors.

I just wish it was a little bit sweeter to offset the bitter flavor.

Green Apple Flavor 

Out of all the four flavors, this one is what I like so far. I still don’t love it, but it has a better taste than I expected. I give this a rating of 6.5/10. 

It’s kind of sour, but at least there’s a little sweetness. On the other hand, it has a bland aftertaste which is better than the bitter ones.

Pineapple Twist Flavor

I give this one the same rating as the Green Apple flavor because it tastes pretty good. Well, I tried this one because it has Pineapple in its name, and I haven’t tasted a bitter pineapple yet in my life.

It has quite a “zesty,” almost spicy taste, which replaces the bitter flavor I’ve experienced on other drinks. 

I’m guessing this is supposed to be bitter too. But it’s just because the mixing of contents worked better and enhanced the pineapply flavor more than turning it bitter. Not too bad, but still not something that I would seek out or describe as delicious or thirst-quenching.

If you want to hear another opinion about this energy drink, watch this video.

This is how Nau Energy is from a perspective of a gamer.

How Many Calories Are In Nau?

Nau has 133 calories per sachet. I guess this is supposed to energize you, but I didn’t feel much different after consuming a serving.

But no worries, this amount won’t be stored as lousy fat, mainly because gaming can burn more than 200 calories in an hour. 

The suggested calorie limit is around 2,500 for men and 2,000 for ladies. Therefore, if you consume past that amount, it can lead to weight gain and even diabetes. 

How Much Sugar Is In Nau? 

Nau has no sugar. However, it uses an artificial sweetener called sucralose in place of natural sugar. This is supposed to make the whole drink pretty sweet. Unfortunately, the beverage wasn’t that sweet in my opinion.

That said, sucralose is FDA-approved, so it should be safe for use in beverages. Aside from that, it can also prevent weight gain.

However, it has its disadvantages; it might raise glucose and insulin levels for specific individuals. So natural sugar or sweetener, make sure you moderate your consumption.

Where to Buy Nau?

You can buy Nau drinks on Amazon or their website.

If you purchase it on their official site, you can also buy an official tumbler from there along with your other purchases. 

For around $22, you can get around 10 sachets of Nau. It means each sachet costs around $2.20. In my opinion, it is a bit pricey for a powdered energy drink.

Alternative Energy Drinks to Nau

Since I didn’t have such a great experience with Nau, I’m recommending some other brands that I think would be better.


X-Gamer caffeinated drink is patronized in the world of gaming. This enhancement energy drink can give you power and concentration during your gaming sessions, just like how it worked for me. 

You can get this caffeinated drink in a 600g tub or a more famous rendition, the 10g sachet. It has supplements and multivitamins that are great for your brain. I wish Nau energy has the nootropic amino that X-Gamer has. 

It also has 200mg of caffeine per sachet, and it doesn’t have a bitter taste. Then again, it doesn’t contain any sugar and only has a few calories.

You’ll be glad to know that it has ten unique flavors that are all tasty and enjoyable to drink.  

Celsius On-the-go

Celsius On-The-Go is your go-to drink when you want an extra lift to your energy. It’s also a powdered caffeinated drink that comes in sachets that you can blend in 12 fl. oz. of water.

And even if you add a little bit of water, the taste would still be mouthwatering. However, don’t add too much because that may compromise the effects and taste. 

This also has 200mg of caffeine per serving. Many fans and competitors use Celsius On-the-Go because it just has ten calories for each serving. In addition, it won’t make you put on any additional weight, and it’s also sugar-free.

You can use this energy drink for gaming or workout. Amazon sells each container of Celsius On-the-Go for around $21. Also, one box contains 14 sticks which means a stick is only equal to $1.50.

REIZE (My Favorite)

Just like Nau drinks, REIZE is a powdered energy drink too. I like this energy drink because it has only 50mg of caffeine and just 11 calories. This can give me the lift I need enough for the day. Plus, it’s sugar-free!

The minimal content ensures that you won’t be experiencing any caffeine or sugar crashes. It’s also rich in vitamin B, taurine, and inositol, absent in Nau energy

REIZE is suitable for all kinds of diets and lifestyles. Plus, it comes in pretty handy 4g sachets that you can take with you anywhere.

You can get REIZE for only around $1 and you can even have your orders delivered to your home.

Try REIZE and discover that it’s much better than Nau

REIZE Sachet poured in a glass
REIZE sachet poured in a glass

Other Notable Mentions:


Overall, I’m not a fan of caffeine-free beverages that prevent me from getting the alertness I need. I really can’t say that I felt any different after drinking any flavors.

On the other hand, I think it’s a good drink if you’re highly sensitive to caffeine. 

As with all of the flavors of Nau, I don’t love the bitterness. For me, they should have been sweeter because it’s caffeine-free. Also, artificial sweeteners can easily make a beverage sweeter compared to sugar.

Still, I think you should try all the Nau drink flavors so that you can find out if they work for you or not.