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More than A Pick Me Up: 5 Health Benefits of Caffeine

More than A Pick Me Up: 5 Health Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine's Chemical Structure

Caffeine has been the world’s drug of choice since it was discovered by cherry-loving dancing goats in Ethiopia all those years ago. It often gets a bad rep by health nuts, but it is actually quite good for you (unless you have a history of hyper-tension). In fact, caffeine can greatly improve your well being and standard of living.

Whether you like it in your coffee, tea or REIZE energy drink, we all want it and most of us need it to keep up with our busy lifestyles. So the next time you are enjoying a glass of REIZE or cup of coffee and someone starts bothering you, just throw these back at them.

  • It Improves Your Brain Memory

No doubt you know that caffeine makes you more alert. In fact, it improves your reaction time and logical reasoning as your brain is working faster. Researchers have discovered that caffeine helps to consolidate your memory. So if you have an interview, exam or match coming up, have a dose of caffeine about 45 mins beforehand and you’ll have a faster reaction time and all the right answers. Because it helps your mind be more alert and consolidates your memories, it can also help stave off neuro degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A daily dose of caffeine, from coffee or REIZE, can reduce your risk of these diseases later on in life. Someone pass the sachet.

  • Helps You Get Fit Faster

Dog with REIZE

REIZE – for when you’re dog tired

Not only does caffeine increase your stamina during exercise, if you live an active lifestyle – lots of sports or gym activities – it can actually help you burn more calories during your work out. Caffeine can also increase your endurance levels. If you have a dose of caffeine and carbs after your work out, this will increase your muscle fuel meaning more reserves for your next workout. It can also decrease any post work out pain by 48%. Doesn’t that seem like a good reason to have some REIZE ready in your gym bag the next time you head out for a work out?

  • Increases Fertility (In Men)

Men who consume caffeine on a regular daily basis generally have an increased volume of semen and significantly lower levels of sperm DNA fragmentation. Scientists also say that a daily dose of 250-375g of caffeine can lower your risk of Erectile Dysfunction. You are not doing it for you, think of your future children…and your partner.

  • Puts Hair on Your Chest (or rather your head)

Amazingly tests have been done that prove that caffeine can actually make bald men or women regrow their hair. However, the tests were carried out on cadavers. So it can work, but it would require you to consume 6000g of caffeine after your heart has stopped. I agree it’s not the most ideal situation, still pretty cool. Caffeine, you’re so magical.

  • Makes You Happier

Caffeine is an amazing natural substance that is so versatile and so effective. It is almost identical to the chemical adenosine which we have swimming around in our brains. Adenosine basically tells the brain when your body is tired. However, after you’ve consumed and absorbed caffeine your brain can’t tell the difference between the two. So caffeine effectively blocks the adenosine from doing its job and tricks the brain into staying alert. It starts to work after about 15minutes and can last up to 6 hours, depending on your physical and chemical make-up. Not only does it make you more alert, it also aids in releasing the happy-hormone dopamine. So you’re happy, alert and aware.

So there you have it. What’s not to love about caffeine? If you haven’t already tried REIZE, then what are you waiting for? With 50mg of Caffeine per sachet, it can be mixed any way you choose. We suggest Cold and Smooth (with cold water), Cold and Fizzy (with soda water) and Brewed Hot (with hot water). Enjoy.

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