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Krating Daeng Energy Drink Review (What’s Cool)

Krating Daeng Energy Drink Review (What’s Cool)

As you can see, the Krating Daeng logo has two charging bulls. Obviously, it represents power along with the sun behind them that symbolizes energy.

Dubbed as the Asian Red Bull, Krating Daeng is a powerful energy drink in Thailand that exploded among its workforce in the 70s.

This energy drink is packed with various nutrients and claims to be 100% sugar-free. A fair-calorie content of 120 calories and the 32mg of caffeine content works to their benefit as well.

Join me as I give an in-depth review of Krating Daeng and let’s see how it holds up!

Nutritional information of Krating Daeng.
Can’t read it? Have a look at the table in the next section.

Krating Daeng Energy Nutrition Facts

Krating Daeng is filled with nourishing ingredients like inositol, choline, and B vitamins. You might not be able to read the label because it’s written in Thai, but I got that covered for you.

Here’s a table containing the nutrients and their amounts in Krating Daeng energy drink:

Value (Standard Serving)Krating Daeng(150ml/5 fl.oz)
Carbohydrates(Of which Sugars)28g(25.7g)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.7mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)21.5mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)5.6mg
Vitamin B63.5mg
Vitamin B127.5μg
Nutritional Information of Krating Daeng

Krating Daeng Energy Ingredients

Apart from the nutrients, Krating Daeng also has a lot of beneficial ingredients. Without them, the drink cannot be the same. These are other ingredients that make up Krating Daeng are:

TaurineThis element is responsible for your healthy metabolism. It protects your muscles and improves your physical performance.   
SucroseThis element is also called blood sugar because it circulates in the blood. It causes triggers to release insulin to regulate the sugar level in your blood. 
Acid RegulatorsFrom its name, it’s evident that it regulates the acid in your food or beverage. It makes the product tasty and helps increase its shelf life.  
Preservative This helps the acid regulators. It is also in charge of fighting spoilage caused by bacteria, molds, fungus, and yeast.
Some of its Nutrients and their function.

Are Non-Carbonated Drinks Safe?

Yes, non-carbonated drinks are safe. Contrary to this, consuming carbonated beverages is not suitable for your health because they contain lots of sugar. Thus, it can lead to unwanted weight gain, diabetes, and cardiovascular conditions.

That’s why you should consider taking a break from consuming carbonated energy drinks every once in a while.

Aside from Krating Daeng, here are some non-carbonated beverages that are good for your body:

  • Unsweetened & Sweetened Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Fruit Punch
  • Sports Drinks
  • Orange Juice
  • Enhanced Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Flavored Water

Sugar In Krating Daeng Energy Drink

Krating Daeng energy drink contains around 24g of sugars. This is a pretty high amount to have in an energy drink like Krating Daeng.

The AHA advises that men should consume only 150 calories of sugar per day. This amount is equivalent to 38g or 9 teaspoons of sugar.

On the other hand, women should limit themselves to 100 calories of sugar per day. This amount is around 25 g or 6 tsp of sugar.

If you consume Krating Daeng energy drink irresponsibly, you might experience sugar crashes. Here are some symptoms you can get from a sugar crash:

  • Discomfort
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Excess sweat

Is It Safe To Consume Krating Daeng Energy Drink?

If you’re healthy and don’t have any pre-existing medical condition, Krating Daeng energy drink should be safe for you. However, the better question is how much Krating Daeng is safe to take daily?

It’s advisable to consume no more than 2 cans of energy drinks per day. This concerns the caffeine content an energy drink may have.

As you may know, going over the suggested caffeine intake of the FDA can make you suffer from headaches, nervousness, and irritability. You’re lucky that Krating Daeng only has 50mg of caffeine. So, I think drinking more than a can will not make you suffer from caffeine overdose.

With 50mg caffeine, you can do so many things. This is what I like about Krating Daeng. It has just the right amount of caffeine. For comparison, an average cup of tea has about 40 mg.

Studies show that if you consume a beverage with 40 mg of caffeine, you will still have 20mg remaining after 5 hours. And that means the caffeine takes some time to leave your system.

What Can You Experience While Consuming Krating Daeng?

First off, it comes in a glass bottle. And when you hold it, it perfectly fits your palm. Although the glass is quite strong, I’m afraid if you drop it at a certain distance, it will be goodbye.

Krating Daeng smells a lot like the original Red Bull; however, it tastes more concentrated and juicier. Plus, it doesn’t have an awkward aftertaste.

Having experienced Krating Daeng, I can definitely see why it’s endured throughout the years. It is very refreshing and has an appealing flavor that doesn’t get old.

The energy boost is also decent, considering the small 32mg caffeine content. I’d much rather have low-caffeinated beverages I can top off every few hours rather than a caffeine-loaded energy drink that will send me buzzing.

Still curious? Watch this video.

Where Can You Buy Krating Daeng Energy?

If you’re somewhere in the US, you might have a hard time looking for Krating Daeng. Red Bull Austria trademark infringements have something to do with this. However, if there are Asian convenience stores near you might get a couple of cans.

If you reside in an Asian country like Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand, you can find Krating Daeng in most convenience stores and malls.

A 150ml of Krating Daeng usually costs around $3 in Thailandbazar or Alibaba. You can get each can for around $1 if you buy it in bulk.

Krating Daing energy held sideways,
Side label of Krating Daeng.

Alternatives To Krating Daeng

If you want more energy drinks from Asia, here are the most effective drinks I can suggest you try.

Extra Joss

Indonesia is the proud origin of Extra Joss. This energy drink also contains 50mg of caffeine. This powder energy drink comes in sachets of 4.4g.

This energy drink has ginseng extract, taurine, and B-vitamins that can help you with your adventures.

Because it is a powdered energy drink, you can mix it everywhere during your exercise or water break. I must say an energy drink break is more suitable.

You can purchase 6 sachets of Extra Joss on Amazon for only about $15.

Carabao Energy

Carabao Energy is also from Thailand. It has 105mg of caffeine combined with other B-vitamins and other micronutrients.

The good thing about this drink is it is gluten-free with vegan-friendly contents. Its caffeine content is just an average amount. But to be safe, 2 cans is enough for a day.

Did I mention it is also lactose-free? It’s good for your tummy, and if you have celiac disease, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Apart from the original, Carabao has four other flavors. Try to taste each one to discover your favorite. As for me, I like the original version best.

For more vegan-friendly energy drinks, you can check this article.

REIZE (Highly Recommended)

REIZE Energy Drink Sachet
Reize Energy Drink

REIZE is another energy drink that you can go for. It also contains 50mg of caffeine, just enough to power you through the day without risking pesky side effects.

REIZE comes in 4g sachets, and it means you can carry it easily and mix it anywhere you like. If you’re always on the go like me, you’ll find that REIZE is the perfect companion.

The drink is also sugar-free, and it means you’re free from the worry of having a sugar crash. Aside from this, it’s incredibly packed with ginseng, taurine, inositol, and B-vitamins for its size.

You can have REIZE delivered straight to your door for only around $1. That’s amazing value for your money!

Try REIZE today and experience the one-of-a-kind goodness!

Other Notable Mentions


Overall, Krating Daeng gets 7 out of 10 from me.

To a large extent, you get exactly what you see. While the selection of flavors and styles is limited, I found that it provided me with a pleasant boost of energy despite its modest caffeine concentration.

Another possible liability for me is the glass bottle. While it is compact, it can easily break so I don’t recommend toting it around. The brand also isn’t readily available around the world, so depending on your location, you may have to do a bit of searching first.

Still, Krating Daeng is a competitive option to the classic Red Bull. It isn’t behind other energy drinks, and its classic look can undoubtedly take you back to the 1970s.

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