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Is ZOA Energy Vegan? (Facts Revealed)

Is ZOA Energy Vegan? (Facts Revealed)

Zoa Energy’s effectiveness is ensured by the correct combination of caffeine, vitamins, and necessary amino acids. The moderate use of this beverage can improve your mood and help you stay motivated for extended periods of time.

You might suffer unpleasant side effects if you consume more than one serving of this drink. Some of the negative effects include an increase in heart rate or slight anxiousness.

But, is ZOA Energy vegan?

Sadly, ZOA Energy drink is not vegan-friendly because the sugar it uses is not free from traces of animal products. Other ingredients such as L-Glutamine are also unclear if they are naturally derived or synthetically produced. However, the drink is suitable for vegetarian diets.

The goal of this article is to determine whether Zoa Energy is truly non-vegan. You’ll also be able to tell if the blend is healthful considering its ingredients.

Nutrition Facts of ZOA Energy

On the back of the can, you’ll find nutritional information about ZOA Energy. It stands out because it’s written in white ink on a black background.

Nutrition FactsAmount Per ServingRecommended Daily Amount
Total Fat0g65g
Total Carbohydrate2.4g300g
Total Sugar23g25g-37g
Included Added Sugar22g25g-37g
Vitamin C90mg60mg
Vitamin D5mcg600IU
Vitamin B10.3mg1.5mg
Vitamin B216mg1.7mg
Vitamin B61.7mg2mg
Vitamin B1212.2mcg6mcg
Potassium 80mg3500mg
Nutrition Facts of ZOA Energy along with the RDA Chart

ZOA Energy concentrates on offering priority to your immunity with vitamin C, vitamin B, and choline. However, that’s not all. It can also preserve your body’s hydration with the help of magnesium and potassium.

ZOA Energy Drink.
ZOA Energy Drink

Calorie Content of ZOA Energy

ZOA Energy is available in two flavors, each with a distinct calorie count. Zoa Energy comprises 100 calories in the regular version, but just 15 calories in the sugar-free version.

Calories are the fractions of energy released by your body during the digestion and absorption of meals. The amount of energy that food provides to your body is determined by its calorie content.

The recommended daily calorie consumption is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  1. Overall general health
  2. Physical activity demands
  3. Sex
  4. Weight
  5. Height
  6. Body shape

Overall, women should consume 2,000 calories every day and men need to take 2,500 calories per day.

Are the Ingredients of ZOA Energy Vegan?

I have added a table below showing the ingredients of ZOA Energy and their vegan status.

Carbonated WaterYes
Citric AcidYes
Natural FlavorsDepends
Potassium CitrateVegan
Stevia ExtractVegan
Natural CaffeineVegan
Magnesium LactateVegan
Green Tea ExtractVegan
Acerola Juice PowderVegan
Choline BitrateVegan
Camu Camu ExtractVegan
Turmeric ExtractVegan
Ingredients of ZOA Energy

ZOA Energy includes vegetarian-friendly ingredients, but not all of them follow the same as shown in the table. Thus, you can easily understand that ZOA Energy is not vegan at all.

Caffeine is the only natural stimulant in Zoa Energy. How does natural caffeine differ from other restoratives? I don’t really think it does.

Caffeine in synthetic form has similar benefits and drawbacks. The only difference could be that natural caffeine lasts longer.

How Much Caffeine is in ZOA Energy?

A can of ZOA energy drink includes 160 milligrams of caffeine.

You’ll need roughly 100mg to 200mg of caffeine to be entirely attentive throughout the day. Each can of ZOA energy drink has 160 mg of caffeine.

This implies it has enough caffeine to keep you awake and allow you to carry out your everyday chores.

Caffeine intake is restrained to 400 milligrams per day. If you consume more caffeine than this, you may develop dehydration, palpitation, jitters, insomnia, anxiety, dizziness, and other negative effects.

Is Sugar Actually Vegan?

Sugar, despite being a wholly plant-derived commodity, may not be called vegan due to its questionable filtration method.

Sugar is a good source of calories and can give you a boost of energy. Sugar crashes are possible with ZOA because it already includes 23 grams of sugar.

Sugar cane and sugar beets are the primary sources of sugar. Some vegans who take a more “possible and practical” approach to the lifestyle would like this plant-based definition. Others, on the other hand, may find it difficult to determine whether their sweet tooth delight is truly free of animal products.

Because animal bone char, a by-product of the meat industry, is often used to refine cane sugar, one of the most prevalent kinds of sugar. Unfortunately for vegans, looking at the ingredient list alone may not be enough to establish how sugar was refined.

Sugar is not entirely vegan.

Are the Artificial Sweeteners in ZOA Energy Vegan?

ZOA Energy uses artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium to bring a sweet taste to their products.

Although most say sucralose is vegan because it’s synthetically produced and doesn’t contain animal products. Sucralose was extensively tested on animals, resulting in over 12,000 animal deaths before being approved by the FDA, and as a result, some vegans are concerned about this issue.

Sucralose has been chemically adjusted to be 600 times sweeter than sugar while possessing nearly no calories. Sucralose is utilized in foods like yogurt, confectionery, ice cream, and soda since it doesn’t leave an aftertaste on your tongue.

BCAAs in ZOA Energy

On the ZOA beverages label, there is no information about the number of amino acids. Almost all the amino acids are vegan except l-glutamine which can be found in food in both animal and plant protein, such as beef, eggs, tofu, and corn.

BCAAs supply nourishment to your skeletal muscles during exercise, giving you the edge you need to push your boundaries. BCAAs can also aid muscle protein recovery after a workout, specifically when combined with carbohydrates.

Here are a few benefits the BCAAs have to offer:

  1. Muscle building
  2. Reduce fatigue
  3. Decrease muscle soreness
Amino acids.
BCAAs are a group of amino acids present in ZOA Energy.

Is ZOA Energy Vegan?

Zoa Energy includes vegetarian-friendly ingredients, but it may not be vegan.

The right combination of caffeine, vitamins, and essential amino acids ensures the effectiveness of ZOA Energy. Moderate consumption of this beverage can help you stay motivated for longer periods of time and boost your mood.

However, ZOA Energy doesn’t follow a vegan diet as it includes added sugar which may have been refined in a questionable process, and one of the amino acids might not be totally vegan. Also, the lack of an official statement about being vegan should be acknowledged.

Is ZOA Energy Bad For You?

ZOA Energy is not harmful to your health if you consume it moderately.

Despite their multiple benefits, energy drinks such as ZOA, in my opinion, should not be consumed in excess. Only when you lose control of your energy drink consumption do you run the risk of developing a variety of health difficulties.

Consuming energy beverages occasionally can be beneficial to your health. As a result, you can drink ZOA energy drinks without worrying about hurting your health.

Things I Like About ZOA Energy

  1. Provides a boost in energy
  2. Includes a lot of vitamins
  3. includes a lot of minerals
  4. Tastes good

Things I Don’t Like About ZOA Energy

  1. Includes a high amount of sugar

Flavors of ZOA Energy

So, here are the flavors of the ZOA energy drink.

  1. Pineapple Coconut
  2. Lemon Lime
  3. Super Berry
  4. Wild Orange
  5. Original

Alternatives to ZOA Energy Drink

Aside from ZOA Energy, you can also try these alternative energy drinks.

GG GamerSupps

Because it contains 100mg of caffeine, GG GamerSupps can help you improve your performance; and it’s sugar-free and calorie-free!

To compensate for the deficiency of sugar, it uses acesulfame K and sucralose. It also possesses l-theanine, l-tyrosine, and choline bitartrate, which are all excellent for your eyes along with being beneficial to your muscles!

It contains potassium-based electrolytes, so you can rest assured that any lost fluid in your body will be restored quickly. If you’re a vegan, its nootropics features make it ideal for you and you can get a sixty serving tub only for $29.99.

G Fuel

G Fuel Powder is a well-known brand, so you’re probably familiar with it.

G Fuel incorporates only 25 calories and 150 milligrams of caffeine per serving. This one, unlike ZOA, is sugar-free. It’s available in sachets and cans.

It contains taurine, l-tyrosine, and choline bitartrate, which help you focus and concentrate.

While this beverage was created for gamers, it can also be used for regular jogging.

REIZE (My Favorite)

REIZE is also suitable for vegans and it has far less caffeine than ZOA Energy. You’ll be able to go through your day without feeling unsettled with only 50mg of caffeine.

REIZE Energy Drink.
REIZE Energy Drink

It arrives in a handy 4g powdered sachet that you can take with you wherever you go. The fact that it is sugar-free is definitely a plus.

It also just incorporates 11 calories, so it won’t mess with your diet. Apart from that, it comprises other nutrients such as vitamin B, ginseng, and taurine.

REIZE is available for as low as $1, and you may have your orders shipped right to your door.

Other Notable Mentions

  1. Zipfizz
  2. Advocare Spark
  3. Monster


To summarize, not all of the ingredients in ZOA Energy are vegan-friendly.

Some of the substances are sourced and obtained from animal sources. So, if you’re a vegan or vegetarian who’s conscious of it, the ZOA energy drink might not be the best option for you.

This product, ZOA Energy, has 23mg of added sugar. It’s vital to remember that drinking too much of this drink might trigger headaches and sugar cravings.

Those with a high caffeine tolerance may find ZOA beneficial, as it contains 160mg of caffeine. Zoa should not be taken by teenagers or pregnant women.

Try REIZE, a vegan energy drink with only 11 calories and 50 grams of caffeine, as well as a delightful lime flavor, if you’re looking for a low-calorie energy drink.

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