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Is Nau Energy Bad for you? (Truth)

Is Nau Energy Bad for you? (Truth)

As the most popular drug in the world, caffeine is now so ubiquitous in our everyday lives that it’s hard to imagine going a day without it. To stay focused and energized, most of us need an extra source of energy and focus that can be found in caffeinated beverages.

However, that shouldn’t always be the case!

Even though it doesn’t include any caffeine or guarana, the Swedish-made NAU Energy powder drink nonetheless helps you concentrate and increases your mental clarity. It also has fewer calories than conventional energy drinks.

Taking everything into account, I believe we can safely say Nau Energy drinks aren’t harmful unless you consume them in excess.

Not convinced? Let me tell you more about it, just keep reading!

What is in NAU Energy Drink?

Nutritional Facts

Nau Energy drinks are available in sachet packets that you should blend before use. The table below shows what are the nutrients included in each sachet.

ContentAmount per 100mlAmount per 400ml
Total Fat0g<0g
of which Sugars0.1g0.5g
Dietary Fibre0.03g0.1g
Nutrition Summary of Nau Energy

Gain mental and physical strength with NAU Snse! This supplement’s natural active ingredients were deliberately chosen for players to benefit from. Not to mention, you can carry it with you everywhere you go since it’s in sachet form.


Additionally, Nau Energy has the following ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin (maize)
  • Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator)
  • Trimagnesium citrate
  • Salvia Extract (Sage, Arabic gum, sage essential oil),
  • Cranberry Extract (Cranberry, magnesium hydroxide, citric acid)
  • Flavor
  • L-theanine
  • Paprika Oil Extract
  • Sucralose (Artificial Sweetener)
  • Lemon Balm Extract
  • Anti-caking agent (Tricalcium Phosphate)

Some of the active ingredients in the Nau Energy drink include lemon balm, L-theanine, cognivia, and an extra dose of vitamin and mineral supplements. Aside from soothing your mind and body, this combination is designed to help you focus better.

How Much Caffeine is in Nau?

Nau stands apart since it doesn’t include any caffeinated ingredients when it comes to energy drinks.

Indeed, while it’s caffeine-free, Nau may provide a surge and a jolt of focus due to the supplement’s other ingredients. Vitamins, carbs, and fiber, to name a few, all play a role in this beverage’s ability to give you a surge of energy.

It’s important to remember that although Nau doesn’t include any caffeine, it’s highly probable you’ll drink or eat other foods that do, so be cautious.

Consequently, the FDA advises that you restrict your daily caffeine consumption to no more than 400mg. Anything more than that, you may experience symptoms such as headaches, weariness, difficulty focusing, and irritability due to caffeine withdrawal.

In short, Nau is a fantastic option if you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine intake.

The back side of a sachet of Nau Energy
A sachet of Nau weighs 10 grams but it is already enough to give you focus throughout the day.

Does Nau Snse Work?

Many people will testify that it does work. Don’t underestimate Nau’s capacity to help you stay focused and alert, even if it doesn’t contain caffeine.

Nau Snse, on the other hand, has an entirely different effect on your performance compared to a typical energy drink, so don’t expect the same results!

As a result of this, you shouldn’t bother comparing these two substantially different beverages. They each serve a distinct function, as one would expect.

If you ask me, caffeine-free energy drinks should be more appropriately referred to as concentration drinks. Concentration aids for those long workdays, studying hours, or simply while you’re churning through your video games.

Hence, with a nutritional supplement like Nau Snse, you may be both creative and focused at the same time.

I believe you’ll find this video interesting, for it talks about the effects of energy drinks, mostly caffeinated

Can you use NAU Energy as a Pre-workout? 

Nutritional formulas such as products that include caffeine, creatine, B vitamins, or artificial sweeteners are known as pre-workout supplements. Because of this reason, NAU Energy cannot be considered a pre-workout supplement in the strictest sense since it lacks these ingredients.

But yes you can drink it before your workout and it works differently than the usual pre-workout drinks.

Technically, caffeine-free means it won’t have the same stimulating effects as other energy drinks or supplements on the market, which I believe is a significant advantage, a silver lining if you may. It may help you stay focused for up to four hours at a time.

Nevertheless, In this post, you’ll find a slew of suggestions for pre-workout energy supplements.

Is Nau Energy Bad for You?

Quite the opposite! No jitters or crashes are associated with NAU’s caffeine-free formula. Aside from that, the caloric intake at NAU is relatively minimal.

For me, NAU powder is a healthy alternative to other energy drinks since it’s an excellent concentration source and has no dangerous components. At whatever time of the day or night, it won’t disturb your sleep.

Energy Drink Alternatives to Nau Drinks


Aspire, a sugar-free calorie-burning energy drink boasts a tasty blend of all-natural ingredients that are designed to boost athletic performance and endurance.

A small number of B vitamins and organic components like green tea and ginger root extract are also included in each 12-ounce can of Aspire.

Additionally, Aspire offers a wide array of fruit-inspired tastes, which is a perk if you like altering flavors.


You’d be happy to know that RUNA energy drinks are gluten and vegan-friendly, so there’s no beating that. Its game-changing ingredient, the Guayusa plant, provides 150 milligrams of natural caffeine in RUNA.

In this day and age, a little pick-me-up may go a long way. But owing to RUNA’s new formula and revamped brand, it’s now simpler than ever to satisfy your caffeine cravings minus the guilt!

Because of its organic components and low-calorie taste, I am confident you will like the new RUNA blend.

REIZE (Ultimate Favorite)

With REIZE, you may enjoy a powdered energy drink in 4g sachet form that’s easy to carry and consume. In detail, REIZE is sugar-free and only contains 11 calories per serving, with a reasonable caffeine content of 50 milligrams (mg).

With this in your hands, you can rest easy knowing your drink is safe.

In addition, REIZE gives you a considerable energy boost in minutes by just adding water to the powder. Due to its lack of sugar and carbohydrates, it is also ideal for those on a diet.

It has caffeine in it, so I’m sure you’ll like it too! If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up, taking only 50mg of these can do the trick.

Not to mention, a long-lasting rush is achieved when ginseng and B-vitamins are combined with taurine in the recipe.

For as little as around $1 per drink, REIZE may help you unwind. You can even have your orders shipped to your home! That’s an amazing deal.

The best way to find out is to give REIZE a try and compare it to the other energy drinks I suggested. You never know what you’ll discover!

REIZE sachet being poured
REIZE- The best of the best!

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Ultimately, for a drink that doesn’t include caffeine but still increases your attention and memory, you can’t go wrong with Nau.

NAU is an excellent alternative for those who are sensitive to caffeine because of its low-calorie level and absence of caffeine content. In addition to sugar-free and sugar-containing tastes, you get to choose from either of the two variants.

My admiration for NAU stems from the fact that its contents won’t harm your health. Therefore, you may drink a reasonable quantity of NAU each day.

Indeed, NAU, a caffeine-free energy drink, is here to help you get through the workday.