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Is Lotus Plant Energy Healthy? (Honest Review)

Is Lotus Plant Energy Healthy? (Honest Review)

Short answer: Lotus Plant Energy can be healthy for you as long as you consume it moderately and live a healthy lifestyle.

The Lotus energy drink is made up of a variety of natural components. It’s a natural and healthy energy drink that boosts the body’s energy levels. Because of its major component, lotus blossoms, this beverage is currently gaining popularity.

The lotus has been revered for ages because the components of the bloom have therapeutic properties. Consuming this beverage is a great way to reap the benefits of lotus. This drink comes in a variety of flavors, including oat cream, tea, coffee, fruit fusion, lemonade, and others.

This doesn’t end here so if you want to know more, please read on.

Lotus Plant Energy Supplement Facts

Depending on the food or beverage product, the information in the main or top portion of the sample nutrition label may differ. It contains product information such as serving size, calories, and nutritional value.

Nutrition FactsAmount Per ServingRecommended Daily Amount
Vitamin A3000µg
Vitamin C60mg
Iron 0%18mg
Nutrition Facts of Lotus Plant Energy along with RDI chart

Lotus Plant Energy is a good energy drink with a minimal calorie, carbohydrate, and sugar content. This Lotus Energy also contains a few essential vitamins as well as a decent amount of sodium to help keep you hydrated and energized.

Calories in Lotus Plant Energy

Lotus Plant Energy includes 5 calories per serving.

The amount of calories present in Lotus Plant Energy is enough to provide you with more energy while keeping room for more calorie-dense foods. However, consuming more calories than required without scorching them off can result in weight gain, which, if left untreated, can lead to obesity.

Sugar in Lotus Plant Energy

Lotus Plant energy has a very low amount of sugar.

Lotus Plant Energy includes 2g of sugar per serving that has been derived from sugar cane.

According to a nutritional comparison, a 12-ounce cola drink contains approximately 39 grams of sugar whereas an energy drink incorporates approximately 41 grams of sugar.

While high-sugar energy drinks may provide a burst of energy after 45 minutes, they can cause an unpleasant sugar crash within an hour or two. Lotus Plant Energy is so low in sugar that you wouldn’t have to worry about any kind of crash let alone adverse effects of sugar.

Sodium in Lotus Plant Energy

Lotus Plant Energy includes 160g of sodium per serving.

If the sodium amount of food is listed on the label instead of salt, reproduce the figure by 2.5 to get an accurate representation of the salt level.

According to research, adding sodium to sports beverages is beneficial for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance during exercise.

Lotus Plant Energy includes a moderate portion of sodium per serving which is well below the recommended amount that can have a positive outcome on performance related to an increase in the concentration of electrolytes in the blood.

Salt in a spoon.
Lotus Plant Energy includes a moderate amount of sodium to help you stay hydrated during gaming.

Ingredients of Lotus Energy Drink

Here are the ingredients of the Lotus energy drink.

  1. Purified Water
  2. Pure Cane Sugar
  3. Citric Acid
  4. Sodium Citrate
  5. Natural Flavors
  6. Organic Caffeine From (Green Coffee Beans)
  7. Organic Cascara (Organic Coffee Flower Extracts)
  8. Beta-Alanine
  9. Organic Lotus Flower Extracts
  10. Rhodiola Rosea (Root Extracts)
  11. Organic Schisandra Berry Extracts
  12. Organic Raspberry Fruit Powder
  13. Organic Tart Cherry Fruit Powder
  14. Organic Guava Fruit Powder
  15. Vegetable Juice Powder
  16. Vitamin (3,5,6 &12)
  17. Potassium Sorbate
  18. Sodium Benzoate

What is the Key Ingredient of Lotus Plant Energy?

The key ingredient of Lotus Plant Energy is the lotus flower extract.

Lotus Plant Energy contains lotus flower extract, which has the following health benefits in the body:

  1. Helps clean the body from radical carbon
  2. Protects the body from free radical, lypoxygenase and anti-oxydative lipid
  3. Boosts kidney’s function
  4. Decreases auto anti-body
  5. Helps hampering nterleukin-2 transcript
  6. Has anti-inflammatory properties

Medicine is made from parts of a plant, including flowers, seeds, leaves, and sections of the subterranean stem (rhizome). To halt bleeding, lotus flowers are utilized. Lotus seeds are used to treat digestive problems, such as diarrhea.

Health Benefits of Lotus Flower

How Much Caffeine is There in Lotus Plant Energy?

Lotus Plant Energy includes 80mg of caffeine per serving derived from the coffee fruit and green coffee.

The nutritional powerhouse, coffee fruit (cascara), is designed to maintain the remarkable health benefits of the coffee cherry while delivering maximum quantities of all-natural (never roasted) coffee polyphenols.

Antioxidants and pharmacologically active substances abound in coffee beans. Caffeine and chlorogenic acid are two of the most important.

Is Lotus Energy Plant Bad for You?

The Lotus energy drink is not harmful to your health because it is an organically manufactured beverage. It is free from artificial flavorings and ingredients, but you should consume it in moderation.

It claims to be a healthier and more natural alternative to other energy drinks. This pulpy drink claims to be high in important vitamins and plant extracts, and it briefly boosts energy and alertness.

How to Prepare Lotus Plant Energy Drink?

Rather than drinking a bottle of your favorite Lotus energy drink from a shop, you can prepare one at home using the directions below. Don’t forget to purchase a bottle of your favorite Lotus energy drink as well as the other components specified below.

Things You’ll Need

You will need the following ingredients to prepare Lotus Plant Energy.

  1. 1/2 Cup of Club Soda
  2. 1/2 Cup Ice
  3. A Mixing Bowl
  4. 1 Pump of Lotus Energy
  5. 1/4 Cup of Whip Cream
  6. 1/2 Cup of Frozen Yogurt


The directions for preparing Lotus Plant Energy have been provided below.

  1. For regular iced drink, add 1/2 cup of club soda, 1/2 cup ice, 1 pump of Lotus energy drink in a regular bowl.
  2. Mix them well for a few of seconds, pour into a glass, and enjoy.
  3. For a blended Lotus energy drink, simply combine yogurt with the other ingredients into the blender and blend them for a few minutes.
  4. Top this drink with whip cream, serve in a glass, and cheers!

By following the instructions, you can easily make Lotus Plant Energy at home.

Safety Precautions

Now that you know that the Lotus energy drink is not really dangerous, take the preventive actions listed below to ensure your safety.

  1. To avoid allergic reactions, double-check the contents on the product label before consuming this beverage.
  2. Consult your doctor before taking this energy drink if you are pregnant or a nursing mother.
  3. People with diabetes must avoid consuming Lotus energy drink.

Alternatives to Lotus Energy Drink

Here are a few alternatives to Lotus energy drinks that you may try.

Advocare Spark

Advocare Spark is a powdered energy drink that comes in the form of a stick! It advertises itself as an energy and recovery drink that has a delectable combination of 20 nutrients, minerals, and supplements. These materials, when taken together, result in a considerable increase in mental and physical energy.

Sucralose is also utilized because it doesn’t have any sugar added to it. Each serving of Advocare Spark Energy includes 120mg of caffeine.

Advocare Spark comes in a tub with 42 servings for roughly $55, or around $1.30 per serving.

Guru Energy

Guru Energy has only 100 milligrams of caffeine and 21 milligrams of sugar. Despite the fact that it contains less caffeine, it will surely give a powerful burst of energy. Other caffeinated beverages, such as Celsius and Red Bull, can compete with this.

It costs roughly $7.50 for a four-pack and around $49 for a twenty-four-pack. This means that each can will cost around $2.

$2 is undoubtedly a little price to pay for a boost of energy. Guru Energy is clear yellowish in color and has a pleasant flavor. It has a flavor that isn’t very distinctive, but it isn’t awful.

REIZE (Top Favorite)

The caffeine content of REIZE Energy is merely 50mg. This level of caffeine will keep you attentive while gaming without having any unwanted side effects.

REIZE Energy.
REIZE Energy Drink

It comes in a handy sachet with a little lime taste and a fine powder consistency. While the flavors of Lotus Plant Energy are tasty, this one is significantly superior.

Taurine, inositol, and ginseng are among the other healthy ingredients in REIZE.

REIZE has only 11 calories and no sugar per sachet, so you can be sure it’s good for you no matter what your diet or lifestyle is.

REIZE is available for roughly $1 per sachet, and you may have your orders shipped right to your door.

Give REIZE a try and you might discover that it’s healthy for you.

Other Energy Drinks

  1. Maw Energy
  2. Monster
  3. NOS Energy

Final Thoughts

Generally, Lotus Plant Energy can be healthy for you. It has 80mg of caffeine derived from organic sources. Its key ingredient, lotus flower extract, has anti-inflammatory properties and other health benefits. However, you should consume it moderately and have a balanced diet.

You can drink Lotus energy drinks without thinking too much about it. However, if you have a pre-existing health issue, you should check your doctor before using it. Furthermore, drinking this delightful and nutritious detox tea can remove toxins from your body.

If you’re not convinced about this drink, I recommend trying REIZE, which is my personal favorite. REIZE is a caffeine-free energy drink with only 50mg of caffeine and no sugar, so your teeth will not be affected.

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