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Is Lit Energy Bad for You? (In-Depth)

Is Lit Energy Bad for You? (In-Depth)

With zero sugar, 20 calories, and 250 milligrams of caffeine in every 16 oz can, Lit energy drink gives you the drive and ability to operate at your optimum health capacity. It contains a concentrated formula of Creatinine, Citrulline, and Beta-Alanine—designed to enhance your performance and wrapped in a tasty gummy bear flavor.

All these ingredients and nutritional content make Lit energy good for you. That is, provided that you consume it moderately.

But what if you will not go to the gym and will only drink Lit to get you through your day at the office? Will it still be good for you? Well, in this blog, I will be talking about the ingredients and nutrients that make up Lit energy drinks to help you determine if the drink is bad or good for your lifestyle.

Let’s get the discussion started!

Nutritional Facts of Lit Energy 

First and foremost, let’s talk about the energy drink’s nutrients. The following is a straightforward summary that will help you grasp all of the nutritional information in the drink, what they are, and how much of each you’ll get from drinking one can.

Serving size = 16 fl. Oz can

NutrientsAmount Per Serving
Calories20 cal
Major nutritional information for Lit Energy Drink.

What’s In Lit Energy? 

Now that I’ve covered the essential nutrients, what about the additional components that contribute to the content of its factors?

Now that we’ve covered the essential nutrients that are commonly printed on the side of the can, here’s a table of other notable ingredients the drink has. Some will be familiar, but most of them are unique to Lit energy drinks.

 Amount per Serving
Energy And Mental Intensity3.7mg
  Carnosyn Beta Alanine3.2g
  Caffeine Anhydrous250mg
  elvATP (Ancient Peat And Apple Extract)150mg
  Neuro factor (Coffee Arabica)(Fruit Extract)100mg
Pump & N.O Support4.5g
Additional nutrients are incorporated in a can of Lit Energy.

In addition to the table above, these are its other ingredients that have no definite serving:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Sucralose
  • Sodium Benzoate (Preservative)
  • Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)
  • FD&C Blue # 1

Lit Energy Calorie Content

A single 16-ounce can of Lit energy drink has 20 calories.

The recommended daily intake of calories for women is about 2000 calories, while for men, it is 2500 calories. On the other hand, the appropriate calorie intake is still dependent on factors including your lifestyle, health status, biological gender, and your age.

Considering the data I presented about daily average calories, one should not be overly concerned about the calorie content of Lit energy even if you’re trying to lose weight, for it is very minimal.

Just make sure not to drink Lit excessively daily as the calorie content can quickly add up, especially if you don’t exercise regularly.

Lit Energy Sugar Content

Unlike most caffeinated beverages, Lit Energy has no sugar. 

But how does it retain that sweetness? The brand uses a blend of artificial sweetener Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium, which are both calorie-free and proven to be safe for consumption.

Sucralose, in particular, is so much sweeter than regular sugar and covers the Ace-K‘s strong aftertaste sufficiently.

On a side note, the recommended amount of sugar a healthy adult can take daily should just be about 30g, which is a little over two tablespoons of sugar.

Since Lit energy drinks don’t have any sugar, the risks for diabetes or high blood pressure are relatively lower.

You also won’t experience the infamous sugar crash, which is discussed in the video below!

If you want to know more about the effects of sugar on your body, watch this video.

Lit Energy Caffeine Content

A 16-ounce serving of Lit energy drink contains 250mg of caffeine. This makes it a strongly caffeinated energy drink.

Its caffeine content is one of the significant ingredients this energy drink has. It’s because caffeine is a stimulant that interferes with the adenosine receptors that are responsible for your body feeling fatigued.

However, the strong caffeine content also comes with some downsides. The FDA recommends a daily maximum limit of 400mg of caffeine for adults and Lit Energy crosses the halfway mark.

It’s best to keep your consumption to 1 can of Lit only, since having higher doses of caffeine may result in a lot of health problems, including poor sleeping habits and palpitations.

Tabulated data containing supplement facts about Lit energy drinks.
Lit Energy Nutrition Label


There are approximately 10 grams of BCAA in every serving of lit energy drinks. BCAA is an abbreviation for Branched Chain Amino Acids, which have been beneficial for muscle strengthening.

There are several factors that are associated with BCAAs in regards to their effects on muscles, including the following: 

BCAAs are well-known for being nutrients that help athletes and fitness enthusiasts in enhancing their memory and concentration. Because of this, it is an excellent component to include in an energy source drink like Lit Energy.

Is Lit Energy Bad for You? 

Lit is a high-caffeine beverage that has no sugar, few calories, and multiple nutrients. This energy drink is only harmful to your health only if you consume it in large amounts and over the recommended daily restriction of one can.

It is essential to utilize Lit energy drink, or all energy drinks for this matter, in a careful and balanced way to prevent adverse effects. That means you will get all the advantages and good benefits of it without constantly worrying about your body facing the consequences later on. 

Excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages can cause caffeine overdose and dependency.

Pros And Cons of Lit Energy 

Next, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Lit Energy drinks! Is there a greater number of benefits than drawbacks? Take a look at these!


Lit serves as an energy drink and, at the same time pre-workout drink. It provides a large number of advantages, which include the following:

  • Advanced athletic productivity 
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Greater muscular strength 
  • Makes you feel recharged 
  • Improved mental and cognitive function 

This is due to the 250 milligrams of caffeine, and 3g of L-citrulline included in this energy drink. It also consists of 3.2 g beta-alanine and 100 mg NeuroFactor. Surprisingly, it is also gluten-free, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a healthy energy boost before working out in the gym and working in the office.


However, Lit energy drinks are not all good, either. Once you take an excessive amount, you will experience several caffeine-related consequences.

The daily maximum caffeine consumption for an average adult is about 400 milligrams. Since one can of Lit energy has 250 mg of caffeine, you should not consume more than one can a day.

Whenever you take much more than 400mg, you may suffer adverse effects such as the ones listed below.

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Anxiousness
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart palpitations

Aside from any of these issues, consuming coffee while you are already drowsy may result in caffeine crashes, which can be very unpleasant. That’s why to avoid caffeine crashes or overdose, you must only take Lit energy drink if you are in good physical and mental health, and do not have any underlying medical conditions.

A lady lying in bed in an unusual position.
Aside from these problems, drinking coffee can cause sleep deprivation.

Can Anyone Drink Lit Energy? 

Unfortunately not. Lit energy drink advises that their product should be consumed under these circumstances:

  • Lit Energy drinks should be kept out of reach of children.
  • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding mom, or nursing, you should consult with your physician first before drinking Lit.
  • If you are under 18 years old, have a medical condition, and take medications, this is also prohibited to you unless your doctor allows you to do so. 
  • If you have scheduled surgery appointments, you should stop drinking Lit 2 weeks prior the scheduled date.

This energy drink is only advisable for the consumption of healthy adults who will engage in work or any physical activity.

Can You Drink Lit Energy Every Day? 

Are you a healthy adult? Luckily for you, you can! According to the information I provided above, Lit energy drink has 0% sugar and just 20 calories. 

This implies that the only thing you have to be concerned about is the levels of caffeine you’ll have every day.

If you want to give yourself a jumpstart to enable you to complete your everyday routines, you may take one can of Lit energy drink every day. These energy drinks may appear to be highly advantageous, but perhaps you should not consume over one can of Lit each day.

However, let me just remind you that taking energy drinks on a daily basis is not a healthy lifestyle choice. If you take even two Lit energy drinks, you have consumed 500mg of caffeine, which is a lot of caffeine for anyone.

Alternatives For Lit Energy 

Pre-workouts and energy drinks with caffeine are excellent choices, specifically Lit energy drinks.  Yet, if you are looking for something different, or even better, these are the alternatives available for you.


The creators of Mountain Dew have introduced AMP, a new energy drink formulated with the same taste combination as the classic Mountain Dew. AMP mixes taurine, B vitamins, ginseng, and guarana with carbohydrates, to create a delightful blend of citrus flavors that you will surely love.

3D Energy 

A fresh burst of fuel is provided by 3D Energy, an energy drink with a particularly gentle, pure taste and smooth texture.

It contains 200mg of caffeine and just 15 calories, intended for people who desire to broaden their strength and improved endurance.


Raze offers sugar-free, calorie-free, and a massive percentage of caffeine, making it far beyond your typical drink. When it comes to quality, Raze has been specifically formulated to provide your body with the electrolytes to boost your metabolism and core strength.

REIZE (10 out of 10)

If exceptional is what you’re looking for, I believe REIZE trumps any energy drink brand out there.

REIZE is a sugar-free energy drink similar to Lit energy; however, it has fewer calories and has more nutrients like taurine and ginseng.

I also find REIZE more versatile in terms of what it can be blended with, and it’s perfect for carrying around anywhere because the 4g sachets are handy and are not as heavy as the Lit energy cans are.

If you have a caffeine intolerance and are worried about taking Lit Energy, consider REIZE instead, which only has 50mg of caffeine compared to Lit’s 250mg. Even better, you’ll get the energy boost you want without the crash or other side effects ruining your day.

You can get REIZE for just around $1, and you can even have your orders conveniently shipped to your door!

Give REIZE a try and experience this exceptional energy drink that I’m talking about!

Other Notable Mentions:

A pack and a glass of REIZE energy drink.
Best Choice- REIZE


When it comes to energy drinks, I could say Lit is a great choice for those who are physically active. It contains a balanced combination of caffeine anhydrous, Nitrosigine, Carnosyn beta-alanine, and other beneficial nutrients.

This sugar-free energy drink could provide you with huge levels of energy without the need for sugars. Its BCAAs content is also beneficial for your muscle strength.

Furthermore, whether you’re maintaining a restricted diet, you won’t have to be concerned about its calories. Having stated that, the amount of caffeine in this energy drink should not be underestimated.

In the same way that you shouldn’t drink more than two to three cups of coffee each day, you should avoid consuming more than one can of Lit energy drink too. 

Lit provides a great deal for its competitive price of $3. When it comes to maximizing 250mg of caffeine, sugar-free, and just 20 calories at a reasonable rate, the brand is doing an excellent job!

However, be careful of Lit’s high 250mg of caffeine, because excessive consumption can cause side effects like headaches, anxiety, and insomnia. If you’re particularly caffeine sensitive or a beginner to energy drinks, it’s best to switch to other brands with lower caffeine content.

Nonetheless, if you adhere to the daily maximum limits and consume Lit in moderation, you’ll be able to reap its benefits without any worries!