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Is Bawls Drink Bad For You? (All Facts)

Is Bawls Drink Bad For You? (All Facts)

Bawls Energy drink has been a well-known energy booster since its release. It has many fans worldwide because it’s also an effective recovery drink—specifically, gamers who prefer caffeine turn to Bawls Guarana Energy. 

This delicious energy drink is infused with 45mg of sodium, helps keep your body fluids in balance, and 102mg of caffeine. You’ll definitely have no caffeine crash experience for as long as you drink responsibly. On the other hand, it might be a different matter when it comes to its sugar content. 

If you’re in doubt whether this energy drink is bad for you or not, keep reading.

Let’s go.

When Did Bawls Drink Come Out?

Hoby Buppert launched this energy drink in 1996. 

It first appeared in cobalt blue glass that is also available today. Aside from its unique appearance, it is also one of the first drinks in the USA used as an energy supplement. 

It eventually became a hit because of its great taste and long-lasting energy. Later on, the makers also made a BAWLS Guarana canned version to follow the trend. 

Is Bawls an Alcoholic Drink?

No. It won’t be available in gaming venues if it’s an alcoholic drink. It’s more of a carbonated beverage that’s made from guarana berry. This berry is more special because it’s harvested from the Amazon Rainforest. 

Carbonated beverages are any drinks that have carbon dioxide dissolved in water. This gas is what’s actually responsible for the bubbles in an energy drink. 

The presence of this gas produces bubbles and fizzing in the liquid. Other common examples of carbonated beverages are beer and soda. While there are also carbonated beverages with alcohol, Bawls Energy is not one of them.

What is Guarana Berry?

In addition to what I’ve mentioned earlier, you can rely on guarana berry to give you a burst of energy and alertness without the jitters. You can find guarana in every flavor of Bawls Energy.

For your information, studies show that berries have a lot of health benefits. 

Many people use guarana to cure such problems, especially in South Africa because they grow it there. Here’s a video you can watch to know its sound effects on your body.

This video will share with you the health benefits of Guarana and where did its name come from.

Bawls Energy Nutrition Facts

Before I forget, here’s what you can find in a can of Brawl Energy:

ContentAmount per 473ml (1 can)
Calories190 calories
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate45g
Total Sugars37g
Included Added Sugars37g
Bawls Energy Nutritional Information

Bawls Energy Ingredients

Bawls Energy also has the following:

  • Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Guarana Extract
  • Sodium Benzoate (preservatives)
  • Caffeine
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Caramel Color
Bawls Original Back
A can of Bawls Original showing its back label.

Does Bawls Energy Have Caffeine?

Yes, each can of Bawls Energy has 102mg of caffeine. With this amount, you’ll surely get the alertness you need. It’s a little stronger than your usual cup of coffee, but nothing serious.

But then again, just like coffee, there’s only a limit on how many servings of Bawls Energy you can have per day. According to the FDA, it’s only safe for your body to have up to 400mg of caffeine daily. 

If you consume too many servings of Bawl Energy, you might experience health problems such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Acne Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle breakdown
  • Insomnia
  • Caffeine Addiction
  • Caffeine Dependency
  • Rapid heart rate
  • High blood pressure

Is 45g of Carbohydrates a lot?

Not really. According to this article, you need at least 225g to 325g of carbohydrates a day. This content is in charge of fueling your muscles and memory.

That said, you should follow a balanced diet for those carbohydrates instead of depending on energy drinks.

If you end up consuming too many carbohydrates such as canned fruits or french fries, you encounter problems such as:

  • High blood sugar levels
  • Brain Fog
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Thickened Arteries
  • Unhealthy Fat

For sure, you would be consuming other products with carbohydrates in a day. There has been a widespread belief that carbs can make you fat. However, it isn’t so, according to this article.

Aside from that, it also won’t make you gain additional weight either. Eating many calories might do, but you won’t get it by consuming carbohydrates.

Bawls Flavors
Different flavors of Bawls Energy.

Is 190 Calories a Lot?

Yes, it is. If you can’t burn that many calories, the chances are you’d gain some extra weight.

For this reason, you must be aware of just how many calories you should keep in your body. 

You can check my separate article here to know more about the role of calories in an energy drink, along with the recommended calorie intake per day.

Nevertheless, rest assured that you can burn the 190 calories by dancing, bowling, and even swimming.

But if you do want to stay on the safe side, you should try out these calorie-free brands.

Does Bawls Energy have Sugar?

Yes, it has 37g of sugar. This is the only thing I don’t like about Bawls Energy.

You might think that 37g of sugar only makes the beverage sweeter and has no other adverse effects. I suppose you might be wrong. 

While sugar is a good source of energy, consuming too much can take your energy away. This is commonly called sugar crashes. It’s when you’ve taken a lot of sweets, and then after a while, your body feels sleepy and weak. 

According to this article, you should only allow 30g of sugar per day. Obviously, Bawls Energy is already past this level and can increase your chance of getting health issues like:

  • Diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Obesity
  • Sugar Crashes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin Aging

This is why I prefer energy drinks that have less to no sugar. It’s suitable for your diet and would help you get fewer bad fats. 

Lucky for you, there’s is a Bawls Zero Energy drink that doesn’t contain natural sugar but uses artificial sweeteners instead. It uses sucralose, which doesn’t have any additional calories.

This element is only one of the few popular artificial sweeteners you can find in processed products. It’s most common in diet sodas and chewing gums. You won’t even question if your beverage has sucralose because it doesn’t have any artificial-like or bitter aftertaste. 

Let’s not forget the presence of High Fructose Corn Syrup in Bawls Energy’s ingredients. Study shows it can increase your appetite and increase your chances of being obese. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can skip all products that contain added sugar in them. 

Alternative Energy Drinks to Bawls

If you’re not comfortable with Bawls sugar content and its high fructose corn syrup,  here are sugar-free energy drinks you may try. 

Amino Energy

Just like Bawls Energy, Amino Energy can be your recovery drink, energy booster beverage, or both. Moreover, it has only 100mg of caffeine that could help increase your endurance on your fat-burning activity.

It has zero sugar and only five calories. And it uses acesulfame potassium to replace its lack of sugar content. This artificial sweetener is also generally safe for use, as per the FDA

Amino Energy comes in a can too. It’s pretty handy, but it’s not that flexible to carry around for me. 

5-hour Energy

5-hour energy comes in a bottle. This energy shot has 200mg of caffeine that won’t directly help you cut your weight, but it can extend your time of working out. In line with this, you’ll also get the same benefit for its taurine content.

It doesn’t have any sugar but uses sucralose instead, so if you’re currently on a diet, this could be an energy drink for you. Take note that one shot of 5-hour energy can leave you quite close to the daily caffeine limit.

REIZE (The Best)

There’s nothing that could beat the flexibility of powdered drinks. REIZE is one of them. It comes in a sachet with only 50mg of caffeine, perfect for a solid energy boost without the pesky side effects!

REIZE Sachet poured in a glass
Reize Sachet poured in a glass

Apart from caffeine, it has a lot of nutrients such as Taurine, ginseng, and B Vitamins that are beneficial for your body even if you’re not working out.

It is also low on calories, with only 11 per sachet and it contains zero sugar. This makes REIZE suitable for many kinds of lifestyles and diet regimens.

REIZE comes in handy 4g sachets that you can take with you anywhere. You can have a fresh and fizzy glass of REIZE anytime you want.

You can get REIZE for only around $1 and you can even have your orders shipped straight to your door.

Try REIZE now

Other Notable Mentions

Final Say

Overall, Bawls Energy drink can accommodate your daily workout routine. And it won’t cause you any problem except if you have allergies to some of its contents, or if you’re sensitive to its high amount of sugar. 

It has only a moderate amount of caffeine, and if you’re worried about its sugar content, you can always switch to Bawls Zero.

It’s available in four other flavors, so you still have a few options to choose from. Grab a can or bottle and see for yourself. Just make sure to take only one can a day to avoid health problems.