Incredible Inositol


Inositol is also sometimes known as Vitamin B8, but is no longer considered a B group vitamin. Though not technically a B group vitamin any more, it still plays a very important role in our bodies. Here’s why:

  • Brain Food

Your brain needs more feeding than you probably first thought. Sometimes when you feel agitated or as if you’re finding it hard to concentrate, chances are that you’re not getting enough inositol in your diet.

  • Help Metabolism

We already know that a lot of the B-group vitamins are needed to help metabolise energy in the body, but it has also been proven that inositol can increase the effectiveness of Vitamin E. This is important because Vitamin E is an important anti-oxidant.

  • Gives You Nice Hair

Inositol is actually very good for hair growth. If you desire shiny and luscious locks, get some inositol in your belly!

  • Stops Fat Build-Ups

Build up of fatty tissue in the heart is very dangerous because it can increase your risk of stroke or a heart attack, while a build up in the liver can increase your risk of liver cancer and/or other complications. Inositol comes in to save the day and stops these harmful build-ups.

  • Important For Nerve Function

The nervous system is what essentially keeps the body together. It helps certain parts of the body communicate with others. The nervous system is already complicated enough with its complex network of nerves and specialised cells so everything must be maintained at a high standard or problems can arise.

REIZE has your back for your daily Inositol dose. Along with other B-group Vitamins, REIZE will provide you with a nifty source of inositol in the convenience of a small sachet.

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