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So that time of the year has arrived. Exams are about to start and all us desperate uni students can start to smell that sweet 4 month break just around the corner. This means that it’s that time of the year where all those “countdown to my Europe Contiki” Instagram posts are absolutely ramming your news feeds.

Yes, you know who you are! With the time ticking down, you may start asking yourself, am I actually prepared for this? Yes, it probably will be the best trip of your life, and yes you will probably obtain a #yolo attitude, but let me tell you now that you can never be fully prepared for the Contiki experience. To settle the nerves a little bit, we’ve drawn on our Contiki expertise to give all you globetrotters a Contiki 5-step survival guide.

1. Pack Less

There is nothing worse than having to pack a huge backpack at 6am on the seedy floor of your Berlin hostel, hungover as all hell and trying to squeeze in those 5 denim jackets that you thought might come in handy. Once you have packed your bag before you leave to Europe, cut it in half and then re-pack it. Trust us on that one! Think “one carry on bag only”. How much fun you have is inversely proportional to how much stuff you take!

2. Pick your roommate wisely

This choice should not be taken lightly. There is nothing worse than being stuck on a 29 day Contiki tour with a person that snores louder than the little kid constantly screaming next to you on the plane ride over. You will already be sleep-deprived from the intense benders and the early rises, so do yourself a favour and buddy up with the non-snorer.

3. Be Stingy

You have already paid an arm and a leg on flights, and have had to squeeze every penny out of the already very skinny piggy bank, so throw on your scrooge pants once you’re over there and be as stingy as stingy can be. As a uni student, the struggle is real. If you want some extra dosh for alcohol in a beer hall in Prague or a white-water rafting tour in Austria, grab a loaf of bread from a Slovakian servo, take a seat on the classiest and closest park bench and enjoy!

4. Lots and lots of Condoms.

Please. You will need them.

We all know that you aspiring Casanovas like to use the Contiki experience as a chance to show the world what you are made of. But the last thing you Casanovas want is to come home with a Casanova Jr. Play it safe and use protection.

5. Load your backpack up with REIZE

Even though the first 4 points are completely necessary to survive the body-destroying, yet amazingly- enjoyable tour that is Contiki, one thing that is for certain is that you will need as much energy as you can get. This is where REIZE comes in to save the day. Not only is it packed with B group vitamins that will cure that Paris bender weekend, but it’s also super easy to use. The powder sachets will make those early starts just that little bit less #deathly.

REIZE will seriously become your best buddy on the Contiki tour. You’ll be able to sneak REIZE into clubs to use as your favourite mixer and it will give you all the inspiration you need in the morning when you think you can’t even deal with life anymore. REIZE will always be with you, so throw as many as you like into your backpack. If you want to maximise your Contiki experience and see Europe with fresh, energised eyes, REIZE is an absolute essential. And as an added bonus, REIZE doesn’t even snore!

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Happy travels!

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