How to Impress in a Job Interview


Job interviews can be a nerve-racking process to say the least. After numerous applications you have landed an interview for the perfect position. The desire for the job is making the looming interview all the more terrifying, and the more you want it, the more you could find your thoughts getting jumbled when the interviewer starts throwing those questions. Some may seem like curveballs, while other questions will seem so obvious you’ll be kicking yourself for not foreseeing them. Here are some tips on how you can REIZE to the top of every interviewer’s list. Whether you’re looking to land your dream job or just passionate about not starving to death, fear not; we’ve got you covered.


Seems like a straightforward question. But in the moment it can seem so open ended you could struggle not to ramble on. So prepare. The employer is testing your ability to match your skills, experience and knowledge with the qualities they desire for the role. This is an opportunity not only to list your positive traits, but also demonstrate that you have thoroughly read the job description and researched the company’s philosophies and values. Effective communication is essential, as the employer not only wants to know why you are an ideal fit for the position, but also how good you are at selling yourself and your abilities. Prepare not only a list of your qualities, but also examples from previous jobs that illustrate these qualities.


This is a question renowned for stumping people in interviews. The employer wants you to demonstrate self-awareness and how you have sought to work on your weaknesses. The ability to identify weaknesses and be in a constant state of growth and self-improvement is highly valued in professional environments. The key here is to tell them an honest weakness of yours that could also be viewed as a positive. A truthful fault such as “My ambitious and goal oriented nature sometimes leads me to occasionally push my staff too hard” combined with telling them about a management course you took recently to address this issue, would be an ideal answer to this question. It is clearly genuine, yet not a deal breaking weakness and therefore doesn’t give the interviewer a reason to exclude you as an option.


This is listed as many peoples most dreaded question. Trying to come up with an example on the spot that is truthful, or at least seems it, and also puts you in a good light could leave you stumbling and sweaty. When preparing your answer, ensure you choose an example where you simply managed a conflict, rather than one that arose from your own actions or miscommunication. The interviewer will continue fishing until you give them an example, so don’t just give a general answer such as “I am an excellent communicator and problem solver,” although these qualities are also a great plus. Give a solid situation that shows you are tolerant of the wide array of personalities found in the workplace. From the odd, to the stubborn to the egotistical, show the employer you can tolerate, understand and handle them all. It is important to portray yourself as a ‘team player’, someone who is empathetic to the perspectives of others, while still standing by their own opinion when appropriate.


They want to see that you are ambitious and how this position fits in with your long-term career goals. However, they also want to hire someone who is likely to remain in the position for a long time. A preferable answer would be that you would like to, depending on the position, either continue in that position or work your way up one or two management levels in that industry. This sounds ambitious, yet still realistic in a five-year timeframe. It also shows that this role is vital to your long-term career plans, meaning that you will put in more effort. Ensure that no aspect of your answer hints at any possibility that the role is not the job of your dreams. The employer does not need to hear about the range of career paths you are considering.


The day has arrived, you are prepared for any question and its time to dress-up / suit-up and show up. For a final dose of confidence on the morning of your interview, don’t forget to have a REIZE. You will get that much needed energy boost to wow those employers and you will be more impressive than Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless – razor sharp and on point!

Written by Amber Jacobs