How to become a morning person

Alarm clock hammer

Make it stop!

I am not a morning person. However, I actually love mornings. I love cosying up in my bed, I love my first cup of coffee, I absolutely adore breakfast foods – the recent surge of brunch popularity across the world has made me happier than words can express. I want to be a morning person. I want to be the type of person that can get up and go to the gym before work and actually enjoy it, but I’m just not that person.

I don’t really get to appreciate the mornings until the weekend. I am a weekend morning person, during the week? Not so much… I am crabby, irritable and often late to wherever I have to go that day. I am working on it. I tolerate the morning, the food helps. If you, like me, are fighting your anti-morning stance then try out these tips to turn yourself into a morning person.

  • Hate Your Alarm


Never ever pick a song for your alarm that you like. You will hate that song by the next morning. Think about it. This is the sound that’s telling you to get out of bed, out of the comfortable nest you’ve built yourself out of blankets and pillows. It’s a safe place and you love it there. That song is reminding you that you have responsibilities and the longer you stay in bed the guiltier you’ll feel. Don’t ruin your favourite song/sound. Use a foghorn or someone shouting your name. Bonus points for leaving your phone/alarm clock across the room so the only way to turn it off is to get out of bed.

  • Going to Bed Earlier Doesn’t Mean You’ll Sleep


It might seem counter-intuitive, but if you are like me then night-time is your time. It’s the time you binge on Netflix and catch up with friends (or your article deadlines). It’s your golden hour. In theory it should work, going to bed early means that you get more hours of sleep. However, you’ll probably just end up staring at your ceiling counting sheep, or checking all your social medias for hours before you actually fall asleep, later than you normally would have anyway.

  • Breakfast!


This might be a personal one. I love breakfast foods. Bacon, eggs and anything with cinnamon or blueberries. Any of these are guaranteed to get me out of bed. Some breakfast foods you can make the night before and are delicious (overnight oats anyone?). If you have something prepared then you have something to look forward to. Plus tasty food is tasty.

  • Plan


What sucks more than morning for a non-morning person? Busy frantic stressful mornings. Sleeping in with no time for food, showering or finding clean clothes to wear. Avoid the stress and cold-sweat by organising yourself the night before. Check the weather and pick out your clothes. Make your lunch (might save yourself some money that way too). Pack your bag. Even shower if you’re lucky enough to not have oily hair that needs to be washed every 12 hours. Less things to do in the morning means (slightly) more time in bed. Or at least less stress.

  • Caffeine


The fuel of the human population, absolutely essential for making it through your morning. No one enjoys the queue at their favourite café when they are already running late. Of course you could avoid this by making coffee at home. But if you have trouble making yourself look presentable in the morning, I doubt you have time to grind and steep your coffee beans for your morning brew. Coffee is OK, but it takes time. REIZE Energy Powder comes in a handy little sachet that you can have in your pocket ready to use anytime. Just add some hot, cold or soda water to it and you have flavourful energy in a cup. Save on the cup of coffee and be even more energised.

  • And remember… It’s not going to happen overnight


Box of REIZE next to mixed glass

REIZE - guaranteed to get you moving in the mornings

Do not make plans to get up early and study/go for a run/organise you entire life. You know that you’re not going to do that. By making a promise to yourself that you know you’re not going to keep, by the time morning rolls around the guilt will weigh on you like a sack of potatoes on your chest. Keep your goals to a minimum if you’re only just starting to try this morning thing.

Be kind to yourself.

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Written by Orlaith Costello